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X-Bow Cycle Old Working Deck


Hello everyone, Attack on Titan here, and here’s my first guide ever on CRA!I am proud to present my X-Bow cycle deck that brought me to arena 11. I had using x-bow 2-3 months ago, so I must have some experience with x-bow. My current PB with it is 3957.

Xbow Cycle

Card roles:

Skeletons: Your kiting, distraction and glass cannon killer unit. They can lure anything you want to kite any air unit for a positive trade. You can kill a minion horde if you have good timing and placement. Replaceable with Ice Golem if really you want to a mini-tank in the deck, but I don’t recommend this because skellys give you a faster cycle and better trades.

IceSpiritCardIce Spirit: Cycle and defensive/offensive unit, you can submit any big push against this little creature and beatdown. The best tolerance is the spirit of ice + IT (Infra Tower), especially against a balloon deck. If X-Wife locks into enemy towers, it can eliminate enemy soldiers and give you more time to shoot X-Bo. It’s not a good replacement for that.

Fire Spirits: Like skellys you can swim and kill with these spirits, but you can surround your enemy splash unit and glass cannon. If you have bad cycles, then your X-Bow can kill tiny missiles and bats. Replacement: Zip, but I do not recommend it because you see a large number of minions (the maximum of them)

Minions: Your main x-bow support. I usually place it beside my x-bow when it is placed below it, including snow or fire spirits. Their extraordinary good DPS can be used because of defense. Replace with the bat but they are very fragile and you have many fragile units in the deck.


FireballCardFireball: Your second win conditions, in Double Elixir. Kill some of your enemy towers. Some medium units use fireballs for your X-Bow attacking aggressive health. Can be used as a clutch defense and can kill the majority of glass canons without logging or without depending on the level. Replace with rockets but it will make your deck and cycle both too expensive.

Inferno Tower: Use against your tank and the Hog Slayer, Peeka, Giants and Golem, if your opponent uses it to mislead the damage/bat, then your fire spirit/fireball can kill them. If your opponent has a power or rocket and he uses beatdown, make sure to delay it as soon as possible, so do not kill it by the spell, I block it to block and use it to kill hogs. If it really needs it can be used as a defense against medium units. Replace with ID but it will make the defense significantly weak. But still, a quick cycle.

X-BowX-Bow: Use your main win conditions, get it to the towers from zero. If it is completely ignored, it can completely kill a tower and a King Tower, just after keeping it, do not forget to place the ice spirits or miniatures beside it always.
You can use it as a protective building if you need it, but I still like Inferno Tower.

LogCardThe Log: You can use it to end the enemy tower. Goblins and skeletal soldiers can kill the princess and also attack your X-Bow, hit and stun units, and give X-Bows more time to shoot. Use it with a volcano to kill Glass Canon. If you do not have it, then I strongly recommend you using arrows instead of zap due to MinionHorde and log-bat.

General Gameplan

General gameplan

At the start of the match NEVER use your X-Bow, just split cards in the back until your opponent makes his/her first move, try to get a guess for their deck and their win condition. If they start the match with their win condition just use your X-Bow in the other lane. If they have shown all of their cards try to find out what your best counter to your X-Bow is and what your best counter to their counter(Pun).

In double elixir, even if your opponent is playing beatdown. You have a more significant advantage. If you use your X-Bow and they counter it in the next 15 seconds, there will be another one. Simply try to outcycle your opponent and get a good, nice lock onto their tower and win the game.

How to defeat strategies one by one:

These apply to all X-Bow decks, even though you may not have the same cards

LavaHoundCardLavaloon: ALWAYS fireball the pump! Place the X-Bow in the SAME lane they just placed their LH(Lava Hound). This way you will make them use their balloon(Be ready with fire spirits and minions because most likely he/she will also have minions or Mega M.,maybe both)After they placed the balloon use a 4-3 or a 3-3 IT placement with Ice Spirit to freeze the balloon(I just said before you will use your little spirit with IT)You can also just fireball the pups or minions or whatever they have if you just used your Fire Spirits or if they aren’t in cycle.

GolemCardThumGiantCardGolem and Giant: ALWAYS fireball the pump! When they placed the tank in the back plant, your X-Bow in the opposite lane of the tank. Not only you will probably damage their towers, but also you will force them to either use their support troops against your X-Bow (this will probably happen) or lose a tower after they used their support troops just to kill them with minions., The worst case is if they are going for the three crown push and completely ignore your X-Bow. Even with the IT if they manage to kill it with a rocket, lightning or just zap. And allow their support troops to kill. You are probably going to lose, but your opponents will go for the 3 Crown push about 5% of the time so not really going to happen often.

3 Musketeers:
Just fireball their pumps and use defensive xbow for the three musketeers.


Miner control: ALWAYS use your ice spirit in the center tile behind the tower, wherever the incoming miner will be the spirit will jump on it always, then use your fire spirits to kill it while it’s frozen completely


Other siege users: A fair skill game, nothing to say.

Elite Barbarians: takes some practice but you can activate your king with ice spirit and skeletons without taking to much damage to your towers.


Royal GG: Biggest X-Bow counter, just like you are against giant or golem use your xbow in the opposite lane if they placed the Royal GG in the back, don’t rush with the inferno tower as you can outrange it with bad placement. You don’t have a big chance to win, so I recommend you go for the draw.


HogRiderCardHog Rider: Always use a 4-3 placement so your both towers can target the hog, repeat this even if you get negatives trades, you have the cheapest defenses and you will probably get actual trades against his/her other troops.


I hope you read the whole guide and please leave your feedback/questions in the comments!

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