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The Unstoppable Golem Lightning Flying Machine Beatdown Deck



What’s up guys! This is MacTavish with my first guide on CRA. I have been longing to write a few guides for CRA and here is my first deck guide – The Unstoppable Golem Lightning Deck

Golem Lightning is pretty much off-meta especially after the nerf to lightning. But trust me guys this off-meta deck is truly insane on the ladder. It is actually a pretty different and modified deck from the original Golem Lightning BabyD combo. Without wasting much of time, let’s get right into it.


This deck belongs to purely beatdown class. The main aim of the deck is to make massive positive elixir trades and then go all out with Golem Beatdown in 2X elixir. Due to the very reason, this deck has several cards that have the capability of making positive trades. The deck is very strong against current meta. I have had a lot of success with this deck in both Challenges as well as a ladder. This Golem Beatdown is pretty different from old Golem Lightning BabyD MegaMinion combo. This deck, in my opinion, has a much better defense. More stuff in strategy sections below.

Deck Breakdown :

GolemCardThum1) Golem: Your main win-condition and tank. Golem has been going off-meta due to the fact that currently, meta revolves around quick playstyle. This is exactly what we want. Golem would be an absolute surprise and would be tough to deal. Most of spell bait decks are replacing Inferno Tower with Tesla which again is in favor of your main win Condition. Golem is generally to be used only when you have made massive positive elixir trade or during 2X elixir.

LightningCard2) Lightning: Lightning synergizes well with Golem due to the presence of Inferno Tower and Inferno Drag. Kills both of them almost completely and gives that juicy tower damage too if placed correctly. Get it as high as you can ( lvl 5 would be ideal till even 4k cups ). Further lightning has a great tendency to make positive trades due to its large radius. Chips of the tower pretty well.

NightWitchCard3) Night Witch: A staple in a Golem Beatdown. In spite of the harsh nerfs, she is still strong and her bats can be a menace to deal with. She is great on defense too. Use mainly behind a golem.


4) Flying Machine: This card is pretty underrated. But actually, it is really good at what it does. Flying machine is the perfect card to snipe buildings across the river without any threat. Also can take out a pump placed ahead of king tower. FM is also great to finish of the inferno tower’s remaining HP after Lightning it down. FM is a real menace behind a tank.

bats5) Bats: A cycle cum defensive card. I prefer bats over goblins due to 2 reasons: Currently meta revolves around spell bait so Log is preferred over Zap and secondly Bats provide crazy DPS without the threat of getting hit from ground units. You will find yourself using bats a lot on defense.


Elixr Collector6) Elixr Collector: Another staple in a beatdown class. This building makes sure you have enough elixir to make up massive pushes. Use this building only when you are sure that the opponents main win-condition is out of hand.


InfernoDragonCardThum7) Inferno Dragon: This cute dragon makes sure your deck is strong against other beatdown players. He is really strong behind the golem. Your main Tank killer in this deck. He will make sure that Pekka, MK, etc do not wreck your golem push. But beware of E.Wiz.


Zap8) Zap: Zap has so many uses! It can be used to reset inferno in case Lightning is out of hand, can kill swarms, stop a charging prince, the finish of a tower, etc. Pretty self Explanatory. Can also be used to cycle. Zap is best when overlevelled. Lvl 13 Zap one shots Lvl 11 Minions, Lvl 12 gobs and Lvl 1 Princess along with doing almost equivalent damage as a lvl 1 Log.

Advantages of this Deck :

    1. Its off-meta but powerful. Would be a surprise. Cards like inferno, NW, Bats, FM make this deck irritating to deal.
    2. Once a build up a massive push, it’s almost unstoppable.
    3. Strong against current Spell Bait Meta.
    4. Several Aerial units to make sure Mega Knight doesn’t wreck your push.
    5. Most cards used in the deck are good at making positive trades.

Disadvantages of this Deck :

  1. Deck revolves around 2 Legendaries and 2 Epics making it a bit tough to Level up.
  2. Beatdown archetype requires a lot of macro planning. Few wrong moves and you lose.
  3. Deck is pretty slow paced.

Gameplay / Strategy :

game play

3:00 – 2:00 – This is a time to understand your opponent’s deck and its main win conditions. Try not to place pump until you exactly know what your opponent has, otherwise you might end up losing a tower very early. Exception to this is that you have Pump as a starting hand. Another important aspect is to know if your opponent has inferno Tower. Be very patient during this time and DO NOT drop the golem no matter what. Nullify opponent’s mild pushes with Bats and Flying Machine. Don’t be afraid to take tower damage…Remember its a beatdown deck and you can make up. Just make sure your tower doesn’t go too low on HP. Lightning down all 4+ elixir cards doing chip damage of the tower. More info in Matchups section.

