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Shocking Sparkyjack Deck Arena 8+


Hey guys, it’s ya boi, SCorpSCilla, back at it again with another deck, the Shocking Sparkyjack Deck.

It’s been a while, testing new decks and other things, once being infuriated that someone copied my Golemjack deck, but that’s a story for later.

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Shocking Sparky Lumberjack Deck

This is the last CRA I will post, as I will move on to other things I am busy on such as projects and new stuff… for good. JK, but seriously I won’t be playing as much. SuprizMadaFaqua is the new leader of the clan (hope I spelled the name right). It’s been fun playing this game for a full year straight. I see potential in Supercell. With that said, let me introduce you to my last deck, the Sparky Jack, the deck that shockingly (no pun intended) got my friends and I into LEGENDARY ARENA (finally, hooray)!

Because this deck right now looks legendary heavy, I will just list all the substitutions right now. Disclaimer: Not all the substitutes are as good as the original and may change the playstyle of the deck.

  • Sparky- None 🙁
  • Elixir Collector- Tombstone, Tornado, Skeletons
  • Lumberjack- Mini P.E.K.K.A, Miner
  • Log- Zap
  • Musketeer- Archers, Electro Wiz
  • Ice Spirit- Fire Spirits, Ice Wiz
  • Guards- Skeleton Army, Goblins, Gob Gang
  • Mega Minion- Dart Goblin, Minions, Princess

Cards Breakdown

Sparky- This card may look (or possibly still be) #trashcanonwhels, begin rated one of the worst Legendaries in the game (besides #trashcantakesair and #axeonsteroids) but this card is actually pretty useful.

Sparky is a good intimidator for inexperienced players. Also, while players are focused on taking out this high-risk, high-profit card, a Lumberjack+Ice Spirit+ Musketeer will be sneaking in and doing most of the damage.

Sparky is super great defending against Giant Beatdown Decks, and when you use Tornado with it, it can completely shut down a push.

This card is the poster of the deck.

Remember a Sparky can kill another Sparky because of its damage higher than the health. It’s splash damage can hit both a troop blocking the tower and the tower as well if put too close to each other.

I once fought a level 11 with a Level 2 Sparky (I have only level 1 🙁 ) and he placed it next to the tower and an executioner. We Logged both of our Sparkies at the same time, so they had to move back into the range of fire. Result: Because of my Lumberjack’s rage, my Sparky fired first, and the rocket-pocket-sized blast clipped all three and got a triple kill. Lumberjack clutches hard!

Elixir Collector- You gotta spend Elixir to make Elixir.

Just a few tips with this Elixir Collector. If you know your opponent has Rocket, you can put in right in front of the big mama tower right between the arena towers. That way the Rocket can only it the Pump or the tower: He can’t hit both of them. A Miner in that position can be shot at by both towers, and all you need to do is distract it with cheap troops such as Goblins or Skeletons or the Guards.

he Elixir Collector can also bait out heavy spells such as Rocket or Fireball, which can allow you to punish them with a heavy push that they cannot stop.

Lumberjack– And now we proceed to the #axeonsteriods.

For many, this is the worst card in the entire game, but for some, this is a beautiful card to put into this deck. Why?

  1. Its fast movement speed allows it to run up to enemies and chop away while they are busy on something else
  2. They have the rage that can help get a Sparky to fire a single game-changer shot on a tower or a highly dangerous troop
  3. It has INSANE damage: 200 damage with a 0.7sec hit speed! If Supercell decides to buff this card, it better not be the damage! In a push, because most players don’t know about its high DPS, they will focus a lot on the Sparky, but if left unnoticed, the Lumberjack will just chop away the tower to minimal health. Plus this is the secondary tank killer if Sparky is out of hand, seeing that this can act almost exactly like a Mini P.E.K.K.A.

My opinion, Lumberjack is one of the most underrated legendary in the game. It has great potential and all it needs (along with the two #trashcans) is some love

Log– The BEST legendary in the game.

I called it a long time ago back when no one loved it and called it the worst. I am proud for supporting Log to the end.

The Log has great damage, about half a Fireball, but its knockback is great for buying some important time. Also, because it is not an immediate spell like Zap, you can send (for example) a Lumberjack and then a prediction Log right after, and there will still be that extended time in-between for that Lumberjack to get to the tower. If they are smart, they will place the Skeleton Army after The Log finishes, but that leaves a space to allow the Lumberjack to get a two or three hits off the tower. Three hits are equal to 600 damage, more than a single Mini P.E.K.K.A swing!

Now that my friends, The Log is a great card to use.

Plus, The Log is one of the only true, positive Elixir trade, cards left to deal with Princess, Goblin Barrel, and that new annoying Goblin Gang, the last ray of hope.

Supercell, don’t you dare touch The Log anymore!

Musketeer– One of the two only air defense troops, she is a pure support unit, whether on defense or offense. She is the core of a perfect push.

Not much to say here, except one piece of advice: DON’T PLAY STUPID WITH HER.

