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The Best X-Bow Cycle Deck That Gave Me 20 Wins


What’s up fellow players, it’s me Norbysweg again, and today, after a very, very long time of silence, I can say that I’m back with a blast: probably the best deck (and guide!) in the current meta.

Trust me, after you read this post, you will be more motivated to play it than you might expect.

X-Bow Cycle Deck

Clash Royale Ice WizardClash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale Ice GolemClash Royale Skeleton
Clash Royale RocketClash Royale X-BowClash Royale The LogClash Royale Tornado

copy deck



  • Defends easily with both splash, slow, tank and point damage
  • Only uses two legendaries, level-independent
  • Easily counters most meta decks including Log bait and MK Hog, and also Golem decks! Counters every deck made of mostly low-HP troops
  • Honestly overpowered in terms of cards and playstyle


  • Hard to learn, requires deep defensive skills and game interactions knowledge
  • Hard countered by Surg’s Golem Rocket deck (yet I won 3 out of 3 matches xD)
  • Can be boring and repetitive when trying to get 6 minute draws in challenge (it’s better than losing tho)
  • Can deeply be predicted or outplayed by a very skilled opponent

I played with this deck in Grand Challenges first to practice: Starting off with lousy 8,9 wins, I’ve managed to get 4+ of 12 wins overall! I played in CCTS, several Gamebattles matches and a few clan raids, getting a 26-1 record with it! And after lots of practice, I’ve managed to get 20 Wins, on the second try in the Crown Championship Finals Challenge!

This deck is very popular on high ladder at the moment: Many people got to first place with it, including som333, sencer, TNT and more!

Hands down it’s my favorite deck right now. It is stable, defends well, cycles super fast and can easily beat any type of deck!

My favorite aspect of it is that you only need one good X-Bow, and (if your opponent’s deck isn’t made to break through the X-Bow) you can just place a defensive X-Bow and start Rocket cycling!

Cards Breakdown

Clash Royale X-BowX-Bow

Your main win condition of course, the placement I usually go for is one tile from the side of the Arena and one from the Bridge!

Against Golem and Giant, you want to do the 4-4 opposite side plant, with the X-Bow four tiles from the River and four tiles from the Arena Tower the Golem is facing!

Counterpushes with this Badboy are insanely valuable, and insanely powerful with the new 3.5 seconds delay!

Usually when playing X-Bow, you want to protect it the most you can and get it to lock on, while here: you kind of want to do both of them!

Remember: each deck you’re facing requires a different approach in order to win (e.g. against Golem you want to Cycle your X-Bow so you can get it to lock on before they place the Golem, but against Hog Decks you want to build a bigger fortress around it so cheap stuff can’t take the Bow out easily!)

Clash Royale Ice WizardIce Wizard

Key defensive card, slows everything down and offers lots of value when used with Tornado.

When defending, you want to use him so spells like Poison don’t get value (e.g. not placing him close to the X-Bow), and mostly use him as a card that sets the pace, slows everything down, and helps defending easier!

Clash Royale Mega MinionMega Minion

Second key defensive card, I mostly use him as a support killer by placing him in the middle of the push, while the Ice Wizard slows and the Ice Golem tanks, but you should use him as a tank killer in some cases (e.g. a lone Giant).

A lone Mega Minion’s chip damage is almost a Rocket!

Clash Royale Ice GolemIce Golem

#1 support for the X-Bow, Great card to tank the Mega Knight, great to kill Bats, great for everything it’s supposed to do!


Clash Royale SkeletonSkeletons

Quick cycle card, adds more point damage to the deck overall


Clash Royale The LogLog

Best spell to use with X-Bow


Clash Royale TornadoTornado

Used to pull Hogs, Goblin Barrels, Giants, to the King Tower, and also in synergy with Ice Wizard and Ice Golem to defend against swarmy pushes.


Clash Royale RocketRocket

Your second win condition!

Always Rocket troops whom cost 4 Elixir or more, and in Double Elixir you can just Rocket anything close to the Tower!

