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Fascinating Ram Balloon Deck for Arena 9+


Hello, its Fishslap here again with a guide on a new Balloon + Battle Ram deck I found, featuring the new card, Bandit!

If you don’t have Bandit, there will be subs for her in this deck. With this strange deck, there is a lot of synergy and the pushes will definitely surprise your opponent.

Ram Balloon Deck for Arena 9+

Clash Royale Battle RamClash Royale BalloonClash Royale BanditClash Royale Lumberjack
Clash Royale PrincessClash Royale ZapClash Royale MinionsClash Royale Skeleton Army

Pros Cons
Cheap, Cycle A bit weak to air
Surprising Factors Has bad starting hand
Works well agains Giant and Hog Decks No building

Cards Breakdown

Balloon: Your main win condition. Balloon has always been one of my favorite cards because of it’s high damage and satisfaction when you land a hit.

Never send in one alone because it will get destroyed easily. Always pair with Lumberjack, as the Rage will call for a guaranteed hit on Tower.

Can’t be replaced.

Battle Ram: Your second win condition. Like Balloon, try not to send in alone.

Usually people will use Skeleton Army to counter, so hover Zap. Just try to play like would a Hog. I like Battle Ram better, as the charge damage is insane and the barbs, if unguarded, can wreck the Tower. Also, this card can be used defensively, but it’s not recommended. Could be replaced with Hog.

Bandit: Yes, I am very excited about this card! When I was doing the challenge, I thought it was garbage, as it is squishy, single target, and doesn’t do much damage besides the charge.

First of all, she looks really cool dashing, and the invulnerable effect is great. When she charges, she can withstand spells (including Log knockback!), any sort of damage, and even Sparky hits.

I heard a lot of people saying that she is basically a Knight, but after some games with her, I think she is more like a dark Prince than anything.

She has a charge, does similar damage, her invulnerability is like dark Prince’s shield, and that you don’t want to put her right on top of the enemy troops. If you don’t have her, replace with dark Prince, Miner, Valk, Knight, etc.

Lumberjack: Your staple in this deck. Pair with Balloon, Battle Ram, and Bandit for some surprising damage.

Once I take the first Tower, I like to drop lumber Balloon in the middle of my opponent’s side, as it is a fast push that can take a Tower very easily.

Also, a raged Battle Ram travels so fast that even Skeleton Army can really stop it from getting to the Tower, just make sure to Zap Skeletons so that you can the extra damage from the barbs.

If you don’t have Lumberjack, replace with Valk, Knight, Miner, Rage, etc.

Princess: This long ranged troop is extremely annoying for your opponent and is you swarm clearer!

I would suggest using her wisely, as you don’t have any splash in this deck. Place her on the other lane that your opponent is attacking, so that she won’t be killed, and your opponent has to spend more Elixir to get rid of her.

Could be replaced with Archers, Musketeer, ice Wizard, Electro Wizard, or Arrows.

Minions: For 3 Elixir, great DPS, and good on defense and offense. These winged-creatures are your go to defenses for Graveyard. Pairs really well with the Rage effect from Lumberjack.

You could replace them with Archers or Mega Minion, but I recommend Minions because they are faster than Archers and are better against Graveyard.

Zap: Not much to say about this versatile spell. Use it to clear swarms, but be wise with it, because it is one of your 2 swarm control cards.

Skeleton Army: not much to say about these guys either, just use sparingly, and beware of Zap and Log. Try to vary placement, so that your opponent cannot predict Log/Zap.

General Combos

On offense (pushes):

  1. Solo Battle Ram + Zap
  2. Lumberjack + Balloon
  3. Lumberjack + Bandit
  4. Lumberjack + Battle Ram
  5. Lumberjack + Minions
  6. Lumberjack + Balloon + Battle Ram + Minions = Total 16 Elixir

On defense:

  • Lumberjack + Minions + Zap for support troops
  • Skeleton Army or Minions or Lumberjack for tank
  • Princess + Zap for hordes
  • Defensive Balloon for Minion Horde if Princess and Zap are down
  • Kite princes, valks, knights, pekkas, with Battle Ram
  • Bandit in the middle for solo wizards, executioners, Musketeers, etc


Hog cycle: Relatively easy. Just don’t overcommit to your own push, or they can just send in a solo Hog. Don’t overuse skeleton Army to defend Hog, or they will predict. Alternate between Bandit, Skeleton Army, Lumberjack, and Minions to defend, and you should have an easy time with Hog cycle.

Elite Barbarians: Easy as well. Same with Hog, don’t overuse skeleton Army, save it so their spell is out of rotation. When you do use skeleton Army to defend, put it in the middle of your side so that both towers can kill Elite Barbarians.

Giant beatdown: Easy, if you play it right. Use skeleton Army to burn the tank down, and Lumberjack + Zap + Minions for support troops and glass cannons. Bandit is also decent against support troops, so incorporate her as well.

Golem: Haven’t played against too many of these decks, but just apply constant pressure. Don’t let them get Elixir. Ex: They put down Golem or Elixir pump in back, then you should put down a Princess or Battle Ram in the other lane. Just be careful to not overpush, because if you don’t take the Tower with your push, the Golem on the other side will wreck you.

Lava hound: this deck is kinda weak against air, but if you don’t allow them to put all their troops down, you should be fine. Follow steps for Golem.

Siege: You have Balloon and Battle Ram, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Just take one Tower, and defend.

I hope you guys enjoyed this unique and powerful deck.

Don’t hesitate to comment If you have any improvement for this deck!

Peace out – Fishslap


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