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Spawn and Obliterate – Awesome Sparky Zap Bait Deck!


Sparky Zap-Bait Deck

Hey everyone!

It’s KPK with my 4th Guide to CRA. As we know, Sparky ain’t no longer the Trash Can on Wheels! She’s so awesome right now! That recent buff was quite nice on her. Probably Cannon Cart is right now the Trash Can on Wheels, but we can argue about that later.

This deck is a hard-core Zap-Bait as well as Rocket-Bait, and also uses an extra Legendary card – Ice Wizard, which can be replaced. This deck works great in Challenges since I made it till 10 wins. It’s also good in Normal 1v1 Matches.

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So let’s get cracking!

Card Breakdown –

  1. Sparky – Right now, she’s a super-cool Legendary! She has great defensive potential and can be used to crush PEKKA, Mega Knights and other menacing tanks. On Offense, Sparky acts more like a threat. Some people get so scared they just deploy anything to rid her.
  2. Knight – A solid 3 elixir tank and quite versatile. He can handle Elite Barbarians, Valkyries and loads more of tanks. He acts like the Sandwich to block glass cannons to join the tank. Send him in front of a Sparky to soak up damage.
  3. Goblin Hut – Our Spawning Building. Try placing these buildings in front of the King Tower to avoid users Rocketting both your Hut and the Tower. An extremely cancerous card. Try to protect this card rather than using it defensively as it’s super-important to maintain Spawn Levels.
  4. Tesla – Your main defense. Tesla handles Hog Riders, Giants and whole other bunch of pesky troops getting on to your tower. The advantage of using Teslas is that they don’t receive damage while underground. Use Knight and Tesla to give better defense.
  5. Goblin Gang – All-star Spell-Bait Buddies! Goblin Gang is one of the best swarms in the game apart from Skeleton Army. I’m sure this card is close to being Self-Explanatory these days.
  6. Ice Wizard – Master of Control. The Chillcaster handles a lot of things apart from One-Shotting Bats and Skeletons. Wipe out pesky bunches of troops with the Ice Wizard and control tanks.
  7. Poison/Fireball – Seriously, whichever you’re comfortable with. I use Poison as it deals greater DPS totally compared to Fireball, but Fireball deals Clutch Damage… and too many pros and cons. So anything you want really!
  8. Zap/The Log – It’d be better to use Zap, as it aids the Ice Wizard a real lot sometimes since the current meta is full of Bats and Minions.

Substitutions –

*NOTE – Substitutions, can produce different effects to your deck, which involves increase in Average Elixir Cost and various others. Don’t Substitute every card! Substitutions aren’t most recommended.

  1. Knight – Valkyrie, Ice Golem, Lumberjack or Mini PEKKA
  2. Tesla – Inferno Tower or Furnace
  3. Goblin Gang – Skeleton Army, Guards, Goblins, Minions
  4. Zap – The Log, Tornado, Arrows

Having a Good Start –

Yes! Super important! A good start can be your Goblin Hut, in front of the King Tower, Poisoning the Opponent’s Collectors, Sparky at the back or a Goblin Gang Split. An Ice Wizard at the back is also good.

Placing Knight at the back is just decent since some people might do a Bridge Spam on the opposite lane. Tesla might not receive any damage, but some smart guys, wait 40 Seconds before deploying their Hog or something.

Quick Bridge Spam –

bridgespam cycle

Some people aren’t those who hesitate before deploying or wait for their opponent. They might instantly deploy anything. Once a guy, played Hog Rider in Bridge Spam Style, and I had no Tesla on my cycle. I had a Goblin Hut…. but it’d be risky to play it. So I played Knight and Ice Wizard together to stop him. If I were quicker at thinking I should have deployed Sparky to stop him dealing so much damage to my tower.

Be prepared with a Good Combo or the one which makes you take least damage and think about it before the Elixir Bar is Full!

Phase I – Spawn

This is one of the three ways to tire your opponent. Place your Goblin Hut in front of the King Tower, if your Tesla is in Cycle. People might fireball/Rocket it. This means we can play a Sparky without receiving much damage. Then Tank her with a Knight and Ice Wizard and keep Zap in hand to stop Minion Hordes. Goblin Gangs are quite good to handle Electro Wizards spawned on your Sparky.

Try to Defend more than going offense in this Phase. Keep Teslas and Knights and such stuff ready, and keep building up Goblins over time. In Double Time, Try to Increase the Huts and annoy your Opponent.

Don’t OVERCOMMIT! This is Key to Spawning. If you do, it might not leave you with sufficient defense against a Hog Rider in the opposite lane. Slowly put out a Sparky, once you know that your Opponent is getting a bit annoyed. Then Tank it with a Knight.

Phase II – Obliterate

This is the continuation of Phase I. After putting out the Sparky and Knight, play Ice Wizard in the back and try to have your Spells available(at least ONE) and have Goblin Gang ready. Once the opponent used his Log/Zap/Arrows or Whatever, Play your Gang and try to soon enough place a Hut in the same lane. Sparky’s main use here is to blast out Valkyries and such Pesky things trying to Stop you.

Ice Wizard + Zap will assist you against Minion Hordes and such.

Phase III – Spawn and Obliterate!

Just keep repeating Phase I and Phase II, as long as possible, but I don’t mean ignore DEFENSE! It’s important to be active both Offensively and Defensively. Try playing Defensive Sparky as well. This entire scheme requires sometime to work and overpower the opponent. Try building up Sparkies behind another if the Opponent didn’t react to the Sparky.



  1. Hog Rider – Tesla is a neutral and good shutdown to the Hog Rider. But when Tesla isn’t in your Cycle, you can play a Counterpush with a Sparky or even Knight and a Gang perhaps. Use Ice Wizard to slowdown the Hog when you don’t have good defensive resources.
  2. Giant – Tesla is enough, and a Knight to sandwich the Glass Cannons and Giant(like jump between them). Keep Ice Wizard handy to stop Swarms. And also Zap if necessary. In case of Giant Graveyard, keep Poison/Gang for the Graveyard. Sparky also gives great defensive power against Giants.
  3. Lava Hound – Ice Wizard and Tesla is a powerful combo. Use Goblin Huts if necessary to pull stuff towards the King.
  4. Golem – Poison their Collectors, and keep Tesla handy enough. Sparky is a powerful resource in these decks. Once the Golem actually finishes with the Tesla, The Hut should pull it, but your Knight or Goblin Gang should stop mean Night Witches and stuff. Don’t forget Ice Wizards .
  5. PEKKA – Sparky is your best answer. But try pulling off the PEKKA to the Tesla to get your Sparky blow 3 Shots at it. Use your Knight and Goblin Gangs to tolerate Electro Wizards. Ice Wizard is great as well.
  6. Mega Knight – Mega Knight Hog is the toughest match-up to this deck. Don’t get startled and forget to follow the Phases. They might Mega Knight all your Spear Goblins, but your Sparky will be of good utility. Tesla is for the Hog Rider, and keep Knight and Ice Wizard or also Gang for the MK.
  7. Three Musketeers – Just Poison the Pumps and Sparky their Musks. Can’t get simpler than that. I’m sure rest is self-explanatory.
  8. Miner/Spell-Bait – Knight out the Miner or Gang him. Don’t forget your Spell-Bait tactics. If they play Miner on your Hut, keep Tesla near it more often or Gang it.


That’s it Guys! Hope you like it!

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