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Touchdown Guide: Best Cards to Choose in Clash Royale to Win


After the massive success of Clash of Clans, Supercell released Clash Royale, a Mobile Strategy video game available to play on Mobile Devices. The game is about strategy, a deck of cards, and patience because your objective is to create a deck of cards and try to outsmart your enemies in real-time battles. Participate in real-time battles and fight against other players. Choosing unique cards to dominate battles is your ultimate task; however, you can claim rare rewards after getting lots of trophies.

What is Touchdown in Clash Royale?

Touchdown is a game type available to play in Special Event Challenges. You can also enjoy Touchdown as a Rotation game type for Party Mode. The developer doesn’t feature any Crown Towers for Touchdown mode; however, each side comes with an end zone, and the ultimate task of each team is to lead their troops to the end zone of their opposing team to gain Crowns. The available variations of Touchdown are the following: Double Elixir Mega Deck and 2v2.

You might be surprised that Elixir Generation won’t decrease in 2v2 Touchdown, unlike the regular 2v2 battles; however, the rate is identical to 1v1 battles. Furthermore, the team with the most Crowns in a match of 3 minutes will win; however, if both sides have equal Crowns, the game adds an overtime period of 2 minutes. If any team earns three Crowns successfully within a match of 3 minutes, the game ends instantly.

Always Prefer Building

When choosing a card in Touchdown, never forget to choose a building card, as it helps you attack better while distracting the enemy. We suggest you go with Furnace, Barbarian Hut, or Goblin Hut; however, a good strategy may help you win the battle. Therefore, you must deploy a building and attack from the other side of the field.

What Spell should you go with?

After adding a Building card, don’t forget to choose your Spell. There are dozens of spells available to help you in Touchdown; however, some aren’t useful. So, we’ve compiled a list of the best, as well as the worst, Spells in Touchdown.

Must Use:

  • Arrows
  • Poison
  • Fireball
  • Rocket
  • Lightning
  • The Log

Don’t Use:

  • Rage
  • Heal
  • Zap
  • Clone

What to Choose from Air or Ground?

To build a deck, you must select cards that help you on the battlefield to defeat enemies; therefore, you should be careful when choosing your deck and prefer to select those cards that can counter ground and air troops.

Work on Melee Splash and Melee Damage Units

Smashing enemies on the battlefield is the most effective way to win. One of the most popular cards is Princess, and giving her the ability to wipe out hordes of enemies in a single stroke or two might be helpful for you to win. Besides Princess Card, another card, “Dart Goblin,” is good for performing fast attacks and keeping long-range in mind. We recommend you go with Wizard, Executioner, Bowler, and Valkyrie when slashing the area damage cards.

What are the Best Cards in Touchdown Mode?

Before selecting the Touchdown Mode, you must find the best-performing cards as they help you achieve victory quickly. Besides, each card has its unique Type, Elixir Cost, Arena, and Release Date. We’ve compiled a list to help you learn about the best Cards in Touchdown, and they are given below:

1. Battle Ram

Battle Ram is a sound card when you use it in Touchdown mode. It is used to target buildings, and upon getting destroyed, two Barbarians are released to continue beating the area.

2. Golem

Golem appears on the spot with an infinite amount of HP, and the opposing character may be in trouble when facing Golem with the unit that follows him. It will help if you wait for the good time, as using the card at the start may allow the opposing team to a counterattack.

3. Balloon

The opposing team can’t survive if you use Balloon with Golem or Lava Hound. Your victory gets confirmed if there are no air troops.

4. Hog Rider

When it comes to Touchdown Arena, then Golem is acknowledged as the strong card. The victory is confirmed if you deploy the card with the correct Spell.

5. Troop Generating Buildings

Adding troop-generating buildings in your deck would be an advantage as they can put pressure on your foes and put them behind the line.

6. Mega Knight

Mega Knight is considered fast than others and can jump. Although its performance wasn’t good in Touchdown, you can consider it a good option. However, the opposing team can easily defeat Mega Knight; therefore, you should be careful when considering deploying it on the map.

7. Lava Hound

The only good thing about Lava Hound is its Lava Pups and HPs. During the game, the puppies Lava Hound generated can easily surpass the Touchdown line once Lava Hound dies.

8. Witch and Night Witch

Witch and Night Witch are considered the best option in Touchdown because they aren’t only designed to deal with hordes of enemies but also encounter the single shot released by an individual. Therefore, adding Witch and Night Witch to your deck can be a good option.

9. Lumberjack

Lumberjack is relatively fast than others and might cause trouble for others only if you use it with a Hog Rider or a Balloon. Meanwhile, the rage spell of Lumberjack can be surprising.

10. Princess

In Touchdown Arena, targeting enemies from a distance is now possible thanks to Princess Card. Therefore, the Princess card is considered the best option to add to your deck for the Touchdown area because it is challenging to eliminate and comes with the extra weapon in your hands.

That’s almost everything you should know when creating a deck and choosing the best cards for Touchdown Arena.

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