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Great Witch Deck To Get To Arena 4


Hey, Pencil here! Today, I want to share a Witch deck that I have been using on my alt account, which has made me not lose a match in 10 games! It only has one Epic (The Witch), 3 Rares and 4 Commons. It has a 3.8 Elixir cost. This deck can quickly overwhelm your enemy with troops if used right. I used it from Arena 3 and it got me to Arena 4 in the time span of an hour. I’m winning almost every match in Arena 4 as well.

Witch Deck To Get To Arena 4

Great Witch Deck To Get To Arena 4!

Let’s get started, here’s the deck!

Clash Royale WitchClash Royale GiantClash Royale MusketeerClash Royale Goblin Hut
Clash Royale Spear GoblinsClash Royale KnightClash Royale CannonClash Royale Arrows


Giant ( Ideal level – 3+)
The rock of the Deck. The Giant has an incredible amount of health, and it can do a lot of damage if left unnoticed. Though quite slow, it makes up for it with raw health. Paired with a Witch/Musketeer, it can quickly take down a tower with just those combos. It can also be used as a defensive card. Last few seconds in the game, and your enemy has a huge push coming down to your tower? A Giant can help you secure the victory.

Musketeer ( Ideal level – 3+ )
An incredible damage-dealer. It can target both air and ground Troops. It’s my go-to card whenever the enemy sends a Balloon, Baby Dragon, etc. The damage that can be received from a Musketeer is not to be underestimated. Pair the Musketeer with a tank, and you’ll have a great push coming.

Goblin Hut ( Ideal level – 3+ )
A building that perfectly compliments this Deck. Spawning a Spear Goblins every second, these Goblins can do a lot of chip damage. If you have a huge push going, hopefully you have the Goblin Hut running. As the push is going on, Spear Goblins will be spawned to quickly compliment and support your push. It can quickly overwhelm your enemy.

Witch ( Ideal level – 1+ )
The main card of this Deck. It spawns Skeletons every 7.5 seconds. It also does area damage. It can target both ground and air Troops, perfect for taking out the Minion Horde and barbarians. The Skeletons it spawns also increase in level with the Witch. The Skeletons can deal tons of damage. If you have a Giant, Witch push going on, your enemy will have a hard time countering it.

Spear Goblins ( Ideal level – 6+ )
An useful card used in almost every Deck I see. It can be utilized for some quick chip damage or luring. It can target both air and ground Troops, making it a very versatile card. Having a 2 elixir cost, this card can lure many heavy Troops ( P.E.K.K.As, Giant Skeletons, etc. )

Knight ( Ideal level – 6+ )
The second tank of this Deck. It’s used for defense mostly. I use it to counter princes and Giant Skeletons. It can also be used in a push. Pair it up with a Musketeer, and 1000’s of damage can be done if left unnoticed. It can counter almost every ground troop, making it a very strong and versatile card.

Cannon ( Ideal level – 6+ )
A building I added to this Deck, mainly for dealing with Hog Riders, Giants, and other tanks. It can also lure Balloons and other air Troops, if you don’t have any air attacking Troops in your hand. A very quick defensive building, it can quickly take out Troops with help from others.

Arrows ( Ideal level – 6+ )
We got to have at least one spell. I chose arrows over the rocket and Fireball, purely for the reason that the others cause quite a bit of elixir. It can quickly deal with skeleton armies, Minion Hordes, Spear Goblins, Goblin Barrels, you name it. It can also be used to take out a weakened tower.

General Game Plan

Early to Mid Game: During this period of time, I usually try to go for chip damage and such. I only go offensive when I’m confident. Do not attack if you know your enemy can perfectly counter and attack you. Instead, try to counter-attack your enemy. A Witch and a Musketeer can quickly destroy a push, and put a Giant in front and you got yourself a good push. You should always have a Goblin Hut down. You have to be careful with elixir, as the main cards in this Deck cost quite a few. By the end of mid-game, you would have hopefully done half-full damage to their tower.

Late Game ( X2 Elixir ): With double elixir, you can quickly send a strong push out. During this period of time, I change my gameplan and go offensive. I start with a Giant at the back, following it up with the support Troops ( Witch, Musketeer, Spear Goblins ). Make sure you always have a hut down. Make sure to hover arrows over your enemy’s side, as you don’t want the support Troops to be distracted. You want them to help the Giant take down the tower. Make sure to utilize the knight and cannon as well. They are amazing cards on defense.

The Deck’s Main Pushes

Giant/Witch/Musk/Spear Gob: The holy push. This push is so strong, that it almost guarantees me a tower every time I use it. It’s quite an expensive push though, so I recommend doing this in double elixir. Make sure you start from the back with a Giant, following up with support Troops. Make sure you still have enough elixir to defend. You don’t want to trade towers. The Giant will soak up the damage and deal damage, Witch will kill any groups of enemies, while the Musketeer does damage to the tower, and the Spear Goblins help kill groups or deal damage.

Giant/Witch: A push still worthy enough to take down a tower. If your enemy can’t defend against this, you’ll be able to do some amazing damage, or even better, take down the tower. Same deal with the first push, Giant soaks the damage, while the Witch spawns Skeletons to deal with armies and attack the tower.

Giant/Musk: A push also still worthy enough to take down a tower. The cheaper option for a Giant push. I only use this push when desperate, as there’s no defense against groups of enemies. You want to make sure you hover Arrows at the front of the enemy tower.

Knight/Witch: A push that can do some huge damage to an enemy tower. You want to use this only when you don’t have enough elixir for a Giant. The knight is not as tanky, but it still can soak some damage. It can be lured as the knight attacks everything, so you want to be careful using this.


X-Bow/Mortar Decks: I hope you do not find any mortar Decks down in Arena 4, but to deal with this, simply place a Giant and some support to take it out. Use a Knight if a Giant is not available. You might have a counter-push if your Troops can quickly take down the X-Bow/Mortar.

Spawner Decks: If they place down the barbarian hut, immediately go for a Giant/Witch push at the other lane, they will have very little elixir to defend, so the push will do major to full damage. Make sure you have cannon placed to defend against the barbarians and Spear Goblins. Occasional Troops will be also needed to help defend against the huts.

Decks that have tanks: A cannon has to be placed, to lure the tank away from the support Troops. Deal with the support Troops with a knight or some Spear Goblins, and then deal with the tank. Do not ignore the tank, make sure you deal with the support by the time the cannon expires due to the tank.

Defensive Decks: A Giant can soak the damage from the defenses, while the Witch/Musketeer can deal damage to the defense. You might have a good push by the time the defenses are dead.

Hog Rider/Freeze: Before the Hog gets to the tower, deal with it with a Cannon. If they Freeze it, place a Knight or Spear Goblins immediately as you want to prevent as much damage as possible.

Individual Cards To Deal With:

  • Valkyrie: It can quickly destroy your push by killing the Musketeer and the Witch. Make sure you bait your enemy into using the Valkyrie, then go the push when you know they don’t have it in their hand.
  • Prince: A Witch can deal with a price, although he’ll do some damage to the tower if the Witch is placed wrongly. Spear Goblins and the Knight can also be used to deal with the Prince.

Hopefully you guys found this Deck useful. Thanks for reading! Don’t forget to share this Deck with your friends If you like it guys! You rock!


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