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Clash Royale Rascals Guide – How To Use


clash royale rascals draft challenge

So finally, the new Clash Royale card, Rascals, is here, coming up with the special Rascals Draft Challenge!

In this page, we are collecting the best tips and tricks for you guys to get 12 wins in the Challenge, and of course, to get that huge pack of the Rascals.

Card Summary

Clash Royale RascalsThe Rascals card can be unlocked from Arena 9.

This card deploys a group of 3 units: A Rascal boy and 2 Rascal Girls. This can be considered as a discounted Knight + Archers combo.

Rascal Boy is single target melee unit with moderate HP and damage. Rascal Girls are also single-target units with medium attack range, low HP and moderate damage.

The Rascal boy is basically a Mini-Tank wielding a wooden sword while Rascal Girls are squishy ranged support wielding slingshots with Double Trouble Gum as the projectile.

Together, they counter each other weakness and thus, can prove to be very strong, especially when over-levelled on the ladder.

The deployment is always a the boy in the front and the girls behind.

Hit Speed Speed Range Target
Rascal Boy 1.3s Medium Melee Ground
Rascal Girl 1.1s Medium 5 Tiles Ground & Air
Level Rascal  Boy Rascal  Girl
HP Damage DPS HP Damage DPS
1 755 52 40 102 52 47
2 830 57 43 112 57 51
3 913 62 47 123 62 56
4 1,004 69 53 135 69 62
5 1,102 75 57 148 75 68
6 1,208 83 63 163 83 75
7 1,328 91 70 179 91 82
8 1,457 100 76 196 100 90
9 1,600 110 84 216 110 100
10 1,759 121 93 237 121 110
11 1,932 133 102 261 133 120
12 2,121 146 112 286 146 132
13 2,332 160 123 315 160 145
Rascals Vs. Knight + Archers

Here, I will be comparing the stats of A Rascal Boy and Knight, a Rascal Girl and an Archer and finally Rascals and Knight + Archers.

I will be also providing changes in stats as well the respective changes in percentage.

Note: Since, Knight + Archers combo already exists and is already being used, I will be subtracting their stats from Rascals to show the changes. Thus, +sign stands for increase and -sign stands for decrease when you shift from Knight + Archers to Rascals. However, in case of Hit Speed even though the meaning of signs is the same, practically it’s the opposite i.e. +sign indicates slower and -sign indicates faster Hit Speed.  Since, DPS of Rascals wasn’t mentioned I am gonna round them of using standard Round-off rules. Comparison between Archer and Rascal Girl is between single unit while Knight + Archers and Rascals is between both the units. All stats at Tournament Standards.

Knight vs Rascal Boy

  Knight Rascal Boy Change (Numerical) Change (Percentage)
HP 1350 1600 +250 +19%
Damage 159 110 -49 -31%
Hit Speed 1.2 1.3 +0.1 +8%
DPS 132 85 -47 -36%

Archer vs Rascal Girl

  Archer Rascal Girl Change (Numerical) Change (Percentage)
HP 254 216 -38 -15%
Damage 86 110 +24 +28%
Hit Speed 1.2 1.1 -0.1 -8%
DPS 71 100 +29 +41%

Knight + Archers vs Rascals

  Knight + Archers Rascals Change (Numerical) Change (Percentage)
Total Damage 331 330 -1 -0.3%
Total DPS 274 285 +11 +4%

Rascals in my opinion are what Knight and Archer should actually be. How is a Man in armour die sooner than a boy dressed in cloth? How does a ball of bubble gum hit harder than an arrow?

Leaving behind these arguments as they can’t be changed, I feel Rascals are gonna be popular in coming months as people start getting them to the usable levels. Upgrading Rascals takes care of upgrading your Mini-Tank and support for half the gold. (People like me who have maxed Knight and Archers are gonna regret spending the gold if Rascals turn out to be dominating).

