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Touchdown Mode, Gold Rush Challenge and Mirror Challenge


touchdown mode clash royale

New Touchdown Mode, Gold Rush Event and Mirror Challenge

Gold Rush Event

First, we will have the Gold Rush event.

This will last for 3 days and 4 hours (could be changed in the future). During this time, you will be able collect 5,000 Gold via the ladder by destroying the Arena Towers.

Destroying the first Arena Tower will give you 100 Gold, the next one is 200 Gold and the King’s Tower is 300 Gold. So you can get 600 Gold in total.

Touchdown Mode

As we all have already known, we are going to have a brand new game mode in this Clash Royale update, it is the Touchdown Mode.

  • Do everything you can to get a troop cross the touchdown line at the end of the Arena.
  • Troops will run in straight lines until get lured.
  • 1 troop crossing the line = 1 Crown. Get 3 Crowns first to win the game. Otherwise, the one who gets more Crowns in 3 minute will win the game. There will be sudden death also.
  • x1 Elixir and x2 Elixir phrases remain. The first 2 minutes are x1 Elixir and the rest is x2 Elixir.

clash royale touchdown mode

For more details about this mode, please watch this video:

In the Touchdown 2v2 Challenge, you will get a Gold Chest at 3 wins and a Giant Chest at 6 wins.

Mirror Challenge

Play 2v2 against opponents with the exact same decks. Every deck contains Mirror!

Join and get the one-time rewards!

  • 3 Wins = Golden Chest
  • 6 Wins = Giant Chest.

New 2v2 Features!

During a Challenge, you can choose to play with your friends or with a stranger.

After a 2v2 battle, you can request the partner for a rematch and chat with them with lots of new emotes:

new 2v2 chat emotes


There will be some daily casual challenges, where all players above level 4 can enter.

The new thing is, If you lose a match, it doesn’t count. So you can just keep playing until you hit the threshold.

new challenges

Towers will have a new golden skin as leaked before:


  1. Clash Royale finally starts to be interesting again… 2v2 is absolutely boring and 1v1 annoys me too much

  2. honestly the only thing I’m really hyped about is the quest thing, others don’t really interest me(unless touchdown is fun)

  3. THESE ARE JUST TOO AWESOME!!! Im hyped about all these things specially being able to do 2v2 challenges with ur friends cuz its so frustrating being with nubs or afk players!!

  4. “x1 Elixir and x2 Elixir phrases remain.”
    lmbo (laughing my butt off).
    Mirror Challenge:
    So does everyone get the same deck, or is there a bit of luck where, if your opponents has a deck that can beat yours and you can’t do anything?
    New 2v2 Features:
    Recruiting for my clan will be soo much easier!!!
    Also, teaming up with my clanmate. Ohhhh boy.

  5. I like the idea of having no way to lose in challenges but that means the rewards are gonna be worse.

  6. The messages that appear after a battle are selected from 200ish possible messages. Also, Mega Knight is NOT banned in 2v2 Nick at Nyte used it in his video with Molt.

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