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Rocket Firing Deck for Arena 7 and 8 – F2P No-Epic Deck


Hey guys, JesusSlark back here again with another deck to share with you all. You may know me from my guide to reach 3400 trophies with an arrow bait deck.

Now, Ive been experimenting with some unorthodox decks lately since I got bored of my arrow bait deck and I got an idea to revive the old Rocket Deck that was used a few months back. After a week of testing, I feel like I have perfected it. Note that those who are not quite skilled at the game will massively fail with this Deck since most of the time, you need to defend with a 6 Elixir disadvantage and 1 mistake will cost you the entire game.


Rocket Firing Deck for Arena 7 and 8

Simple Gameplan

  1. Place down elixir collectors to gain elixir advantage.
  2. Defend with buildings and barbarians.
  3. Destroy tower with rocket, fireball and spear goblins.

Defensive Strategy

Royal Giant

  1. Inferno tower
  2. Barbarians
  3. Inferno + Barbarians

Royal Giant with small troops in front

  1. Fireball/Zap + Inferno
  2. Fireball/Zap + Barbarains
  3. Bomb Tower + Inferno

Hog Rider

  • Barbarians
  • Bomb Tower
  • Inferno (Don’t do this unless you don’t have anything else.)

Sparky: Zap + literally anything, confirmed 100% winrate.

Pekka/Golems/Lava Hound: Inferno

Hut Decks:

  1. Spam rockets and fireball at their huts, confirmed 100% winrate.
  2. Defend with Bomb Tower


  1. Inferno Tower
  2. Spear goblins

Arrow bait decks:

  1. Use zap for goblin barrel ONLY.
  2. Use fireball for minion horde ONLY.
    I’ve won so much against players who wastefully use their spells, even when they have more than 4 AOE cards.

Miner decks: Place your defensive building right next to your crown tower that is being attacked so that your building can target the miner. Use whatever else that is in your hand to deal against the incoming troops.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Use spear goblins to deal chip damage to their tower. They will sometimes use elixir to defend and that’s what you want. Disrupt their offensive gameplan.
  2. Know when to stop building elixir collectors. In x2 elixir, it isn’t worth it to build more elixir collectors since you get so much elixir. Start spamming his crown tower down.
  3. Place your elixir collector in front of your king tower to have both crown towers target the miner if they have it. If you confirmed that they don’t, place it behind the tower that they aren’t attacking to avoid fireballs and lightning.
  4. At the start of the game, if you don’t have an elixir collector, wait for him to do something first. If he drops something behind his tower, rocket/fireball it down.
  5. When you place an Inferno Tower to counter his Royal Giant, you can play a zap if they have supporting troops, for example an ice wizard. In a 1v1, don’t play zap since inferno will always win.
  6. If you happen to play 4 barbarians and they are unharmed, you can sometimes predict that your opponent is going to drop troops in front of his tower so you can play an anticipation rocket/fireball.

Final Thoughts

The Royal Giant meta is such a bore and I made this deck in hopes that we will actually have something else to play against and spice up the meta a bit, also, it’s a pretty fun deck to play. Like Obi Wan would say “It was said that you would destroy the Royal Giants, not join them!”

Thanks for reading! Feel free to come visit my clan, A.W.A.


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