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Triple Tank Graveyard Deck


Hey there, Drank Kangaroo here with my first guide on Clash Royale Arena. Before we start, I want to say that this deck helped me push to 5700 last season and win 4 Grand Challenges in a row with only one loss.

F2P or P2P?

This deck is not f2p friendly but is built around cards that mostly aren’t level dependent. There are 3 cards that are level dependent in your deck, Poison, Archers, Log. Archers should be easy to get to level 12 or even 13. Your poison should be fine at level 5 if you’re at 4k or level 6 if you’re at 4300-5000 so you can finish their Musketeer, Witch, Night Witch and Wizards with your Log. The log can do the job at level 2, but I recommend having it at least at level 3.

Cards Breakdown

best draft challenge cards

Knight – Use this guy to stop Mega Knight, Elite Barbarians, Valk, Royal Ghost and others. It is used to tank for Graveyard as well.

Night Witch – Even after a nerf this girl crushes Giants, Valks, Inferno Dragons and others. You shouldn’t use it much until double elixir time.

Royal Ghost – This guy can be used to tank for a Graveyard as well as stopping Ranged Troops

Archers – These are important as they are your main air counter so don’t waste them or lavaloon is coming.

Inferno Tower – Use it to stop Lava Hounds, Pekkas, Golems and Giants.

Graveyard – Your main win condition, basiclly drop it when your tanks are at a bridge.

Poison – Support your Graveyard, destroy 3 Musketeers, Minion Hordes or ranged troops.

Log – Kill swarms like Goblins, Skeletons, Gang and Barrels


  • Log – Zap, Arrows, Barbarian Barrel. If you choose a Barb Barrel your deck becomes a Quad Tank deck but it can struggle a bit against Log Bait.
  • Archers – Spear Goblins, Musketeer
  • Royal Ghost – Ice Golem, Battle Ram
  • Night Witch – Witch
  • Inferno Tower – Tesla, Inferno Dragon


First Minute

In the first minute, you want to figure out which deck your opponent is playing. You should never rush with your graveyard and should save Night Witch for Double Elixir. Do not waste your poison on ranged troops until you are sure your opponent isn’t playing Minion Horde or 3 Musketeers. Try to pressure them by spamming a knight at the bridge. The only reason you want to go for a Graveyard is them dropping a Golem behind King’s tower otherwise they’ll defend your Graveyard and you won’t have elixir to stop their Golem.

Second Minute

Now you should start dropping poisons so that you can start poison cycling if necessary. Try to stop big pushes but never let them get an elixir advantage. It is always better to take some damage than to waste all your elixir. When a minute and a half has passed, you should be ready for dropping your first Graveyard if your Knight can get to 2 tiles from tower or less. You can then take them by surprise defenetly. As in the first minute if you see their Golem try to rush the other lane.

double elixir draft challenge clash royale


Double Elixir

In double elixir time you can start dropping your Night Witch because that’s what they don’t expect. Now you can start making Graveyard Poison pushes, because your cycle is good enough to get to any card fastly but also you have quite a lot of defensive cards in a deck. If you see that you can’t win by dropping your Graveyard you have to spell cycle if on ladder whereas in challenges you can even wait for a perfect opportunity which may lead you to a victory.

Common Matchups

Golem Matchup Easy Matchup

When facing Golem you should use an Inferno Tower to stop a Golem and archers, Royal Ghost and Knight to stop supporting troops.

Lava Hound Matchup Easy Matchup

As in a Golem matchup you should use an Inferno Tower to stop Lava Hound and Knight for a Miner and Bandit or Archers for Balloon.

Pekka Matchup Medium Matchup

When playing against Pekka use Inferno Tower for Pekka and a Night Witch for Electro Wizard and Support Troops. Otherwise, your Inferno Tower is going down and you lose.

X-Bow Matchup Hard Matchup

X-Bow is popular in current meta. It is hard to beat but not impossible. When facing it try to push in the first minute and if you can’t take a tower down, defend an X-Bow with Inferno Tower and go for a tie.

Log Bait Matchup Easy Matchup

You have a log for goblin barrel, archers for the princess and here you should push with Royal Ghost so that Tesla or Inferno Tower can’t kill it. Always poison your Graveyard area so Gob Gang doesn’t destroy it.

3 Musketeer Matchup Medium Matchup

3 Musketeer Matchup

Always poison the two musketeers and use a Royal Ghost for 1 left Musketeer. Battle Ram can be taken out with many cards so you pick between Archers + Log, Night Witch, Inferno Tower, Knight + Log.

Elite Barbarians Matchup Easy Matchup

You have a Knight, Night Witch and Royal Ghost which are perfect counters to Elite Barbs in my opinion.

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