General Gameplan

Before we go in-depth about this deck, let’s understand the cards that make an X-Bow deck successful, what’s your goal, etc.

A Classic X-Bow deck hovers around protecting your X-Bow as much as possible, with the cards available, most often medium-cost ranged troops supported by tanks and quick flying units.

There’s a defensive building and a Pump most often, but Tornado can take their place nicely.

Your goal is to build a large Elixir advantage and beat your opponent down with your X-Bow only.

An X-Bow cycle deck involves letting go of pushes when necessary and cycling back to it with your opponent’s counters out of hand.

They mostly contain 2 cycle troops, a control card and Rocket as a second win condition.

They have the chance to play defensive X-Bow and Rocket cycle their opponent out when needed.

The Basics of X-Bow Cycle

Your strategy and your decisions matter the most here.

Examining your opponent

First up, one of the most important steps is examine your opponent and try to figure out what deck he has, and from there on, you should decide of you can handle it and Rocket cycle at the same time. (or not).

For example: You just dealt 1000 damage with your X-Bow and it’s the middle of the game. Your opponent plays Log Bait.

The Question: Can you hold still with defending and Rocket cycling at the same time or not?

Of course you can, Log bait is mostly made of small-HP troops like Princess and Goblin Gang (defensive X-Bow gives them no chance), and you also have two spells to deal with the Barrel!

In this matchup, you can just lean back after you hit them hard. Against a Golem deck – you should rely on the X-Bow more, because you’ll probably need the Rocket on defense!


Smart cycling at the start of the game and even throughout requires patience and calm.

If you don’t have those, you can just read these few lines.

Skeletons at the back, Ice Wizard at the Back, Ice Golem at the Back, they don’t seem dangerous moves!

They don’t even need to be: You’re scouting your opponent out and waiting for their reaction, so you can build your push from there!

If you just drop down an X-Bow at the start of the game, chances are, you’ll be hit by a Golem in front!


X-Bow, Ice Wiz, Mega Minion and Ice Golem: they all play important roles in defending a huge push!

X-Bow is used in the 4-4 placement like I said before, Ice Wiz at the side of the Arena, closer to the Tower, Ice Golem to tank the support troops and Mega Minion to kill them at the same time! If things get out of hand or seem so, a Tornado fixes everything! If their push consists of some tank and 3+ high-HP cards, you usually want to Rocket that.

Since the Competitive meta is very diverse right now, I don’t feel like writing a Matchups tab, also because this archetype works the same with almost every deck.


Clash Royale TornadoClash Royale Tesla

Clash Royale Ice WizardClash Royale Electro WizardClash Royale Archers

Clash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale MinionsClash Royale Flying Machine

Clash Royale SkeletonClash Royale BatsClash Royale Ice Spirit

Clash Royale Ice GolemClash Royale Ice Spirit

Sooo… That was it guys! I hope you enjoyed my 14’th guide, because it was a very special moment for me: getting 20-1 for the second time!

I wish you guys good luck in the challenge, and let me know how this deck had helped you!



  1. sorry will log was meant to be in the guide, but I forgot about it and didn’t write about it.. I guess I’ll do that now.
    I only have a few things to tell you about this card. first of all, I chose log over zap because it chips down the tower when deployed, and in siege decks, every damage helps. second, if you are facing log bait, you may use your log when you’re very desperate, even if it isn’t gob barrel if it takes out other cards(ex: don’t log a hog). if they out cycle you, you can put down ice spirit and goblins to minimize the damage done. and lastly, don’t use it against minion horde.
    will, could you make this the featured comment? because I want everybody to see that there is a spell in this deck.

  2. yeah it’s a 7 card deck with 0 spells. in my experience, 0 spells means 0 chance of winning. i’ve never faced a deck with 0 spells and lost with any deck i used. Ever

    • Yeah, cause the Golem just as so much health, he still has at least half HP after killing the Xbow and tanking for it as well as all of the supports. Then you have a half health Golem and whatever supports you have behind it. I haven’t lost to Xbow in a long time. Though my opponents might not be very good at siege.

  3. Unrelated to this guide but is somebody going to update the october update page since we got information and gameplay of quests?

