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The 2 Underestimated Cards Pushed Me From Arena 3 to 6


Hey Clash Royale fans, Hei5enl3erg here again to present to you the 2 most underestimated cards from Arena 1, the Valkyrie and Lightning Spell cards. The Valkyrie sits at only 4 elixir but packs some serious swings with her AOE damage potential. In turn, the Lightning Spell, if utilized correctly, can be devastating to Hut and Swarm Builds. Both can be used to push from Arena 3 to Arena 6. I have had great success doing so. Of course, these two cards will be the focus of this guide and the focus of this deck. I’ve created another 4.0 elixir cost deck here (you’ll notice I tend to stay around 3.8-4.1) because of its versatility with elixir use. Unlike my previous guide, “Get to Arena 5 with this Pushing Deck!“,this deck utilizes 2 epic cards – Lightning and Baby Dragon. Let’s take a closer look at how we can use the Valkyrie and Lightning successfully with the rest of our deck. I will point out here that we are not using any Tank Cards. This deck will be purely offensive in nature. Of course, we will want to counter any cards played by our opponent, but our deck is designed to take full advantage of any mistake made by the enemy. Let’s begin.

Valkyrie Lightning Deck

Valkyrie Lightning Deck

Strengths of each card

Valkyrie – This fiery-haired mistress tears through ground troop hordes easily. My Valkyrie, at level 6, has 1408 hit points. That, in my opinion, makes her a mini-tank. I mentioned above that the Tank Card is not an “essential” in this deck. That’s because the Valkyrie is used to replace that – somewhat. When the enemy placed Barbarians reach my side of the Arena, I immediately will place down my Valkyrie. At her current level, she’ll trade even with four level 8 Barbarians. That’s insane! Her whirling axe is able to tear through a group of Barbarians without any assistance. The elixir tradeoff alone is enough to make any Valkyrie player smile. Additionally, the Valkyrie is obviously deployed to wipe out Goblins, Spear Goblins, Archers, Skeletons, Skeleton Army, and Witch summons. Those are some pretty scary cards that our ferocious Viking will undoubtedly annihilate. I will explore combos with this card later in the guide.

Lightning Spell – Many players overlook this spell because they see the 6 elixir cost and run away for more commonly used spell cards like Fireball or Arrows. I am not here to bash those spell cards. They serve their purpose for their unique decks. However, the lightning spell used in this deck, while still keeping total elixir cost at 4 is the ultimate tower/hut destroyer. The main attraction to this card that I drew me in the first place is its HUGE AOE hit radius. The Lightning spell can hit up to 3 targets. I have taken out any number of combinations with this card. The trick with this spell is twofold: #1 you have to time this spell almost perfectly. If an enemy plays a high elixir card then is your time to play the Lightning spell, if other circumstances match up. If your enemy has a tower out (Bomb Tower, Inferno, Mortar, etc) and then drops a unit – your lightning spell will eradicate the tower, unit, and do damage to the crown tower. How can you NOT call that a win?! #2 you have to use the Lightning spell against any combination of three things – unit, hut, and tower. Do NOT use this spell haphazardly and cast it to take out one unit or a unit and a tower. The only time lightning should be used in that case is if you’re winning a buzzer beating victory. Otherwise, the lighting spell hits three things. All the time. No arguments.

Spear Goblins – an all utility card for any deck. The Spear Goblins serve as a decoy, beginning card, and a support card. The beauty of this card is I never feel like I’m wasting elixir playing it. At only 2 elixir, the only way someone will put you into an elixir deficit is if they play Skeletons. I digress, the Spear Goblin card is one of my favorites. You’ll find it in almost every single deck I use.

Baby Dragon – Ah, the oxymoron of all cards. For something titled, “Baby”, this card can really devastate enemy ground and air troops. At a level 3 Epic Card, my baby dragon has 968 hit points and if placed correctly, can eradicate Minion Hordes and all other hordes alike. Also, if I don’t have Spear Goblins in my starting deck/hand then I will actually place a Baby Dragon as the starting card. Now, in my other decks I caution patience. However, this deck is utilized for its offensive ability. Throw down your Baby Dragon after you hit 10 elixir and watch as it power houses its way to get a few attacks on the enemy crown tower. If not, the enemy most likely had to spend more than 4 elixir to counter your dragon. This is what society has dubbed a “win-win” situation. Either way, you will come out on top of the opponent. Main uses for Baby Dragon include wiping out Barbarians and supporting your Valkyrie. For a measly 8 elixir you can play an epic card and your semi-tank Valkyrie and expect results. Placing your Valkyrie down in counter to a swarm and then supporting her with a Baby Dragon is devastating.

