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Royal Giant Sparky Deck by M4SON


Hi guys, M4SON again with probably one of the easiest Sparky decks to use – Royal Giant Spark Deck. Now just to start off, I definitely would use Princess in this deck over Spear Goblins. However, because many people only have 0 to 1 legendary I chose to just center this deck around Sparky and make the other cards easy accessible ones. I am able to float around 3800~ with 10/8/0/2, probably should be a littler high but not a fan of this playstyle haha. This is a simple Royal Giant + Sparky deck that is super easy to learn, and probably one of the most annoying to play against. Let’s hop into the deck list!

Royal Giant Sparky Deck

Royal Giant Sparky Deck by M4SON

Clash Royale SparkyClash Royale Royal GiantClash Royale Fire SpiritsClash Royale Spear Goblins
Clash Royale elixir collectorClash Royale ArrowsClash Royale CannonClash Royale Barbarians

Cards Breakdown

Spear Goblins: A staple in many decks. All around great card that offers a lot of versatility. Use it to cycle at the bridge and get some nice chip damage. Use it to distract the usual Princes, P.E.K.K.As, Knights, etc. Very cheap anti-air against Minions, Baby Dragons, Balloons, etc. Use it to kill Princesses after it locks on. All in all general support / utility card of the deck.

Fire Spirits: Probably one of the best cards to fit into this deck. Most of the time you can pre drop these when your Royal Giant + Sparky get to bridge, but make sure they use their Zap first. These little kamikaze warriors are great at taking out the cheap troops like skeles, goblins, Spear Goblins, that the enemy usually drops to distract your Sparky. If they have Minions, Horde, or Barbarians, once again these guys come in clutch either killing them completely or severely weakening them. To read more about Fire Spirits, I strongly recommend you read this guide.

Arrows: Now originally I had Zap in this deck. But, I decided to switch to Arrows for a couple reasons. First, we have no real quick answer for Princesses, and it kept destroying our Barbarians. Second, Arrows actually kill Minions / Horde so you can easily pre fire the Arrows to protect your Sparky. Even if you arrow the Princess, you will have your Fire Spirits and Spear Goblins as backup against Minions / Hordes. Make sure when you arrow the Princess get the most value by hitting Elixir Collectors and towers with it. Always position Arrows so just the tip of each building, tower, or troops barely touch it for maximum value.

Cannon: As always I have to include my most favorite defense structure in the game. Cannon will be your go to for distracting hogs, royal giants, giants, etc. Great against mini P.E.K.K.As, and other cheap troops that are very common in miner cycle decks. Always play cannon reactively and position well so you can protect and attack both lanes.

Barbarians: Great defensive card that offers great counter push potential. Really good for taking out hogs if you don’t have your cannon, and great for taking out royal giants. If you don’t have your royal giant to protect your Sparky, or need some more fighting power to protect your Sparky, Barbarians make a great substitution. Barbarians and cannon can generally hold off strong pushes such as P.E.K.K.A double Prince. Generally, you never want to use this card offensively unless protecting your Sparky.

Royal Giant: The tank of the deck. With any Sparky deck you generally want to choose a tank, either between Royal Giant, Giant, Golem?, Miner?, etc. I personally feel Royal Giant fits the deck the best because it can take out defensive structures from afar and offer nice chip damage from the bridge, while the Sparky blows up anything trying to stop the royal giant.

Elixir Collector: With so many expensive cards in this deck Elixir Collector is a must! Always try to get it down right away so you can start setting up your pushes. Elixir Collector works well as a first move because it forces your opponent to react first allowing you to counter push and set up a strong attack with your royal giant and Sparky. Try to put the Elixir Collector in the same lane as your Sparky because this deck lacks miner counters. However, no one will miner your Elixir Collector if there’s a Sparky nearby!

Sparky: The king of the deck. With any Sparky deck, your deck should revolve entirely around your Sparky. Generally, you want to play this card in the back behind the king tower allowing it to fully charge up by the time it reaches the bridge. Support this card with a tank in front, and utility spells and troops to protect the living hell out of it. Great as a defensive tool to blow up big pushes, but be careful of the Zap! I see many players drop Sparky to stop hog + goblins, expecting the Sparky to shoot and then a Zap comes out of nowhere! One shots many cards like barbarians, and great for taking out other royal giant + Sparky combos too!

General Game Plan:

Starting off, with any deck with elixir pump you want to start pumping that elixir! Wait till you have 10 so you will always have some kind of defense ready. Since you don’t have Zap don’t be afraid to use Arrows on hog + goblins, if the enemy opens with that. If you don’t have any elixir pumps in hand, just use your Spear Goblins to cycle at the bridge getting great chip damage. Sometimes the enemy might even use a Zap or force out some card to prevent the chip damage. Once you get your elixir pumps set up, you can either drop Sparky behind the king tower and set up your push, or if the enemy plays first just go full defense with cannons, Barbarians, Spear Goblins, Fire Spirits, etc. It is very important to keep note of the enemies’ cards to know if you can pre drop Fire Spirits or pre fire Arrows when double elixir kicks in. If you drop Sparky in the back and set up your push, very simple just wait till it almost reaches the bridge and drop royal giant in front to tank. Generally, I will always arrow Princess if I can hit an elixir pump and their tower. If they surprise minion Horde me usually Spear Goblins and Fire Spirits will be enough to defend. This deck is super easy to play because with Sparky adding that “panic” factor, you can really punish the enemies’ mistakes with Fire Spirits because they will panic drop cheap troops, which will get incinerated by the Fire Spirits. Once you take one tower down, this is why I chose royal giant over the other tanks, because as everyone already knows you can drop royal giant on their side perfect avoiding the king tower and straight up start shooting their second tower. When playing against any Balloon giant, or lava loon, you have to pull them in towards the middle with cannon, and set up Spear Goblins and Fire Spirits to take out the Balloon right away. Situationally you will want to use your Elixir Collector to pull even more, away from the tower they are targeting.

All in all, that is really it for this deck, very simple strategy and overall game plan. Give it it a try and let me know of it goes! That’s it for today folks, thanks for reading and please be sure to check out the video for replay analysis and live thought process of using the deck. Thank you all and take care guys!



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