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Hog Rider Freeze Cycle Deck for 2v2 Battles


Hi; It’s PeakCell, and I still love 2v2. Since 2v2 started being permanent, I created a deck that I just can’t stop using.

It is a ton of fun, and can very often turn bad games to good ones, based on surprising your opponents and outplaying them.

hog freeze

Clash Royale Hog RiderClash Royale BanditClash Royale The LogClash Royale Zap
Clash Royale FreezeClash Royale GoblinClash Royale Fire SpiritsClash Royale Ice Spirit

Deck List and Roles

Clash Royale Hog RiderHog Rider: Your win condition.

He can kite and avoid buildings. He’s the Tower destroyer, opponents will often panic when seeing him and use a lot of counters at the same time and in the same spot, allowing for an easy Freeze spell.

This deck has a fast cycle, making the hogs spamable, allowing for many great occasions to Freeze correctly.

Of course, you can also pig push to avoid buildings, try to split push, and kite with the Hog (Like, if a Knight is coming on your side of the map, you can counter him by sending a lone Hog who will take his focus while jumping, letting the Tower hit the Knight for a longer time without being hit by him)

Clash Royale FreezeFreeze Spell: What you need to take a Tower easily with your win condition.

Also spamable, this spell will be a great tool to take a Tower, but ALSO to defend.

ou have to use it right tho: Not too early, not too late, and in the good spot.

Wait for your enemies to place their counters, then Freeze them. The Freeze spell synergizes very well with Goblins, who will destroy the frozen units/towers. In defense, it’s the same but it also allows an easier spirits placement.

Clash Royale GoblinGoblins: DPS units pairing well with the Hog Rider, and the Freeze spell.

They are very strong, both on offense and defense. Their DPS will shred low-health units like Musketeers, wizards etc. Not much to say about them except that tho.

If their level is higher than your opponents’ Tower levels, you can sometimes send them alone, forcing a reaction.

Clash Royale Fire SpiritsFire Spirits: Burst units that will clean the way for the Hog Rider.

They counter swarms, Goblins, Barbarians (with Zap) etc.

Same as Goblins: You can force a reaction by sending them alone if their level is greater than your opponents’ towers’ level.

Sometimes, your opponent will let them reach the Tower to defend easier against the Hog Rider, taking a huge risk because of the damages they do.

Clash Royale Ice SpiritIce Spirit: Cycle card and temporizing Hog Rider support.

Great temporizing unit, the Ice Spirit is great for landing easier Freeze spells. It also helps cycling faster, and is a great support card overall.

Clash Royale BanditBandit: Burst unit and good defensive unit too.

She has a good burst which makes her good for destroying low health cards, which makes her great as a defensive card, but also as a counter-attacking one.

She often reaches the Tower because of her surprizing dash damages.

A Freeze spell can help her a lot, finishing a unit she dashed on, to dash on another one etc.

Clash Royale The LogLog: Anti-swarm spell, and a great defensive/temporizing spell.

The Log also buys time for a great Freeze spell. It is mainly a defensive card in this deck tho, because when paired with spirits it can counter a lot of things pretty easily.

Clash Royale ZapZap: The card that does so many things. Usually used against air units.

Helps to finish things easier (like a Cannon or Tombstone), or to kill swarms. Also, it makes it easy for your team to counter Inferno Towers.

What’s the point of this deck?

2v2 is really not about having a great 1v1 deck, but more about pairing with your team mate.

If you check this deck’s composition, you’ll find cards that synergize with a lot of others; but you’ll also find the deck has a powerful offensive potential by itself.

Yeah, the deck is designed to be able to help a mate but also to win by itself. That’s why it is strong in 2v2!

The attacking goal of this deck is to get a Hog on your opponent Tower and then Freeze it; as a simple Hog Freeze deck.

Goblins, spirits and the Bandit will help you reach the Tower; Then you need to have a teammate who has a minimum of skill to help you reach the Tower.

Also, you will need a good timing skill to make the best of the Freeze spell, effectively freezing the Tower AND the Hog counters your opponents deployed.

Try to only use the Freeze spell when it is useful, because it is an 8 overall elixir investment with no damages to units, making you being very vulnerable for a big counter push.

Usually, people who play 2v2 tend to play a complete deck, so you don’t have to worry too much about the lack of anti-tank in this deck. It should still be fine. It will only be a problem in certain cases, like if you encounter a Golem + Balloon push. Here, your ally shouldn’t be able to handle the whole thing by themselves.


  • Synergizes with a lot of things, because of its very versatile comp based on low-cost cards.
  • Can answer many situations by itself for the same reason.
  • Has a powerful counter-attacking potential because of the Hog+Freeze combo.
  • Is extremely fun overall because of its mechanics.


  • Needs a good mastery of the Freeze timing. Fails can loose you a game so you really need to always make the good choice at the right moment.
  • Only has fragile units, but that’s also the cause of some of its strengths!
  • Not enough anti-tank potential, your ally needs to have anti-tank cards and if your enemies have several tanks it will be hard to win!
  • Has trouble against Balloons ; Lavaloon matchups are hard to handle.


This deck was built for 2v2 only and is clearly not a good deck for 1v1 modes. However, it is a ton of fun in 2v2, especially because of the fact that you can use any unit from your ally at your advantage easily. Your three spells should be able to help your ally a lot too, and the Hog + Freeze combo can make your opponents spend tons of Elixir and take a lot of risks.

The main card skills you need to play this deck is about mastering Hog tactics, knowing how to play the spirits, and timing the Freeze spell correctly.

I hope you will have as much fun as I have with it!



  1. Good guide PeakCell but you are repeating your problems in your 2v2 guides!
    “The most important part is your partner deck! guys,in 2v2 you have to match your deck with your partner so in your guides you must either give us 2 decks or at least tell us our partner archetype.”
    I told this in your last guide
    and you didn’t fix it.
    Hope you do next time 🙂

    • Thing is, I’m playing this deck for quick plays. I sometimes play with a clan mate but I generally play with very very random decks, so I’m talking about the general power of the decks in 2v2 modes.

      • Playing with friends who have a deck with matchs is much more fun 🙂
        plz add mate deck next time.

  2. Very interesting deck PeakCell! What’s the AEC of it? Looks very cheap. Definitely weak to air but I assume you rely on your teammate against air decks, but I would still replace Zap with Mega Minion.

      • I like The Log more when you have Freeze, because The Log does more chip damage and isn’t instant like Zap, which means you can predict enemy small units with it. Much like how I prefer Zap over The Log when I use Fireball because Zap is instant and Fireball is not.

        Lesson of the day: Don’t criticize pro player’s decisions 😛

    • This deck relies a lot on the fact that mates have complete decks, so the anti-air and anti-tank it lacks is not a problem 😉
      It has a 2.5 AEC if I’m not mistaken (I’m not on the app right now)

  3. I found Minions and Skeletons having a great synergy, much like Bats and Goblins but a bit beefier. You don’t Arrows Goblins, but the only way to get rid of Minions is with Arrows. Minions are one of the most annoying cards in the game to face because of their resistance to most spells, surviving Zap or Tornado, and not able to get hit by The Log.

    Minions and Skeletons are a bit more ‘specified’ than Bats and Goblins, meaning it’s beefier air units and weaker distraction units, but I like it! Unlike Bats and Goblins where you always have one of them being useless, Arrows are not to common in the meta and zapping Skeletons is just a negative Elixir trade.

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