      • Pros are people who get paid (or “sponsored”) to play on maxed accounts to compete at the top of ladder. Most of those pros have their own accounts, many non maxed, some free to play or with casual spending. Some are heavy spenders on their own accounts, but they get sponsored because they are that good.They are sponsored for showing huge amount of skill and success in grand challenges as well as punching above their weight in ladder (e.g. hitting 5K with 11/8/4-5/1-2 card levels).

        There are of course heavy spenders who aren’t pros, but those people tend not to break into the top 200 of ladder for the same reasons they can’t consistently get past 9-10 on GCs, With all card levels equal, as it is at the top of ladder, they can’t beat high skilled players at the top of the game. Top 200 ladder is filled with ‘pros’ (in the sense that they are paid to play on those accounts) who are all highly skilled and know what they’re doing.

  4. In my opinion, I think that there should be some high damage spell like fireball….what about that pesky ice electro and normal wizards?….

  5. Yall can try this xbow deck i got to 4020 with it from 3760
    Xbow(5) goblin gang(10) Knight (11) ice spirit (11) fireball (7) log(1) ewiz(2) inferno tower (8)

  6. hi wen we make a guide, how do we do the pentagon or the table and do we insert the pictures of the deck cards?

  7. Btw nice deck HS(aka derpyboy) I´m using fireball inestad of pump and knight instead of ice golem, and it works very well, thank you very much because I needed some guide to xbow…;)

  8. guys I have a great deck that brought me back to arena 11
    golem, double prince, arrows, minion horde, electro, bats, collector
    from 3500-3800 never lost a round

  9. Norbyswerg? Have you team there? Or how can you join a team in gamebattles? Because when I want to join ladder, it say that I have to create the Team…

  10. I have tried this deck before but with arrows instead of log (no log on me) but I kept facing golem and 3m

  11. Also 4-4 plants will not pull tanks without the help of tornado, it would be 4-3 if you want to pull tanks with x-bow

  12. Hey guys, I love playing Siege..I´m kinda siege master :D…But How should I play against 3M? Should I always rocket pumps or 3M? It´s kinda hard. I often get rekt as they always split them to double line push….

      • Don’t let them get an elixir advantage! 3 musketeer decks rely on that elixir advantage to overwhelm you and out-cycle you. Try and learn how to defend 3 musketeers without using your spell, so that frees up your rockets for their pumps. For decks with tornado such as this one, you want to tornado the musketeers all into one lane to stop the opponent being able to split lane pressure you. That makes it a lot easier for you to defend.

        You need to have some way to manage the elixir and that’s impossible to do if you ignore pumps to rocket their musketeers.

      • If it’s Single Elixir, Rocket the Pump, as chances are they are not going to use the 3M. Double Elixir is when you leave the Pump alone, focus on the Muskets, and punish hard! Thank Schmenderick for telling me that!

    • if your playing this deck, rocket pumps and defend 3 muskets, unless you have a rare matchup where you have miner in the deck AND they don’t have a counter to it, then you can miner pumps and rocket muskets. siege pretty much can’t win with an elixir disadvantage so you can never leave pumps alone.

    • if I were you, I would rush with xbow if
      1. you have elixir advantage
      2. you know their hard counters and are ready for them/or they are out of cycle.
      this will turn out beautifully in some situations.. sometimes not, depending on your opponents deck. as for 3 musketeers, rocket the 2

    • I tend to rocket the pumps, this deck has a fast cycle so you can cycle back to your rocket fairly easily. If you don’t get to your rocket in time, tornado all 3 muskets into 1 lane, this makes it easier to defend against them

      But the truth is, siege often is hard countered by 3m like most of the decks I use

    • rocket pumps, get value out of your spells and cycle cards (log muskets etc), and tornadoing them in one side is a good idea tho. In double elix just x-bow in the middle and cycle rocket on tower.

      • Tell me smth about Gamebattles, How can you join team there? Because I want to play, but it says: you can´t play alone…you have to have someone else in your roster. Then you can play ladder…So I wish I would be in some team. :/

  13. X-Bow takes lot of skill and practice, but when executed correctly is very devastating on the enemy. As for me, I have no skill so I suck at siege decks.

