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The right cards for your Archetype and Deck


Today I’ll be giving you hopefully a helpful guide to explain what are the right cards for your deck and archetype.

As we know there are 5 main kinds of Archetypes and decks and they are: Beatdown, Control, Seige, Cycle and Bait and a very unique one also known as Hybrid, today there is a guide for all of them 

Firstly, I’ll be explaining the Beatdown archetype. The Beatdown archetype is the most aggressive archetype. It is when you place a troop with a lot of Hitpoints ahead of a lot of supporting troops to demolish your opponents tower. Usually a push like that costs a lot of elixir so either this deadly so either this push begins in 2x elixir or the deck will have an Elixir Collector to provide the elixir support. Sometimes the Elixir Collector will be placed in 2x elixir which means too much elixir. But the Beatdown archetype gets harder and harder to use as you proceed through the arenas. Here are the cards to have as your tank (a lot of hitpoints troop):

Giant, Golem and Lavahound are only building target troops so they serve as a tank that can damage the crown tower but aren’t capable of supporting pushes and taking them along together but are good for distracting and serve as a more efficient tank. Lavahound is an arial tank so it’s mechanics are a bit different. Lavahound and Golem have after effects of death Golems spawn Golemites that are basically two Golem with less life and damage and the golemites do splash damage after they die while Lavahound spawns 8 Lavapups that have very little life but when combined do some serious damage. Lavapups attack troops as well

Pekka and Giant Skeleton are troop and building attacking units. They both are great defences while being amazing attackers as well but for two very different reasons. Pekka is a great defensive and attacking troop because of its insane DPS. Pekka has the most DPS and the second highest damaging troop in the game it is an ideal defence and is great for counter attacks as well. Giant Skeleton is great in defense and attack but it has less DPS so what makes it so great. Most poachers depend on this card because of it’s after effect of death, it drops a massive bomb after it dies that does insane damage it’s one bomb screws many pushes up making it good on defence but it is a bit hard to have a Beatdown push with this card. Firstly the GS is fast for a tank not giving you the chance to build a massive push. Secondly, you have to actually get the Giant Skeleton to close to the tower to actually have the effect of the Giant Skeleton which is hard because of its very less damage and his very little focus. But he is great if you know how to use him.

Good support troops would be:

Note: Try having only one tank in a deck

Cycle: Cycle is basically the opposite of Beatdown. Cycle usually has one win condition and many other cheap but useful cards in the deck. You want to keep on cycling your win condition over and over again so that it can chip of the tower. Usually, you will be able to get to your win condition quickly for all the other cheap cards you have. These decks are very fast and you should not let your opponent build up their own push. You have to keep forcing them to defend. Examples of win conditions are: 

Hog rider is the best win condition as it is a building attacking troop and doesn’t get distracted easily. You probably won’t see a lot of Goblin Barrel cycle or miner cycle.

Good cheap units are:

Seige: Seige is the hardest archetype, it is very difficult to be successful with these kinds of deck. Honestly I have never been able to use this deck archetype but I will try to explain it to you the best I can. In the game, there are two seige buildings that have an incredible range. Seige is when you attack the crown towers from far away with these buildings. You slowly chip the tower. 

Here are the only two win conditions for seige: 


Mortar: Mortars have slow hitspeed and can only attack troops that are far away and can’t attack ones close by and the mortar can do splash damage but it is easy to upgrade the mortar as it is common. The mortar has a hard time attacking fast troops because of its slow hitspeed

Xbow: Xbows shoot continuously and I think they have the fastest hit speed in the game but the Xbow can’t do splash damage and is hard to level up because it is an epic.

Don’t avoid trying this archetype just because I feel it is hard maybe you are unique.

Bait:  Bait decks are usually made out of cards that all have one weakness. Example Princess, Goblin Gang, Skeleaton Army probably are cards of a Log Bait deck. But what is the use of these decks? They are also like the cycle but a bit different you want to use different cards that have the same weakness as your damage dealer so that when your opponent uses that weakness you can deploy your damage dealer without any fear of it being countered. Let’s go back to the Log Bait example. Suppose you deploy a Goblin Gang and it gets logged. Now that your opponent doesn’t have log anymore you can deploy the Princess and get some good chip done before your opponent can counter it, Just be careful of your opponent’s cycle.

Here are some suitable cards:

Your Bait deck also needs 1-2 cards that have a chunk of life as your defence. Perhaps cards that are weakness is not the card you are trying to bait.

Here are a few examples of those:

Control is kind of like a mixture of Beatdown and Cycle. It is a dominating style of playing but not as quite as the Beatdown. You can dominate by going super aggressive or by forcing your opponent to defend. What I have learnt so far is that you have to be very patient and strategic on how you play this style because Control is a very slow kind of style. You usually defend most of the time and try to anger your opponent and when he spends a lot of elixir, slowly chip his tower with something mild but menacing 

Examples of some are:

Miner is usually the win condition of many control decks because of its instant reach to anywhere in the arena and its pairing up with the poison makes a deadly combo

Hybrid is when you combine many cards of different archetypes into one deck. There are no specific cards I just thought I would add it.

Some Tips for any Archetype

Try having two spells in every deck, One heavy and one light spell example: Rocket Zap

Try having at least two splash units because swarms are usually countering to everything

Try keeping your average elixir under 4.0 unless you have an elixir collector

Have a balance between ariel and ground troops

Have fun and be comfortable with your deck


Hope this guide helped. Thank You