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Where Could I Watch DOTA 2?


The second instalment to Defense of the Ancients, which started life as an expansion pack to the immensely popular World of Warcraft series, has today garnered a huge following in its own right. This is shown by the popularity of DOTA 2 tournaments, which have become a significant part of the e-sports community.

These see countless viewers tune in to watch DOTA 2 live and see the best participants from across the world battle it out on an interactive landscape. This article aims to give you an overview of DOTA 2 tournaments and how you can watch them yourself.

Top Games Awarding Prize Money

As is the case with most e-sports, winning DOTA 2 teams can see you get your hands-on cash prizes. Usually, a DOTA 2 live match will take part between two players which might see the winner take home decent amount but for the big DOTA 2 tournaments, really big money is up for grabs. With the biggest of these being The International, which is hosted by the game’s creator, Valve Corporation.

The money offered in this tournament works in the form prize pool and has increased massively over the course of its 7-year history. In the first International DOTA 2 tournament back in 2001, $1,600,000 was taken home by the Ukrainian winners, Natus Vincere. Although this is a nice cash prize, it pales in comparison to the sum won by last year’s winners, Team Liquid, who took home a massive $25,532,177,

As we have just mentioned, the prize sum continues to grow with each year it is hosted and in 2019 the competition will be no different. This year’s competition, which will be held between August 20–25, 2019 in Shanghai, will see a cash sum up for grabs of $26,528,033 given to the DOTA 2 Winner who comes out on top. Just under a million more than Team Liquid’s win last year.

As such, with more at stake with each year passing year, the competition gets tougher and the excitement of the gameplay gets more and more exciting!


With the action between DOTA 2 teams getting more competitive than ever before, it is the perfect time to start hunting out ways to watch DOTA 2 live. Luckily, those looking to watch DOTA 2 should have little trouble in doing so due to the immense popularity of these events.

There will be DOTA 2 matches happening every single day which you can watch via dedicated DOTA 2 live streaming sites that can be found across the web. These will allow you to pick the DOTA live matches you want to tune in to out of the numerous ones happening around the clock from across the world.

As well as streaming sites, some online sportsbooks are now beginning to offer e-sports as part of their service. These merely require you to either be a member of the sportsbook or have betted on the DOTA live match in order to view for no extra cost of your own.  

Whichever option you pick, to watch DOTA 2 you will love the high-octane DOTA 2 live action which is now more accessible and enticing than ever before. So, get out there, find a service like esportsguide.com that shows the calendar of all the upcoming esports matches and become part of one of the fastest growing gaming industries in the world!

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