  14. Wtf, all the good decks out there have a legendary I don’t have (I’m legit just missing 4) and in this case, log

  15. When you are pumped for the 20 win challenge and you loos all 3 in a row due to the people you face have decks that hard counter your hole deck and they 3 crown you each time….. uhhhggg…

  16. If you are very underleveled, then switch out log for arrows for those dang overleveled minions and hordes that infest ladder. It is hard to get an ice wizard-tornado down after placing X-Bow.

  17. weak list:
    laloon (kinda)
    smart ebarbs
    smart golem (very smart, like me)
    hog cycle (og)
    either tie or loss to hog (using xbow on defence)
    soooo…. tell me where you dissagree with me
    NOTE: This list is if you played ladder with this deck

    • mega knight can be outplayed, hog gets hard countered (tornado and slow cards that add to a huge push, rocket), megapekka is non existent in this meta (also you can rocket cycle and defend everything with nado easily), ebarbs countered easy with rocket (or kited with skeles or ice golem), lavaloon gets destroyed because x-bow itself is a hard counter and you have rocket+lots of air defense. Golem can also be easily outplayed with rocket (even with defensive value nados and mega minions).

      Out of the 8 decks you stated only one counters this.

      • Heh but
        Smart golem will not make one huge push. Golem + 2 support. After u rocket he places down everything he has. Next.
        Laloon… Yes, you will get some good damage with xbow. But lava is very often played in the very beginning of the match, so you might not have perfect counter ready. Also, they might play like I said above with golem. Next.
        Rocket doesn’t kill pekka or mk, so you’ll have a bad time (sans joke pls). Mk isn’t usually a win condition. Often like a super support guy. Megayard-questionable matchup. Megaloon-ok quite ez. Mega hog- oosh rekt xbow + deadly counterpush. Ebarbs usually come with hog, so you won’t ever have rocket ready. Plus Ebarbs and hog rek xbow. Rggg 100% death to all xbows. So… waiting for your reply

      • i beat over 5 golem rocket decks while playing this specific deck. You have to rocket the pump and play smart defense too. A golem+2 support can easily be countered by an ice wiz mega minion and maybe a tornado/ice golem. If they go more all-in you can just rocket and punish with xbow if they pump.
        X-bow hard counters lavaloon by default, and lava hound is always played with set up tombstone, other troops or opposite lane. You also have everything to destroy their push, so they have no chance against you. Rocket kills pump at the mk pekka matchup my friend, and they will never have enough elixir to tank the x-bow if played right. Megayard is also a non existent deck, mk countered with ice golem mega minion skeletons and ice wiz for yard (also note that you can always stand by and rocket cycle for all these matchups, defensive X-Bow counters all your statements. Mega Hog is even easier because of the tornado you have to hard counter them. You just have to get a 2ish elix advantage and push opposite lane so they dont get poison value and rocket cycle rest of the game. Rg, along than being a hard counter, can be outcycled like bowler or golem easily when counterpushing. Deadly counterpush with hog mk can be defended with ice wiz mega minion and a tornado, plus their goblins and bats will offer no value. Hog ebarbs is inexistent while this being a challenge deck, but ebarbs are bad no matter the level and can be super easily counter. Of course you want to use the tornado on the hog, build a larger push so it gets no chance to hit the bow or just outcycle, so you can place the bow and give those crappy barbarians no chance with freezing, tanking, and damage dealing involved in taking them out, also the rocket!

        this specific deck counters(in some cases 50-50 or higher) all your stated decks and reacts harder to one specific one (rg). 8-1

      • 0101100101101111011101010010000001100010011001010110000101110100001000000110110101100101001011100010111000101110
        (not spam)

      • I use this deck on ladder man, and I go against level 12 – 13 Elite Barbians and they are no problem with them deck. Get them or Kite them with Ice Golem or Rocket them. Also, Golem decks aren’t very hard with this deck. You can Rocket their Pumps, if they place Golem on the back you can punish with X-bow. If they play Golem reactively, you set up a defence with Ice Wizard + Tornado Mega Minion and Ice Golem to kill Bats if needed. And you said “Rggg 100% death to all xbows” which is completely false! A good X-bow player will do one of two things: Wait till they have used their RG Assuming it’s their Win Condition or they will play it defensive and Rocket cycle! Also I have to agree with @norbysweg:disqus when he said Lava loon is hard countered by X-bow because LavaHound decks usely don’t have a lot of high Hp ground units and if they place Balloon at the Bridge, you can tornado it away.