Barbarians – These multifaceted square heads can be used to stop any Tank card, destroy a crown tower, and everything in between. They have the beefiness to withstand a Fireball and for our Valkyrie – they are huge “shove” card. Since this deck leans offensively, the Barbarians, unless otherwise occupied with a Tank, should be used in front of our Valkyrie. The ideal strategy with the Barbarians is to pair them up with the Valkyrie in the middle and the Baby Dragon bringing the rear. However, don’t throw down all three cards instantaneously. Drop the Barbarians just a tad forward from the front of your crown tower. Wait and see what they place. The opponent will usually place something before the Barbarians get into their side of the Arena. That’s when you place the Valkyrie behind and the dragon to follow. If done after baiting the enemy spell card, most opponents watch in utter horror. It’s a beauty to see three cards (six units) drive their way down lane.

Hog Rider – If your combos with the Valkyrie just aren’t cutting it, the Hog Rider is a great “juke” card to play. During the Double Elixir time, have 7 or 8 elixir worth of cards trail down one lane, hopefully baiting the enemy into retaliating with the same if not more elixir. Immediately following their spent elixir, place the Hog Rider in the opposite lane. If you’re facing any half smart player, they will be able to stop your Hog Rider within a few hits. However, you of course continue to play the rest of your deck. Majority of the time this tactic overwhelms the enemy and results in an overtime win. Of course, the Hog Rider can be used in various other ways, so never limit him to one play strategy.

Arrows – You may have wondered why I have two spell cards in this deck. The reason for that is because the Lightning Spell has a terrible time of taking care of Minion Hordes and Ground Swarms. While the Lightning Spell is a beautiful card, she can only hit 3 individual targets. Clearly failing if we used her to counter Minion Horde. So, to compensate, I have chosen the Arrows card. This card is used in over 50% of professional Clash Royale games. Herein lies the secret to this card. An exchange of Arrows vs Minion Horde results in a +2 elixir gain over the opponent. Most of the time, Arrows will be used for this purpose. Therefore, Arrows is the superior choice and the obvious winner. Clear cause and effect people – take the Arrows!

Mini P.E.K.K.A. – He seems kind of random in this deck build doesn’t he? I kind of felt like that too when I put him there. Honestly, he can be swapped for another 4 or 5 elixir cost card of your choosing. However, I love this little guy. I tend to put him behind my Valkyrie so she can soak up most of the damage while my Mini goes all out against their Crown Tower. More often than not I am using the Mini to take out Tank cards. Since many of our other cards are offensive, I mostly utilize him on my side of the Arena. He’s great at dueling Princes, two-hitting Hog Riders, and whacking away at Tanks until nothing is left. He’s quite the gentleman.

Alternate Cards:

  • Valkyrie – Dark Prince
  • Lightning – Poison, Freeze, Fireball
  • Spear Goblins – Archers, Minions, Bomber
  • Baby Dragon – Wizard, Musketeer, Witch, Balloon
  • Barbarians – Giant, Skeleton Army, Dark Prince
  • Hog Rider – Prince
  • Arrows – Zap, Fireball
  • Mini P.E.K.K.A. – Prince, any other card you want

Weaknesses: As you can see in the video above, I do take this deck into Arena 7 with 2600 trophies and win. However, there are some apparent weaknesses to this deck that you should be aware of before committing trophies to it. The Lightning spell can be completely useless in game if the enemy either doesn’t have any tower cards or uses low elixir tower cards. The Baby Dragon, if placed poorly, can be decimated by the Minion Horde in a duel. Your Barbarians, while they can withstand a Fireball, if they’re not at Level 9 or above they don’t last long after. The Hog Rider can either be countered by an enemy tower card or swarm card. Arrows is substantially weak against anything that’s not a Minion Horde or Goblins. The Mini P.E.K.K.A. is easily distracted by ground troops and can be killed quite easily with few troops. This paragraph is a shortened version of the explanations I could give you, but you’ll soon realize how to play against them and work with the weaknesses.

That’s it for this deck guys. Watch the video that goes along with this guide! Comments are welcome below! Thanks.


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