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Trifecta Furnace Deck


KairosTime here, with a powerful Trifecta Furnace deck that has proven to win the 12th round of a Grand Challenge without any Epics or Legendaries! This deck takes some practice to master but with the help of this guide, you can take this deck to with the 12th round of any challenge, as my really good friend Brenan did! This deck comes with a video guide on a YouTube series called “Challenge Winning Decks” which includes the winning 12th round replay that you can find below. Feel free to check out my YouTube Channel for more video guides!

Trifecta Furnace Deck

Clash Royale Hog RiderClash Royale FurnaceClash Royale MusketeerClash Royale Mini P.E.K.K.A
Clash Royale ValkyrieClash Royale RocketClash Royale ZapClash Royale Ice Spirit

Trifecta Furnace Deck

Building Up Your Push

This deck utilizes the synergy between the Valkyrie and the Musketeer to support the Hog Rider, which combination is commonly known as The Trifecta, because the three cards work so well together. On defense, a Musketeer or Valkyrie are excellent choices when facing common pushes like Miner Cycle decks without taking too much damage. This allows you to pair them with other troops when they get close to the bridge. If you’re able to, add a Hog Rider at the bridge to a defending Valkyrie and Musketeer for a powerful Trifecta Push and it’ll be difficult for your opponent to come up with the right counter without taking damage to their tower.

When the game is a little slow, you can start your push by dropping your Furnace behind your tower. Even when playing against Giant decks, it’s almost always better to drop your Furnace behind your tower so t hat your Fire Spirits will be able to clear up supporting troops like the Minions. That being said, you can use your Furnace in the middle of the map to protect your towers from last minute pushes.

The Rocket is in the deck for a few reasons. First – as a surprise! Some of the most successful decks aren’t great because they’re overpowe red, but because they contain a surprise that your opponent isn’t expecting. This is your surprise so that your opponent’s playstyle won’t change to adapt to the Rocket. Second –  to remove Elixir Collectors! This deck has a difficult time dealing with the snowball effect of decks that rely on placing down a lot of Elixir Collectors. So, get rid of them and you may be able to remove a nice chunk of the enemy tower if you’re lucky! Third – to defend against massive pushes! These include the 3 Musketeers, Sparky, Balloons paired up with tanks, or even Trifecta pushes! Using the Rocket defensively can take a lot of practice with timing, but if you can master it, you’ll have a nearly unstoppable defense on your side!

Popular Offenses and How to Defend:

  • Hog Rider – When sent alone, you will want to defend with the Mini PEKKA or Valkyrie. When sent with support troops, a Valkyrie will defend well. You will take damage with these troops alone but if you can use your towers’ health as a resource, you will be able to better use the elixir towards a power push. If you can’t afford to lose any more tower health, add the Ice Spirit to your defense. Check out the video for a replay against a Hog deck!
  • Giant Poison – A more difficult deck to deal with, but if you practice, even Giant Poison decks won’t stand a chance. Use your Mini PEKKA to take down the Giant and the Valkyrie to clear defending troops. If you need to, you can use the Ice Spirit to help deal with defending troops. If your opponent is using the Minions, you’ll want the Furnace behind the tower. They will likely Poison your Furnace which will give you more space to place troops outside of the Poison.
  • Royal Giant – This deck does well against the Royal Giant. You’ll want to use your Furnace behind your tower so little Fire Spirits can take care of any Minions if they have them in their deck. I like clearing the Royal Giant with the Mini PEKKA, and if needed, the Ice Spirit. If you time everything right, the Royal Giant won’t get very much damage on your tower.
  • Giant Balloon – Because this is a difficult counter to this deck, I included a replay in the video so you should watch that! Time your Rocket right and you’ll be able to clear almost all of the Balloon’s health, which you can finish off with the Zap or the Ice Spirit.
  • Miner Chip Damage – Because your deck’s strong hitters cost more Elixir than the Miner, you need to be careful about how you place them. The first rule to playing a Miner cycle deck is to prioritize clearing troops coming down the lane and worry about the Miner afterwards because he doesn’t actually do a lot of damage to the tower. An Ice Spirit + Zap will clear Minions for an equal cost, and the Valkyrie will take care of a Miner without taking too much damage.

On Offense

The strongest push this deck has to offer will include Fire Spirits from your Furnace, the Valkyrie, Musketeer, and Hog Rider which costs 16 Elixir and is so hard to stop! This won’t be possible against all decks, but here’s an example of how to set this up. When you’re at 10 Elixir, place the Furnace behind your tower. Your opponent will likely go for a push. If it is a Miner or Chip damage push, you’re in luck! Defend with either the Valkyrie if you can and once she’s at the bridge, drop the Hog Rider directly behind her so he’ll push her quickly to the tower. Then, drop the Musketeer at the bridge to clear defending troops. If you don’t have the Elixir for the Musketeer, drop an Ice Spirit.

Popular Defenses and How to Pass them:

  • Barbarians – There are 3 ways to pass these guys. Defend a push with the Valkyrie, and when she’s near the bridge, drop the Hog Rider directly behind her so he will push her quickly towards the tower. With the aid of Zap and Fire Spirits coming from the furnace or the Ice Spirit, the Valkyrie will make quick work of the Barbs. You can also wait until you have fire spirits to drop the Hog Rider at the bridge with the Ice Spirit. Adding Zap to this combo should completely clear defending Barbarians. The last way is risky, but worth it if you can make it work. Right after dropping the Hog Rider at the bridge, fire a Rocket right in front of the tower so it barely touches the tower and will clear any Barbarians that are spawned there.
  • Mini PEKKA – The Mini PEKKA can be completely passed if you send the Ice Spirit and Musketeer behind the Hog Rider. If you don’t have that kind of elixir to spare, just send an Ice Spirit with your Hog Rider and your Hog will be sure to at least get some damage on the Tower.
  • Ice Wizard – One of the best ways to clear a defending Ice Wizard is with the Musketeer paired up with the Ice Spirit. The Ice Wizard doesn’t do enough damage to take out the Ice Spirit before getting frozen so he can be cleared with the Musketeer.
  • Cannon – Although the Cannon isn’t very popular right now, we still see it every now and then. You can do a hog push using single troops, including the Ice Spirit, Valkyrie, Musketeer, and Mini PEKKA. Do this by dropping the single troop in the square to the front of the river and furthest to the side. Immediately drop the Hog Rider after and the single troop will keep him from going to a poorly placed defensive tower. The Cannon can also be cleared quickly by the Musketeer because she out-ranges it.
  • Inferno Tower – The Inferno Tower costs more than the Hog Rider so it’s not a great defense unless you are attacking with additional troops. I prefer using the Musketeer and Zap to reset the tower. A preemptive Ice Spirit can freeze it as well. One of the best ways to pass this defense is simply by out-cycling it.

One Final Note

This deck takes some practice to learn how to use so be patient. After seeing my buddy Brenan win a grand challenge (Replay in video), I had to try this deck out! Trifecta isn’t an easy combo to learn, but once you’ve familiarized yourself with it, this deck can help you win even a grand challenge!

Thanks for taking the time to read this guide! I hope that you have found it helpful. This is KairosTime ticking by! See you in the Arena!


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