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Royal Ghost – Best Tips For You!


royal ghost challenge

Tips for Royal Ghost

Clash Royale Royal GhostRoyal Ghost is a very interesting troop. In my opinion he is somewhat in between Bandit and Dark Prince.

Dark Prince because of the area damage. Bandit because while being invisible, he is untouchable.

Nothing is able to attack him until he attacks first.

However, remember that you can damage him with spells or splash cards while he is being invisible.

For 3 Elixir with 135 DPS, he is a good support card.

Similar to Bandit with her charge, behind a tank, the opponent’s troops wouldn’t even be aware of his presence while he is invisible. Thus, he could deal massive damage.

His splash radius is enough to kill all of 3 Goblins so if you do face him, carefully play your Goblins and Goblin Barrel.

While dealing with him, use swarm or mini tanks like Knight, Valk etc.
1v1 even on your side of the map, he still shreds your Wizard, Ice Wizard, Musketeer etc.  After taking down your glass cannon, he goes invisible again and then moves to Tower to dish out 230 damage per hit (at tourney cap) which is only 10 less than the Mega Knight!


  1. Goblins- 1 hit
  2. Archers- 2 hits
  3. Musket- 3 hits
  4. Executioner- 5 hits
  5. Wizard – 3 hits
  6. Ice Wiz, Night Witch, Witch, Bandit – 4 hits
  7. Ice Golem – 5 hits

So he can kill medium HP troops fairly easily and with a few hits.

Cost Hit Speed Speed Deploy Time Range Target Transport
3 1.7 sec Fast (90) 1 sec Melee Ground Ground
Level Hitpoints Damage DPS
1 1,100 216 120
2 1,210 237 131
3 1,331 261 145
4 1,463 287 159
5 1,606 315 175
  • 24/1/18, decreased the Royal Ghost’s damage by 6%, hit speed decreased to 1.8sec (from 1.7sec), invisibility delay increased to 1.2sec (from 0.7sec).


Royal Ghost shines on offence, when rushing or behind a tank.

He’s like the Mega Knight version of the actual Knight. With similar Knight’s HP and Mega Knight’s DPS.

He does deal splash damage so he isn’t as easily countered by swarms either!

Neither will air troops work! Which honestly make him a force to be reckoned with.


On defense, you should place him right on top of the the opponent’s troops.

He is a mini tank so dropping him on top of say a Musket etc isn’t a bad idea at all. Remember that will not attack (visible) if he isn’t close enough.

Also, remember that he doesn’t target air units. You can’t use him to kite or take damage from any air troop when he is invisible.

Royal Ghost is a very interesting card. He doesn’t seem overwhelming on defense but on offense he can be very scary the opponent doesn’t have the right cards.

He is able to dish out a significant amount of damage if doesn’t pay enough attention.

If you are looking to fit him into a deck, do not sub out a card like Knight because overall Knight is indeed the best card in the game when you look at usefulness/cost right now. Instead, you could try to play him like the Bandit’s role.


  1. Awesome! Finely a challenge that will be able to dominate at! I love Mirror Challenges because its all skill and little to no luck! Royal Ghost looks really good, can’t wait to use him!

    • True! Very true… but what if you get a deck that you just can’t play but your enemy only plays it…… Like 3M for example

      • But you see, who even places there 3 Musketeer will be at an inherent deficit, so knowing that, you don’t place your 3 Musketeers first!

    • Well some of us need a little luck (or overleveled cards). Fortunately the entire game isn’t 100% skill based. Supercell would lose a ton of players

      • i think you mean “they’re”, but yes, that’s exactly my point. If all play was like this challenge, lots of less skilled players, including me, would quit the game and not spend money on it. Only reason I’m a 4k player is because most of my cards are max level, or 1 level short

  2. The worst challenge player got 6-3 in this challenge, not bad
    I really like royal ghost, 10/10 will definitely buy him

  3. seriously?? the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and like 15th posts have already been made. just because they weren’t trolls saying “2ND!!” doesn’t mean the post didn’t happen. contribute something worthwhile or stfu

  4. went 11-3. on the last battle i was winning but couldn’t counter mirror sparky and troop spam so i lost:(

    i have 250000 gold and 1200 gems tho so probably going to buy the royale ghost

    • 3 in 12 min from royal ghost 2 times in a row. leggy from magical chest at 8 wins 1 from leggy chest at 10 and 1 from 12 wins on royal ghost challenge. and this happened twice in 1 day! so basically i got 7 leggies in 1 day including other accs

  5. Well guys, say hello to our new Night witch! He is crazy good for his Elixir cost. If you have unlocked him, start pushing now before he’s nerfed! (He’s not as Op as the Night Witch but pretty close)

  6. then I did a grand challenge, went 6-0 with my gy deck, then lost THREE IN A ROW to ghost bridge spam. It’s basically vietnam’s deck but ghost instead of ice spirit

  7. I was on 7-1, I was sure I could win this, but nooo, stacked up two losses w/ bad wifi and temporary phone ban that my mom decided to give me when I was playing the challenge… rip RG

  8. 12-0 on free entry 🙂 mirror mode is too easy for me; there’s no excuses except for maybe bad wifi. And thats why I didn’t take a single L.

    • 10%?! That’s too much he. Don’t get me wrong he’s too op at the moment but people will learn how to counter him and he will only get worse. What I was thinking for a nerf is just completely take away his area damage that way three elixir cards (archers, goblins gang, etc ) can counter him for a neutral trade. Being cheap, invisibility , super good at punishing, great dps, and area damage is just WAY too much. I am now done rambling lol

  9. Royal Ghost is an above average card. Compared to other cards worth 3 elixir, it’s a little OP, but any nerf would bring it down very far.

  10. Based off of what I’ve seen, the royal ghost seems to work the most like the bandit in a way. If you don’t have a some sort of ground troop with decent health, it will get to the tower. Also, they both have decent health and work just fine for killing glass cannons. I still think the Royal Ghost is annoying.

  11. Why all the comparisons with bandit? Isn’t it obvious that the RG (Ohmygawd I just realised how confusing things can become now with two different RGs!) is better than the bandit? He can turn INVISIBLE for frick’s sake! He has splash, a higher magnitude of damage and health and once again, can turn INVISIBLE to air troops!!

  12. Some people were discussing taking away splash but I think that may be going a little far. Maybe he attacks one troop with the same damage and then troops next to that troop take less damage then the first swing but still less. That way he keeps his splash mechanic but he’s still nerfed a tad.

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