2:00 – 1:00 – This is the time to pump up and make positive trades. After identifying opponents main condition, place a pump when you know the win condition is out of hand. Continue to just do some chip damage onto to tower. If you have gained an elixir advantage, you can go with a golem. It is a high-risk, high reward move, the thing is, it needs to be time well. Using the golem backed up by Night witch or Flying Machine will help you know your opponent’s counter to golem. For e.g. If he places a Pekka, you know InfernoDrag will be crucial to burning her out. If he places Inferno Drag/Tower, Lightning will be your response card. Don’t go all out yet. Wait for 2X elixir. A basic golem push can help to understand the above-mentioned stuff. As an added bonus, if you execute correctly, you can take a tower down. Beyond 1:15 time left, don’t place the pump since you wouldn’t get as much value. If you lose a tower during this time, fright not because you can Push for three crowns. I have several times lost both my towers and still manage to just Three crown opponent with the proper defense. Flying Machine can be useful to snipe Passive Buildings outranging almost everything across the river. A very important thing is to always have golem in hand as you enter 2X elixir.

1:00 – Overtime – Finally is the time when you create your gigantic push and finish off the match. Ideally, you would like at least one pump helping you, but if you haven’t placed one, don’t worry, Just go ahead with the golem. Wasting elixir on a pump is absolutely not an option. Drop the golem at the back just before entering 2X elixir. Make sure you are not late since golem takes a lot of time to reach the bridge. Drop a Night Witch behind golem and ready up your Lightning and zap. As long as you have enough elixir for Lightning, spam everything at bridge. Inferno Drag will be crucial if your opponent has Pekka. Use Lightning + FlyingMachine over the river to completely shut down the Inferno Tower and support. Go all out! Spam as much as you can and irritate your opponent. Forcing him to make stupid moves. If you realize after taking out one of the tower that you cannot really push for three crowns…Calm down and let the match go to overtime. Then just redo what you did earlier. Make a final big push. You got only one chance to make most of it. You can go super aggressive by dropping golem on bridge or in the pocket. Make sure you are in an elixir advantage for that. For pocket golem, best support card is Flying Machine since it has range and quick attack. Creating a second beatdown, do not follow the same sequence of dropping support. Make yourself unpredictable. If you really cannot break the tower, go defensive. This deck has enough defensive options for defending that last minute. Place Pump in the center in case of a hog rider and defend. Generally, Flying Machine + Bats + Lightning are enough for a strong defense. Most of all, be patient and calm even during 2X elixir.

Replacements with Explanation :


1)Golem – No Replacement. What is a golem beatdown without golem?
2)Flying Machine – Musketeer. Musketeer can fill in the role of FM since she has similar range and attack. The difference is you cannot snipe building across river which is the main strategy of this deck. But still, the upside is she is somewhat spell resistant and can pull ground units.
3)Bats – Goblins. As I stated earlier, current meta revolves around spell bait and that has increased Log usage especially in the upper ladder. This makes bats really strong since you might not find zap user always. But goblins can really fill in the role if you are not comfortable with bats. Gobs can even be used to pull units.
4)Night Witch – Dark Prince. I know this might seem absurd, but Dark Prince is sort of underrated. I tried placing Dark Prince in this deck and it really worked like a charm! Dark Prince has a lot of benefits in this deck. Dark Prince behind a golem can be really helpful to clear out swarms. He can be placed ahead of golem too since he is a good counter to inferno tower. Inferno Tower’s attack is reset after breaking shield. Further, he can act as a pseudo-win condition. During 1X elixir, you can make small pushes like DarkP + Bats or DarkP + Flying Machine, etc. The downside is, you will miss the Night Witch’s Bats!
5)Zap – Log,Arrows. Arrows are helpful for clearing minion hordes but don’t have a stun mechanic helpful to this deck. Log too can be great, but again no stun.
6)Lightning – Lightning is a very imp card of this deck. No Replacement.
7)Elixr Collector – No Replacement. But obvious.
8)Inferno Drag – Inferno Tower. Concept of using inferno dragon is to kill tanks and counter push. Also to kill mini tanks and tanks killing your golem. Inferno Tower is not a good replacement for all of above Job for +1 Elixir, but will still do.