    • no, icenado plus rocket is op. Plus you can cycle defensive xbows when you are in good rocket cycle range in double elixir. That’s why you have rocket as a win condition.

      • Rocket cycling is pretty hard when they get 2 golems on the field, and one is already destroying your X-Bow. Don’t ask, I don’t know what happened either. He probably made a pure cycle deck as a troll.

      • Nah, I just replaced rocket with giant skeleton for much less punishment for using it and I am on a large winning streak. Woot!

      • If its a golem cycle they can easily keep up with you and place it right in front of your X-Bow, forcing you to tie

      • Believe me, the matchmaking I face can find a lot of them just to counter my decks.

        I have done 30 example X-Bow deck battles, with 10 having inferno tower, 10 having inferno dragon, and 10 with tesla in the deck replacing each other. All 10 battles with inferno tower in it had either electro wizard or freeze and hog was not even existent. All 10 battles with inferno dragon in it had overleveled hog in them to take out the X-Bow AND electro wizards or freeze. All 10 battles with tesla in it were overleveled giants and golems and the occasionally unneeded hog. I managed to force-tie 17 of them, lost 9 of them and won 4.

        Believe me, I have come a long way from that. Finally Arena 10 with tourney standard levels.

  18. norbysweg, what should I do if I meet siege player when I am playing this deck? do I counter xbow with rocket? xbow of my own? and what should I do to prevent chief pat rockets I have been making recently?

  19. Nice guide! I never finished the Crown Championship Challenge… After I got 2 wins, the challenge was over, but I probably wouldn’t have completed it anyways. 😛

  20. Norby is consistently getting 20 wins and there’s me who only got 10 wins because I made stupid stupid mistakes and I didn’t want to grind that many matches again.

  21. Btw @norbysweg:disqus level 11 knight or lvl 7 ice golem and level 8 fireball or level 7 rocket in ladder. I’m using the X-Bow with mega minion, archers, and tesla.

  22. i got an epic chest from battleing and i swear.. if it gives me rage spells and witchs i will through my IPAD out the window, (I HAVE OPEND 3 EPIC CHESTS AND I ALWAYS GET RAGE SPELLS)

  23. i would be up to jopin the clan its up to u to give me any sort of ranking in it i would deal with whatever i needed to

  24. i got 19 wins on my mini which used a level 6 hog i woulda loved the 20 wins gold but atleast i know have level two electro wizard

  25. I keep losing to mega knight with this, am I doing something wrong? Or that MK really is a pain in the ass to deal with? (Sry for cussing, I have to emphasize about mega knight being really hard to deal with)

    • You have to be really patient, and recognize the opponents deck… If you see a hog, inferno dragon, or bats, there’s a good chance is a mk… You have to wait until he drops him first and is out of cycle… Or, you can try to go through it, but that’s probably only possible in double elixer time, and you have to have a push going before Dropbox the xbow… Ideally that means an ice golem with an ice with and megaminion behind it… That sometime works too, especially if you can keep adding troops to the push and attacking multiple I’ve wiz, etc…

  26. What are you guys talking about with a 4-4 plant? The doesn’t pull anything? I gotta see a screen cap, this doesn’t make sense… I ran some tests with a Clan mate to confirm, can’t get a 4-4 plant to work… 4-3 works, and 3-4, but not 4-4…

  27. whoa can I still join this clan? I didn’t notice your comment till now, your clan sounds awesome! my in-game name is HS, and I’m always in challenger 1, may I join if someone leaves?

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