Their common rarity enables them to be over-levelled and we all know how powerful/annoying such cards can be on ladder. However, they seem pretty balanced so far seeing the stats and may actually help counter the real annoyance on ladder (cough Elite Barbs cough).

My Opinions

Rascal Boy is basically a more tankier version of Knight with less damage while Rascal Girls are basically a squishier version of Archer with more damage.

Switching from Knight + Archers may not be such a great idea because even though they cost 1 elixir less, you are gonna add a higher cost troop in the remaining slot and thus increase your deck’s average elixir. (Unless you add Skeletons or Ice Spirit. In this case, the average elixir cost remains the same)

Tips for Rascals Draft Challenge

Here are some cards that will work great with the Rascals in the Challenge. Pick them If you have the chance.

Synergies with Rascals

Clash Royale Hog RiderHog Rider

Rascals and this bad boy can be dope. With R.Boy’s High HP and R.Girls’ High DPS, it is a perfect combo.

Clash Royale GraveyardGraveyard

Tank + Support + Graveyard. Classic. Not much to say here. Can be used when opponent is low on elixir or when one tower down.

Clash Royale X-BowSiege Buildings

Mortar and X-bow both will be benefitted with Release of Rascals as its gonna be cheaper to protect your buildings.

Clash Royale Goblin GangBait

Play Rascals. Wait for opponent to use The Log. Throw in Goblin Barrel and Goblin Gang. Ah, the feeling.

Defensive Synergies

Clash Royale WizardAoE cards

Neither the R.Boy nor the R.Girl deal splash. So, having AoE cards is necessary for the Rascals to cause menace.

Clash Royale Ice SpiritIce Spirit

Freeze for 1 sec to make the Rascals do their job in an easier way.

Clash Royale Minion HordeAir Swarms

Tank with Rascals and Spank with Bats, Minions and Minion Horde. The Air and Ground combo also makes this hard to counter on your side of the map.

How to counters to Rascals?

General way to counter

The general way to counter Rascals is simply taking out the R.Girls and then focusing on R.Boy. Treat R.Boy as just another melee tank and use just the normal cards you use to kill them.

Here, I will be talking about cards which counter Rascals 1v1 (with the help of Crown Tower) and not card combinations.

Clash Royale Goblin GangSwarms

These specifically include Minion Horde, Skeleton Army, Barbarians and Goblin Gang.

With high DPS, these can take care of Rascals with ease.

However, beware of Spells or Splash Troops.

Clash Royale Mini P.E.K.K.AMelee Troops

These specifically include Mini P.E.K.K.A, Valkyrie, Prince, Dark Prince, Lumberjack, Night Witch, Knight.

Not sure about the interaction with Bandit and Royal Ghost yet.

Generally, place them behind the R.Girls and kill them (as they are the higher DPS units) and then it’s just a battle between your troop and the R.Boy which rather easy as he can’t dish out much damage and the battle is on your side of the arena.

Clash Royale WizardSplash Troops

These specifically include Bowler, Executioner, Witch, Wizard.

With their Splash Damage they can take simultaneously hit all the 3 units.

Clash Royale Bomb TowerBomb Tower:

Can one shot the R.Girls while the R.Boy would die soon enough.


Clash Royale HunterHunter

You can use him first to kill R.Girls by placing him behind them and let R.Boy come close enough for Hunter to be able to do max damage.

Or another tactic, is to use Hunter’s range and splash by placing him at the centre.

Thus, he can be used as a Melee Troop or a Splash Troop.

Clash Royale Barbarian BarrelBarbarian Barrel

The Barrel can itself take care of the R.Girls while the Barbarian can take care of the R.Boy.

However, the R.Boy has high health he may end up killing the Barbarian and get couple of hits off the tower.

General Tips for Draft Challenge

Pick a Win Condition: This is very simple!

Picking a win condition is the most important move in draft matches. This will decide how easy it is to take down the opponent’s towers.

