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3.1 Hog Bandit Cycle


Hey Guys, Godzilla (Hog Rider FTW) here, and I am back with a self-made and OP Hog Bandit Cycle Deck.

This deck is very fast-paced and relies on keeping up the pressure, so your opponent can’t form a massive push. I once fought a 3M deck, and I pressured him to the point where he was unable to put down 3M. He only put it down once the entire game.

This deck is a deck that is largely level independent, so you can still win with under leveled cards. Because of this, this deck is good in both challenges and ladder.

Anyways, here’s the deck!

hog bandit

Hog Bandit Cycle

Clash Royale Hog RiderClash Royale BanditClash Royale Electro WizardClash Royale fireball
Clash Royale ZapClash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale The LogClash Royale Inferno Tower

Cards Breakdown

Clash Royale Hog RiderHog Rider: This dude with a Mohawk is your primary win condition. The point of this deck is to spam the hell out of him, hopefully getting around 2 shots each time. If you can’t get him to the Tower, then try Fireball cycling.

Clash Royale BanditBandit: This archer gone wrong is the support card for your Hog. Her dashes can sometimes get amazing value, but beware of swarms, as they shut her down quick and easy. She once killed a damaged Prince, took out a Princess, screwed up a Night Witch and took the Tower, all in one go, then got a dash on the king Tower. There are no replacements for her.

Clash Royale Electro WizardElectro Wizard: He your main defense and ranged support for the Hog, He can shut down Inferno and resets Battle Ram, Sparky, and both Princes. His stun is also helpful since it can slow down pushes and cause cards to re-target. His spawn Zap can also be used to take out swarms when Zap/Log is not in rotation. Musketeer and Ice Wiz are the best replacements

Clash Royale fireballFireball: This is your support spell, used to take out pesky Barbarians, Wizards, and other support cards. Fireball Pump, even when they have 3M, you can cycle back to it in Double Elixir.


Clash Royale ZapZap: It’s a great spell to clear swarms, use with Hog/Bandit.


Clash Royale The LogLog: Another spell to clear swarms, use with Hog to destroy Goblin Gang, etc. Best replacement is 1 Elixir Skeletons.


Clash Royale Ice SpiritIce Spirit: It’s an all-around great card. The Freeze is useful in defense and it can be used to cycle. Ice Spirit + Zap can kill Minions.


Clash Royale Inferno TowerInferno Tower: This defense is to help you kill tanks, since there are not many high DPS cards in this deck. Can be replaced with Cannon to make it cheaper, but that would hurt your defense.


General Gameplan:

Early Game (Before Double Elixir):

This is where all cycle decks shine.

It is a lot harder for heavier deck to keep up with you, so you out cycle their counters and get the Hog to the Tower.

This is where most of your damage comes from. When they put down a heavy tank, feel free to rush, but don’t spend more than 10 Elixir (Elixir regens, so you can spend up to 12 Elixir at one time, in single Elixir).

You just need to get the Tower to >1000 HP then you can then spell cycle.

Double Elixir:

Play defensively, it’s a lot easier for heavier decks to keep up, so offense is much harder, especially against Golem decks. Rushing isn’t as effective, and you with be the one who will be deprived of Elixir.

You still have to rush, just don’t spend more than 8 Elixir (Cost of Golem). This applies to all tank decks such as Giant, Lava Hound, etc.


Game usually ends by then, but if it doesn’t, then Fireball cycle or just all-out rush (by that, I mean bridge spam. Wait till 7-8 Elixir, then spam Hog e wiz or Hog Bandit), you just have to take the Tower; don’t worry about the counter push.


Clash Royale P.E.K.K.AP.E.K.K.A: Inferno Tower… Use E Wiz for Battle Ram, Ice Spirit and Log to stall. Fireball the support. Remember to wait for them to use the P.E.K.K.A, because if they use it on defense, your push will get wrecked hard, with a 75% health P.E.K.K.A left for a counter push.

If they specifically save the P.E.K.K.A for defense, then just spam Hog, it usually gets at least one shot on the Tower, once it is at about 1000-1500hp, then Fireball cycle, remember to catch a troop with the Tower, while you cycle, use Zap or Log to take out the damaged troop.

With all 3 spells combined, the total Tower damage is around 400 Damage, depending on the level, so that is your kill zone.

Clash Royale GolemGolem NW: Difficulty depends on the player, if he ignores your Hog push and continues building up a huge push, then GG.

Keep up the pressure; do not let him build up a push. Inferno Tower kills Golem. Zap the Bats. Spell Cycle if needed. Space out your troops, due to Lightning.

Clash Royale Battle RamBridge Spam: E wiz/Inferno to shut down Battle Ram, Fireball kills support. Log/Zap can stall. Ice Spirit can stall even longer.


Clash Royale Three Musketeers3 Musketeers: Save your Fireball for 3M. E Wiz spawn Zap + Zap can kill Minion Horde or Ice Spirit + Zap. Keep up the pressure so he can’t build a push. E wiz can kill Battle Ram, Inferno Tower can tank.  If you accidentally Fireball Pump, its ok, because you can cycle back

Clash Royale Lava HoundLava Hound: Inferno kills it, ưhile E Wiz kills pups, Space them out so Lightning doesn’t kill everything. Fireball the support. Again, keep up the pressure.


Clash Royale Goblin GangSpell Bait: You have both Zap and Log, so if you lose to it, then shame on you.


Clash Royale Hog RiderHog Cycle: Defend with e wiz or Inferno, then push. Fireball cycle if needed. Best way to get the Hog to the Tower is to predict Fireball/Log, if it misses, then you will take a lot of damage, or even lose the Tower.

Royal Giant: Inferno Tower kills it, E wiz can slow it down, while Fireball and Zap kills the support.


Important Tips/Mistakes:

  1. Space out you troops, don’t give him a value Lightning (Tower, E Wiz, and Inferno), and make him choose what to Lightning.
  2. Fireballing Pump is ok, even against 3M, because you can cycle back to it. If you don’t want to Fireball it, then rush him.
  3. Only use Bandit on defense if you are sure that she won’t take much damage, because she is a staple card in the offensive push, her dashes can get amazingly insane value, and a lot of Tower damage, her dash is equivalent to a Lightning spell, which is double the cost. Plus people tend to mistime their spells, such as Lightning, and her dash causes her to survive and do a ton of damage. This usually happens every other match.
  4. PRESSURE, PRESSURE, PRESSURE. Don’t let him build a push or regain enough Elixir to put down his tank.
  5. The Tower kill zone is around 400 HP, then Fireball + Zap + Log will kill it (Depending on level)
  6. ALWAYS BM. Make people regret playing this game; make them break their phones, because that would be one less opponent. :P. This is both a tip and a common mistake.

Anyways, that’s it for this guide, enjoy the deck, and most importantly, don’t forget to BM :P. Cya.


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