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Raged Lava Mega Knight


Raged Lava MK

Hi guys,
I am thijsie and I wanna introduce you to a deck which has a unique combination of cards: Lava Hound and Mega Knight. I made the deck when the Mega Knight was released. I want you to know this deck because I found only one deck on Google with the same combination of Lava Hound and Mega Knight. I hope you’ll try this deck yourself, and of course I hope you to win with it.

General Information

Raged Lava MK
So this is the deck, most people are reacting like: ‘it is too expensive’ or ‘you’ve got two tanks in it’. But I think it isn’t expensive, because of having an Elixir Collector in it, and the other cards are not that expensive. The main idea of the deck is having the Lava Hound protecting the Mega Knight and your support, so they can take out the defense of the opponent. If the Lava Hound dies, the Mega Knight will be there tanking the pups and support with probably at least half of his health, and that’s the moment your push will get towers and your opponent won’t have enough elixir to stop your push.

The Cards

Raged Lava MK
The Lava Hound is used for protecting the Mega Knight and after dead providing extra support. You can also start a push without using the Mega Knight, this is needed if you are in the early game or if your opponent has a Pekka.

The Mega Knight plays a huge role in the offense as well as in defense. You can easily take out any attacks of a Bridge spam player with it. In offense, it is a good opportunity to take out splash units such as Wizards and Executioners. You can also start counter pushes after you’ve defended Elite Barbarians or a Hog Rider.

The Lumberjack is a huge advantage while attacking, it can prevent the Mega Knight from losing against a Mini Pekka so your Mega Knight will be alive. In early game, it can take out the defending splash units when attacking with the Lava Hound. But the Lumberjack can also be used as a fast attacker with Bats to punish your opponent and cycle to the Elixir Collector.

Raged Lava MK
The Inferno Dragon is a good help defending incoming tank. It is also possible it stays alive when your push is countered, it could still take out the whole tower when your opponent has no elixir left. All together: it is a nice card to have in this deck.

Raged Lava MK
The Bats is a basic unit to have in your deck for helping in defense. You can also distract an Inferno Tower with it, or taking out the defending Inferno Dragon or Mega Minion.

The Zap is also a basic card and the only spell in this deck. Much people are not that sure how to deal with a Minion Horde, but in combination with Bats, the Zap can easily take out a horde.

The Tesla is the main defending unit, with this card you don’t have to be afraid of Hog Riders. Surprisingly it can be used in an attack too, if placed as far to the defending units as possible it will be able to take out huge numbers of defending troops. This trick is depending on your opponent’s deck, it is possible he won’t defend in range of your Tesla.

The Elixir Collector balances the deck in elixir cost, it will be easier to handle a push wit both Lava Hound and Mega Knight.

Play style

You can play this deck like a Lava Hound beatdown, but you got a Mega Knight too. So it is possible to defend a Hog Rider with the Mega Knight and then start a counterpush without using the Lava Hound. In the early game, it is better to play the Lava Hound without the Mega Knight. When starting a push with Lava Hound and Mega Knight, you have to think of the cards the opponent has and then play the right supportive troops. A few examples:
Against someone with Lightning: don’t play to much support till he used his lightning. Play just one supportive troop and the Mega Knight.
Against someone playing Inferno Tower and Executioner: try placing the Mega Knight so he will attack the Executioner and distract the Inferno Tower with Bats. Than play extra troops where needed.

Against Pekka: try not to use the Mega Knight and take out the Pekka as soon as possible with the Inferno Dragon. Use the Lumberjack to take out his splash troops (he will probably have one).

Stages in games

Opening cards:
Lumberjack, Bats / Elixir Collector / Lava Hound (don’t use Tesla and don’t use Mega Knight as starting card.

First Minute
Try cycling with Lumberjack, Bats to place Elixir Collector. Try to collect elixir as much as possible. Don’t if your opponent uses Rocket, Poison or Fireball against your Elixir Collector. If he does use them, place Elixir Collector when playing Lava Hound right after it (if having 10 elixir of course), so he doesn’t have the spell for defending your push.

Second Minute
Start your pushes but above all: be sure of having an Elixir Collector placed at 1:15 (even if he has Fireball etc.)

Double elixir
Build a huge push and take them down the King Tower.

Try to win with Lava Hound, and make sure you can play Mega Knight to defend (have 4 elixir at least for defending, if playing against Elite Barbarians: keep 6 elixir)

Tips & Tricks

• You can place your Tesla as close as possible to your opponent’s towers to let it kill the defensive troops


• In double elixir time, when placed a Lava Hound, your opponent might think of punishing you on the other lane. Defend the push with a Mega Knight and attack at both lanes. Split your bats, and support where needed.
• First, learn to play with a Lava Hound deck WITHOUT balloon (it is another type of Lava Hound deck) and learn to play with a Mega Knight deck WITHOUT Hog Rider (it is another type of Mega Knight deck).

• Sometimes you have to play this deck like a Lava Hound deck, sometimes like a Mega Knight deck (and sometimes you have to split your attack). For example:
Against Logbait: like an MK deck
Against Bridge spam: like an MK deck
Against Lava Hound: like a Lava Hound deck
Against Beatdown: like an MK deck
Against Elite Barbarians or Hog Rider: like a Lava Hound deck (split your attacks when possible)
Against Control: like a Lava Hound deck

PS: you are able to defend pretty good with this deck, but don’t forget: it is a Beatdown so you can take some damage if needed

I hope you enjoyed reading this and I would be glad if you would try this deck out.



  1. Not bad. Obviously going to be a bit difficult to level up but hey, Trade Tokens are out and there are a few people with level 12/13 legendaries already.

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