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Sparky Hound Deck for Legendary Arena


Hey guys, it’s Exordium Clash here, back again with a summary of my latest video Deck and a commentated guide to go with it! This time, let’s take a look at my new Lava Hound Sparky Deck! Hope you all enjoy…

Sparky Hound

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You can use Guards instead of Ice Wizard

Sparky Lava Hound Deck for Arena 9

So. As you may have guessed, Sparky is fairly difficult to use in the game, and this is the one combo I’ve come across in the last couple of weeks that really does it in Arena 9.

Your main aim when using the Sparky is to protect it, and this should always be your primary consideration in all aspects of pushing and playing in general with this Deck. There are many ways to do this, but you must rely mostly on instinct and timing to play significant roles and contribute to your victories.

When you use this Deck, it will take a while to acquaint yourself with it – it is, I must admit, a hard one to learn. However, by learning and practicing key elements of the Deck, you can organize your battle strategies efficiently enough to win every time. Let’s move into some strategy and analysis.

You should always push using the main win condition combo. This is the Hound and Sparky, a powerful yet risky duo or Cards to place down together. Often, as you will see in the video, no other support units are necessary to make a push, but if your enemy pops out a Rocket and a cheap defense such as Cannon or Mega Minion, you will be in far more trouble.

Your most reliable and versatile support troop is the Ice Wizard. If you have subbed him out for the Guards, from my suggestions further below, then your best option are the Archers. Spear Goblins should never be used in heavy pushes unless at the end to accumulate lots of damage, and should be saved for luring Cards such as the Prince, Mini P.E.K.K.A or P.E.K.K.A, or for chip cycling against a Tower high on HP.

You need to know your enemy’s cycle to play this Deck well. Most players will state that the view this an essential part of playing any Deck in the game, but still will honestly not pay enough attention to the cycles their opponent is running through. You must be very aware when playing Decks like these. Once your enemy has revealed what defense (if any) they are carrying, you will be able to lure it out using the Archers, Spear Goblins or even using a double cycle with the tank. This is a very important part of the Deck, as an Inferno Tower can wreak havoc if a Zap is used to reset the Sparky too.

My main suggestion when pushing earlier on in the game is to play the Hound and Sparky, wait to see if a defense is placed, then follow up with Archers or Ice Wizard. This will ensure that there is less chance of a Valkyrie being dropped to devastate all of your units working the backline, potentially including your Sparky.

If your enemy wrecks your main push, which may happen several times during your first few plays, do not be intimidated! Instead, save Elixir, and of they will eliminate your troops quickly, save Ice Wizard to defend your Tower. He is a fierce and incredibly versatile defensive unit, and can put a stop to a wide range of pushes. Use him as a defensive anchor. Remember, Spear Goblins are for luring. Control defensively, then change play style and start chip cycling using Spear Goblins, Arrows and Archers. You can also make standard Hound and Archer/Ice Wiz pushes. In extreme cases, if the enemy is good at controlling your heavy pushes, it man leave you advantageous if you completely abandon using the Sparky offensively. Look below for defensive Sparky.

Sparky Tips:

  • Sparky can be ridiculously powerful defensively, as a counter to heavy pushes. Using Spark-Nado (you will see a video and guide on this in several days, soon) is a good example. In this Deck, Sparky is a great defensive Card. Although it plays an important role in the main win condition duo of the Deck, it can also be used to quickly put a stop to traditional Hog + Valk trifecta offenses, and as a behind-the-Tower defense troop it performs outstandingly well!

Extra Info – If you are going to go as far to have to swap out the Sparky and/or the Lava Hound, you may as well not use this Deck. It relies on that win condition synergy to work, and without it, you are more likely to benefit using a standard LavaLightning or Lava Miner meta Deck!


This Deck is strong but can only be mastered through lots of practice and experimentation. Use it carefully, do not overpower your pushes, and keep your counters organised and effective! Always break the cycle so you can bait out some of their Cards!

Hope you all enjoy and check out my YouTube channel above, and Clash on!


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