Ice Spirit- A cheap, icy card with the ability to freeze units for 1.5 seconds, a full Hog Rider swing to be relevant. Stay frosty Ice Spirit.

Guards- Skeleton Army can easily be countered by Zap, Goblin Gang by Log, and Tombstone by that pig push or Ice Spirit combo. Guards is the best option here.

  1. Guards survive Zap at level 3, with their shields still on, so they can survive even longer, like taking out Elite Barbarians for example.
  2. You will not be punished as hard if they do a good prediction Log/Fireball/poison. This is key against Hog decks
  3. They have a slight range with their spears, sort of how the prince slightly ranges with his lance. This means they can poke from a distance, so they can take out Graveyard with relative ease.
  4. Guards+Ice Spirit can take out 3 Musketeers.
  5. They have a shield for goodness sake! They can surely take a blast from Sparky.

Mega Minion– The beast who died twice. Hits harder than a hog, and has the same hit speed, so you are good. A key component in defending Lavaloon. This card is recommended against semi-tanks such as Knight or valkrie. Not much else to say here.

General Gameplan:

Before double Elixir, you want to place your Elixir pump as soon as you can, but I don’t recommend you place Sparky down as your first card.

First of all, your opponent might have a push to wreck you such as Elite Barbarians or RG or Hog Rider, so unless you have Guards/Lumberjack+Ice Spirit, I don’t recommend placing it first. Instead, get a good Elixir advantage and then place it down.

For example, Elite Barbarians Fire Spirits. I place Ice Spirit as a sacrifice to kill the fire spirits and slow the Elite Barbarians, then I place Guards. I got a positive 4 Elixir trade, great for my time to place the Sparky now. In pushes you can do a variety of small pushes and big pushes. Ice Spirit+Musketeer/Lumberjack is great and can punish your opponent hard.

Only place Sparky down if you are absolutely sure that they will deal with it. You might want to place it on the lane they are attacking or the tower with lower health, as it won’t matter if the Sparky gets a hit on either of the opponents towers. Make sure your Elixir Collector is on the opposite side. If you mess up and they rush you (let’s say, for specifics) with Elite Barbarians or a P.E.K.k.A, then kite it with the Ice Spirits and Guards to the range of the Sparky.

Some starting hands for the beginning of the match:

  • Ice Spirit
  • Elixir Pump
  • Lumberjack
  • Wait

For a big mama push, here is the idea. You want to place your Sparky in the back and then wait. No point putting a Musketeer down right behind it if he Rockets it. Place the Icy Spirity behind it instead. Then once you are sure he is willing to defend with troops, place the Muskie down behind the Sparky and place the Lumberjack in the very front. If you have the time/Elixir, place the down the Guards and mega minion too. Always keep Log ready for annoying cards such as Skeleton Army  or princesses. Usually you can place down another Sparky as well, and if there is two Sparkies on the field, there is no stopping it. 60% of the time, you will win just with the Lumberjack sneaking in and chopping like there is no tomorrow. I swear, his damage will catch even me off guard!

Here is the ideal setup for a beatdown push:

  1. Sparky
  2. Musketeer
  3. Mega Minion
  4. Ice Spirit (Somewhere near the front)


Sparky beatdown– Build up a push against their push. Try to blast the Sparky with yours using that Ice Spirit to reset and that Lumberjack to speed things up. Watch out for the Giant itself!

Lavaloon- An extremely annoying setup. Keep Muskie and Mega Minion on hand, and target the balloon first! For support units, distract them with Guards, Ice Spirit, and Lumberjack.

Hog Cycle- Use Lumberjack and Guards extensively as well as Ice Spirit. Lumberjack can tank a good portion of fire spirits.

Royal Giant– Sparky and Lumberjack can take the RG down. It is especially easier once you take a tower down as you can drop the Lumberjack behind the support units they have (Lumberjack=assassin).


Spawner- Ignore small chip damage as you have no buildings to stop that. Just push on even if they become really annoying. If you want to, push on the side where their buildings are. The Sparky and the Musketeer will just stay still, firing away and allowing you to build an unstoppable push.

Golem- Same concept with RG.

Zap Bait– Use Ice Spirit extensively everything! Log is only for mass, MASS, MASS hordes. Otherwise go right ahead if needed.

Elite Barbarians– Guards and Ice Spirit. Otherwise use the same concept as Hog Rider.

Welp, I hope you’ve enjoyed. This SCorpSCilla signing off of making guides for Clash Royale Arena for good.

It has been a blast and I will keep going back to this CRA site, checking the new generation of passionate gamers, but for me, it is time to move on.

Just a final word: Supercell, don’t do anything stupid and please nerf RG (lol’s). Also players, there will be a time when you realize that this game is just a game and that it is time to move on to the bigger things around in the world. Finally, to all the supporters and editors out there in CRA, to my clanmates and friends, thank you for everything. One last thing to say, for my buddies out there…



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