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Revamped GUIDE To The Original Mega Hog!


It’s me, HiPeople MC (hipeoplemc@gmail.com) back at… my first guide? Nope. I will be taking my first deck guide and changing the playstyle of the deck. When I made the original manual, I only got to Legendary Arena and not much else. Nowadays, it’s my only trustworthy ladder deck I know how to play. It got me to League 2! But I wouldn’t be in League 2 if I kept my old playstyle. The meta changes, the Mega Knight isn’t the meta anymore, so I had to change my playstyle.

The Original Mega Hog!
The Original Mega Hog!

The Deck:
It is the same as before. I was able to shift the playstyle to counter the meta as the meta changes. This is one of the skills required to succeed in Clash Royale (or as HaVoC Gaming calls it, Ca$h Royale). So, let’s get into the guide!

The Original Mega Hog:
Mega Knight: The main card in this deck. The Mega Knight (not so much that Kirby game character anymore) is the master of counterpushing. You can utilize his spawn damage when countering medium HP troops like Royal Hogs or Knight. After defending, you want to support him with anti-air troops or spells.

Hog Rider: This is the #2 card in this deck to max out (Mine is level 10). This is your win condition. This deck has three spells to support the Hog, and if you mess one up, you have two other spells to bait-pull you out (okay, that one was ridiculously bad). But seriously, you need three spells in this deck.

Inferno Dragon: This is probably the most level-independent card in this deck. Sure there is two swarm card there, but who wants their Minion Horde to die to a Zap? And A Skarmy should easily wreck a Graveyard. The Inferno Dragon is here for an important reason: tank melting. You need this card to destroy LavaLoon pushes. (Tip: DO NOT CHIEF PAT THE INFERNO DRAGON WHEN TRYING TO KILL THE BALLOON IN A LAVALOON BEFORE THE HOUND)

Skeleton Army: The ground swarm card in this deck. You have this to take out P.E.K.K.As, EWizes, Hogs/Hog Riders, and about half the troops in the game! In high Arenas, I know Skarmy has a drop in usage rate, but the usage of it and the amount is so important in this deck that Goblin Gang will not work. Keep this ready for when you want to bait out a Zap for your Inferno Dragon to take CHARGE (feel the pun pain) or if you want your Minion Horde to survive.

Minion Horde: Get this to at least level 12 (mine is level 12). You don’t want people with level 13 Zap and LavaLoon to destroy you (unless you like dropping trophies). You have this to take out air troops and airfecta decks quickly. It also works for taking out medium HP troops and works as a good substitute for Skarmy when defending against a Hog Rider.

Zap: This is the #1 card in this deck to max out. It is the most used card in the game, and it seems that will stay for a while. The versatility for 2 Elixir is almost unrivaled (I think Zap > Log because Zap can harm air troops and is instant) and maxing this spell out can instantly kill a Level 1 Princess! This is your most important spell in this deck; don’t waste it.

Arrows: In case any low-HP problems arise in the air, or if a Goblin Gang is coming at your tower, you can blow away 3 Elixir and wipe that all out! (Clash Royale logic, you must throw thousands of Arrows at an enemy King Tower, even if the Arrows all hit the King in the heart, to kill him.) Arrows are not super important in this deck but is a great backup spell to keep with you. Having three spells is the almost automatic win against Spell Bait decks. (Well, I can spell the word bait correctly, so shouldn’t I be the best Clasher out there?)

Fireball: The final card in this deck will be your secondary spell. It is your Elixir Pump destroyer and Arrows Alternative. Since Balloon and Inferno Dragon can now be knocked back, Fireball got an indirect buff. Keep this 4 Elixir wood ball on fire ready for threats. Also EWizes. It costs more than Arrows, but it still gives a (insert every single OJ meme here) POSITIVE ELIXIR TRADE on Minion Hordes.

General Gameplan (Revamped!):
On my old guide, I told people to save Mega Knight until Double Elixir Time unless an emergency occurs. There is no need for this anymore. The reason I said that was because at that time Mega Knight was ultra rare, and very few people had it. Now that it is more common, you won’t surprise people as much and force them into quickly changing their playstyle so that you won’t have that large advantage for long anymore. Now it is fine to use Mega Knight as an investment card, but I prefer to Hog at the start when you are at 10 Elixir.

Try to learn their deck. If they X-Bow, use Hog or Mega Knight (preferably MK) to defend. If that fails, Minion Horde will do as well. If they use Spell Bait (in which I can spell the word bait, like I mentioned above), don’t worry. You have Mega Knight, three spells, and two swarm cards. I will explain more about matchups at the end of the guide (I’ll probably have too many!)

This is the time when you should try your best to take a tower. If you can, then defend and hope for the best. Any good deck can be impenetrable when you devote all your Elixir to defense. If they are winning or if the match is tied, just try and take another tower. If you have a towering lead on them, keep the lead and don’t worry about the King Tower. If you put down a Mega Knight, don’t support it, even though it may be tempting to. All you want to do is keep the lead, not extend it unless they greatly overcommitted.

Here is where you end the game. This part of the match gives half of the total Elixir generated during the entire game, so watch out for your opponent cycling, especially as this deck has a 4.0 Elixir Cost. All you want in this portion of the game is to have a towering lead at the end. Play against their deck and shift your playstyle as needed. Remember to play your Mega Knight carefully, as it costs 7 Elixir and can put you at a large Elixir disadvantage. Also, keep in mind that this deck is off-meta and can be well-countered. But a good player with this deck can rip anyone to shreds.