Always pick at least one win condition If you have the chance (Giant, Miner, Hog Rider, Graveyard, Goblin Barren, Lava Hound, Golem, 3 Musketeers etc).

Here are the best win conditions in the Draft Challenge right now:

Clash Royale GiantClash Royale Hog RiderClash Royale Goblin BarrelClash Royale Battle RamClash Royale GolemClash Royale MinerClash Royale GraveyardClash Royale Lava Hound

In case you have the Rascals, pick either Giant, Lava Hound, Hog Rider or Goblin Barrel when you have the chance. They work with the Rascals very well.

Pick cards that counter the other: Another straight-forward tip!

For example, If you have the Minion Horde & Arrows Draft, go for Arrows.

Pay attention to what you are giving away: A bit more advanced tip!

Sometimes, the better choice is making your opponent’s deck worse, not making your deck better.

For example, If you get the Spear Goblins and Heal draft, go with Spear Goblins. Spear Goblins can’t make your deck better but Heal is definitely one of the worst cards in Draft Challenge.

Cards which are bad in the meta could be OP in the Draft Challenge:

For example, the Witch.

In the normal meta games, people can easily counter Witch with meta cards such as Bowler, Executioner, Knight, Lightning, Baby Dragon etc. However, in Draft Challenges, having those counters is not guaranteed.

Pick cards that require specific counters:

Here are some of them:

Clash Royale Inferno DragonClash Royale PrincessClash Royale SparkyClash Royale GraveyardClash Royale Goblin BarrelClash Royale Inferno TowerClash Royale BalloonClash Royale Skeleton ArmyClash Royale Goblin GangClash Royale Elite Barbarians

For example, Sparky!

If you have Sparky in your hand while the opponent doesn’t have any Zap effect or swarm card, he will find it extremely hard to deal with the Sparky. This is even worse If you have a good Sparky combo such as Giant Sparky or Sparky Tornado.

Do not forget spell!

Always pick one of these If you have the chance: Rocket, Lightning, Fireball and Poison.

In case you don’t have any win condition, or your win condition gets countered hard, you still have something to deal damage.

Last but not least, getting positive Elixir trade with spells is not hard!

Ensure your deck makes sense


  • First pick: Graveyard vs Mega Minion
  • Second pick: Baby Dragon vs Musketeer

Although Musketeer can solo kill Baby Dragon, pick Baby Dragon because it is a hard counter to your Graveyard. Also, If you are lucky, you can combo it with Tornado + Graveyard later on.

The Challenge

  • The first entry is free. Next one costs 100 Gems each.
  • This is a Draft Challenge. Pick 4 cards and receive 4 from your opponent.
  • Unlock the Rascals at 12 wins.


Number of Wins Total Prize One-time Rewards
Gold Cards
0 700 10
1 950 15
2 1,250 25  1,000
3 1,600 43
4 2,000 65  20 Cards
5 2,500 93
6 3,100 125  3,000 
7 3,800 165
8 4,650 210 Epic Cards
9 5,750 265
10 7,100 335 10,000
11 8,750 430
12 11,000 550 200 Common Cards Rascals Cards


    • Not that much…R.boy survives Rocket…I don’t think fireball iis gonna do much. Though it may help when you are on offense

  1. 3rd..the card looks awesome! a new age of swarm!..rascals could really help the siege meta *Maybe*…or spell bait

    • you have counters for everything
      musk for loon, pekka/tornado for hog, tornado/valk for barrel

  2. they should give you a small amount of rascals at 8 wins instead of just random epic cards

  3. Currently 8-1, I am really hoping to get 12 wins (as my lvl 11 is still at 11 wins as the record amount of wins)

  4. I got 4-3 cuz of 2 awful wifi(my phone literally turned the wifi off by itself), just restarted cuz I don’t like not getting 12 wins on a special challenge, but this seems like a waste to me…

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