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Siege Deck featuring X-bow


Hello fellow clashers, this is Frankly Past3, today here on CRA bring you an exclusive X-bow deck. Being my first guide on CRA please excuse any mistakes that I make. Now all of that’s out of the way, let’s hop right into it!

Siege Deck featuring X-bow

Card Roles:

Mega KnightKnight: Use to kite, soak damage and tank. Play him as you usually would. If you are not used to playing knight, then you may want to check the substitutions or have a look here.


IceSpiritCardThumIce Spirit: Great card, acts as your zap, as this deck does not carry zap. Pair it with Ewiz sawn zap to wipe out Minion Horde. Your utility card to use, use if need with inferno allowing the tower to heat up, then melting troops away. Self-explanatory really.


Mega-MinionMega Minion: Your high DPS card. Use this card to sweep back end troops, then to be used in a counter-push. Great starting card along with the others that will be listed down below. Use to take care of glass cannons and the like. Use as a last resort if there is nothing else to counter tanks or heavy troops. Pair with Ewiz for extra support.

Inferno TowerInferno tower: Your primary defensive building to melt away at heavy troops, then to go on to partially deal with the support troops. It may not have the potential for a counter push, but it does pull, dealing with hogs, where it’s usage rate is still ever so popular. Even with the nerf, the card was still a great win condition.

poisonPoison: Your standard spell. Probably one of my favorite cards in the game, apart from a few others, some even featured in this deck. Use it to clear away swarms for the win condition and threats to lock. Get value from collectors, and glass cannons placed in the back. Note that poisoning an ewiz is never worth it’s as it will keep half of its health, as opposed to medium speed glass cannons.

X-BowX-bow: Finally, the MVP of this game. Being your a siege deck, standard siege placements apply. One tile away from the center bridge a classic 4 tiles from the river, three tiles from the tower, placement, to defend for a victory. I cannot stress how good this card is. Be sure to protect it, but not overcommit, otherwise, with beatdown users, you’ll just end up getting crushed with a snowballed push. Or even with the enemy rushing the other lane with punish troops. Never start off with this card, that’s just asking for a negative elixir trade.

ElectroWizardEwiz: Another valuable card in this deck. Resetting all infernos and charging units. Having no zap in this deck, the spawn zap is incredibly valuable. The stun can be used in many ways, if you have no ice spirit to wipe out the minion horde, don’t be afraid to stun and kill with it. Just be sure to have a good read on their rotation, so you do not get baited against this deck.

Mega KnightMega Knight: Remember me saying that poison was one of my favorite cards at the game? Yeah, Mega Knight is my favored, at the moment. Until something new comes up, maybe then, things will change. Use his spawn squish on mid-tier troops, or fireballies even. This will be devastating to Golem, or Giant users, how are all accustomed to dropping high damage cards behind their tank. Pair with poison to clear minion horde.



  • Ice spirit —– > Zap
  • Knight —-> Ice golem
  • Mega Minion —–> Musketeer, Minions
  • Inferno Tower —–> Inferno Dragon
  • Poison —–> Fireball (Not recommended)
  • Xbow —–> None
  • Ewiz —–> Archers, Ice Wiz, Musketeer
  • Mega Knight —–> PEKKA (less of a spawn squish advantage)



3:00 – 2:00

Being the first stages of the match, you need to find and maintain these things. And trust me these things will be contributive to your victory. I got you on this one guy. You need a read on his card rotation, his counters to you win conditions, then play accordingly, finally probably the most important thing to take from this list, is to play according to the plan. Well, that and maybe good Wifi, as that would not prevent from winning. Starting hands would include, a wide selection than to an offensive or defensive hand. With the defensive hand, play something the enemy will have to react to if they want to avoid damage. A mega minion or an ice spirit would be good fits, but knight is the best of them all. The percentage of scoring these cards in a hand is high, as the chance is 37.5% or ⅜ if you prefer. With offensive, when cards such as counters or glass cannons are played bank elixir, but try not to leak. You should have a probable affirmative with a mega knight or ewiz, then ready to counterpush.


2:00 – 1:00

Defense should still be a priority, counter pushing with leftover troops. They should not ignore you X-bow. With Elite Barbs, be mindful of the rotation, even if the card remains untouched for a few hands, keep it in mind. That is their best strategy to date. Well, except for rush the tower (I wonder if they’d be great at new meta bridge spam). Mega Knight will be countered with swarms, and in some cases, a Pekka, for swarms, I recommend poison, it will catch them off guard, and then send them into a manic state. Use the ‘poison principle’ to defend X-bow.


1:00 – End

Cycle Xbow. Really, the fast hits speed decimates towers, and when brought to the base race, have the mega knight ready. In some cases, The Xbow will settle the game, this is what makes it, such a threatening card in the game. Compared to mortar, the opponents, need to respond, no doubt about it. Keep cycling poison, and do not overcommit on offense. Not unless, you have something great going, but then again, watch the Minions or last second swarms. Have the threat factor there, something they cannot ignore.



PEKKA: Play Mega Knight when PEKKA is out of cycle. Pair with poison or Ewiz depends on counters. Keep inferno in cycle for PEKKA. Ice spirit and Mega Minion to support and sweep. Should be pretty easy.

Bridge Spam: Clear spam with Mega Knight and ewiz. Ghost should not be too hard. Don’t use range troops. Have midtier and squishies killed with spawn splat.

Royal Giant: Inferno. Enough said. Just place within inferno’s range

Ebarbs: Mega knight. Keep track of cycle, and keep to their pace for the Ebarbs.

Hog and Hog Exenado: Inferno tower. This will be the biggest danger if you can’t cycle three counters fast enough. Make sure you have a backup plan. Xbow, for desperation, or in the defensive position to stall last few moments to win the match.

3M: Mega knight and poison. Poison pumps have read on pumps, Horde and other threats.


Conclusion: Overall, I find this a really fun ladder deck to push. Use it anyway you want. Just stick to the plan, and the poison principle and you should be fine. This is Frankly Past3 signing out.



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