Clash Royale- Hog Bandit Deck
Clash Royale- Hog Bandit Deck


  • Mega Knight: P.E.K.K.A
  • Hog Rider: None
  • Inferno Dragon: Inferno Tower, Minions
  • Skarmy: Goblin Gang, Skeletons
  • Minion Horde: Minions, Bats
  • Zap: None
  • Arrows: Giant Snowball
  • Fireball: Poison, Rocket, Lightning

(Too Many) Matchups:
Siege: Mega Knight is the key. Shred an X-Bow with it, as the support for most X-Bow decks is mainly composed of light troops and spells. If Megs Knight fails, use Hog Rider and Zap to reset the X-Bow if needed. Other than that, Skarmy and Minion Horde will do to counter the X-Bow.

Hog Cycle: You have two swarm cards, Mega Knight and Inferno Dragon. Use your Hog Rider along with your spells to finish them off. Not much here.

Beatdown: Inferno Dragon + Fireball to kill EWizes. Arrows can kill light support troops, and Mega Knight can be a meat shield for medium HP support troops. After defending, it will be easy to counterpush.

LavaLoon/Airfecta: Your most essential cards here are now Inferno Dragon and Minion Horde. If they are using my LavaLoon deck (you know, the defenseless one that’s almost a “The Floor Is Lava, not LavaLoon” challenge deck) (okay, don’t mind my puns), Hog Rider + Arrows + Zap = Tower down.

Giant Sparky: Be sure to put Inferno Dragon on the Giant, Zap the Sparky, and once the Sparky is Zapped, put a Skarmy on it to distract it. The Skarmy will work on the Sparky and kill it even if you don’t Zap it, but the reason I tell you to Zap it is that the Sparky takes time to charge up, and the Giant takes time to die. If Skarmy is not in your cycle, Hog Rider can tank one shot from the Sparky and still live, which can be critical in moments like this. Just be sure not to place the Hog Rider too close to your tower, or the Sparky will use area splash and also hit your tower. But keep in mind that you still have to use Mega Knight and Hog Rider on offense if you want to win.

Three Musketeers/3M Heal: You have to use Fireball + Zap to take out the most expensive card in the game. If they get close to your tower and you haven’t cycled to them, or if they baited those spells out, use Mega Knight. If they use Elixir Collector to bait out your Fireball and you don’t have Elixir for a Mega Knight, you can always use Skarmy to kill the trio. If they split the Musketeers, Fireball + Zap the side with two and prepare to defend the side with one. Make sure to cycle to get back to Hog Rider during that time as well.

Bridge Spam: Skarmy on the Bandit, Fireball the Ram, Minion Horde for the enemy Inferno Dragon. This plan is rather simple. Mega Knight will work on almost anything in Bridge Spam decks, including Ice Golem + Night Witch combo. The Royal Ghost can be countered with any card in this deck except for Zap and Arrows, but those cards will lower the damage done to your tower.

Spell Bait: Zap for the Goblin Gang (Arrows if a Knight is tanking for it), Mega Knight on the Knight and Zap the Barrel (Again, Arrows if there’s a tank for it). Fireball, the Inferno Tower, put Skarmy on the Princess after it locks onto the tower. Your Minion Horde can demolish them if their Princess is not in cycle, which can be a critical move in this type of battle.

ARR GEE EE BARBZ (saying it out loud helps): Skarmy for both, Minion Horde as a backup, Mega Knight if necessary for RG. Use the Mega Knight for the Ebarbs. Use Hog + spells to shred their towers while preparing defenses. However, be sure that someone good at this type of deck (there probably are none) can know when you’re low on Elixir and deploy Ebarbs to kill you.

Miner Chip: Skarmy for the Miner, if they Poison, Prepare Mega Knight next time so you can get a POSITIVE ELIXIR TRADE (you may say, “but u not oj,” but I am now). It is 7 for 7, but the Mega Knight will survive and will come in for a counterpush that you can add Hog Rider to. Other than that, not really anything. If you kill their Miner, they have to Poison chip your tower, so good luck to them.

Gravy On The Side (Graveyard): Mega Knight is the best spell-proof counter to Graveyard in this deck, so that’s the card I recommend for you to use to counter Graveyard (so your Princesses don’t get sent to one) But once the Graveyard spell effect is over, put a Hog Rider down with the Mega Knight tanking for it as a counterpush, keeping Zap or Arrows ready for Bats, Minions, or a Minion Horde. Be sure to continue doing that until you take a tower, then just go 100% defense.

Rocket Cycle: They will have bad defense. Just don’t place anything too close to your King’s Tower, and you will be fine. You have to kill them before they kill you.

Goblin Barrel Mirror Clone Rage: Arrows kills this 12 Elixir combo. Their defense will be trash so they can cycle, but remember you also have Fireball.

Conclusion (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcoURwJr9PI):

I hope you enjoyed this guide and I hope to see my deck somewhere famous (Chief Pat’s or HaVoC Gaming’s Channel?)! But either way, have a good day… and the person who posted this crap as always… says this is not crap (Because honestly, from what species would this crap come from? I made this with my fingers… okay I’m done here).

Have a pun-filled (if you live a healthy lifestyle, a “grape”) day!

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