Matchups :


Spell Bait :
This is an easy matchup. Spell bait focuses on chipping of tower. This shouldn’t really be a problem with golem beatdown. All Spell baits have Inferno Tower/Tesla. Your Golem Lightning combo should shine here. Easy matchup for 3 crowns. Just keep on chipping and saving your own tower till 2x elixir. Zap the goblin barrel, counter princess with bats and Gang with Flying machine or Night Witch. During 2X elixir, just create a massive beatdown and wait for inferno tower to drop. Lightning + Flying Machine should take care of the Inferno Tower. Easy Three crown. Keep spamming everything behind golem.

Golem Beatdown :
A mirror matchup is a bit tough. Key is never to drop golem until your opponent does. When the opponent plays golem in back, wait for the golem to reach the bridge and then drop your golem. Kill opponents golem with Inferno Drag and then counter push. Never ever drop your golem first. During 1X elixir, the opponent would be doing the same thing as you, Just keep frustrating opponent till he drops his own golem. The game is yours then -;)

Hog Cycles :
I doubt this Matchup will ever win against you if you time everything correctly. Pump up when Hog is out of the rotation. Counter Hog with Bats in case opponent has no zap, otherwise Night Witch. Never mind the Hog Chipping of your tower. Create a Beatdown in 2X elixir and go all out. Generally, you should win. I have barely lost against Hog Cycles.

Spawners :
One Answer: Lightning! Key will be how correctly you would be placing your lightning and how fast you cycle to it. You can go for Golem Beatdown even in 1X elixir. Make sure to use Aerial units behind golem. Constantly spam Flying Machine over the river to snipe outbuilding and take out spawners placed behind tower by lightning.

Three Musketeers :
I rarely see people dropping three musketeers in one lane ( Its absurd ). If they do, Just lightning them out. For split pushed 3 Musketeers, lightning out 2 Musketeers and the tower and defended other lanes with Night Witch + Flying Machine. During 2X aim to get one tower down and then just defend. Keep lightning ready for 3 Musketeers. Do not let one of your towers down since pocket 3 musketeers are a menace.

Seige :
Your aim would be to minimize the tower damage by killing seige weapon with inferno Dragon during 1X Elixr. In 2X as soon as opponent places mortar or XBOW, drop golem is another lane to tank and kill motor or xbow with bats or flying machine. X-Bow will be comparatively easy to deal with. For mortar cycles, Lightning out Mortar + Support. Push for 3 Crows during 2X. Be vary of rocket and support golem mainly by your spells and Flying Machine. Don’t clump up your support.

Graveyard + Poison :
Placed a flying Machine and when it dies, zap excess skeles. You shouldn’t be taking much damage. Use Night Witch to kill tank and rest is same as pushing during 2X elixir.

Miner Poison :
This shouldn’t be hard at all since Miner Poison decks focus on chip damage and this deck is great against it. Use knight Witch to kill miner and you shall be good. Also, miner poison decks have Inferno Tower in them and Lightning Golem Combo is going to shine here.

Giant Beatdowns :
All giant beatdowns are easy to deal. Melt giant with inferno drag and kill support with Lightning. Simple!

Lava Hound Beatdowns:
Always keep your inferno dragon ready and well protected. Don’t deploy Flying Machine or bats early, since they will be crucial to kill Balloon and support. Place Flying machine in the center after Balloon is dropped such that it targets balloon. Keep Night Witch ready in case of any ground support. Her Bats can come in handy. Tough to create a beatdown, but if you do, the game is yours. Golem beatdown is faster than Lava beatdown in my opinion. You can three crown your opponent before he does.

Royal Giant Decks :
Easy matchup. Kill Royal Giant with Inferno Drag. Flying machine can be used too. Royal Giant is pretty slow. Dealing with him shouldn’t be a problem at all. Pretty self Explanatory. Counter other cards with tactics mentioned above. Also lightning can use to kill support behind RG. Create Golem Beatdown to victory!

Conclusion :

Overall this deck on paper might not have the most solid defense, but it works great if you time everything properly. For all sorts of matchups, you can work your way around and win. Key is to make a proper Golem Beatdown. Never mind if one if your tower is down. Maco Planning is important. Most importantly, this deck is really strong against current meta. It’s pretty solid on the ladder and works great in challenges too.

That’s it folks, Hope you enjoyed this guide. Please Leave your valuable feedback in the comments section below.

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