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Push to Arena 8 with Arena 5 Cards


Hey guys, JesusSlark back here again. I’ve made a couple of changes to my old deck that got to 3000 trophies at level 8 and i’m gonna share my thoughts on that plus some new tactics that you can do. This deck is designed for high Arena 7 and Arena 8 only, so it might not work in lower Arenas. Up here, 90% of the time, you will face 2 decks: P.E.K.K.A Dual Prince and Hog decks.


Push to Arena 8 with Arena 5 Cards

What I like about this deck is that it doesn’t matter if your opponent has level 6 Epics, or lvl 3 Legendaries, or level 9 Rares, or lvl 11 Commons. The only thing that matters is how you keep track of their AoE spells, when they have it and when they don’t. That is how you win with this deck. Lvl 7 Arrows and lvl 11 Arrows doesn’t make a tiny difference with this deck since your troops will still die to either one. This deck will take a lot of practice and skill if you aren’t used to it, even I still make tons of mistakes using the deck.

New Additions

  1. Freeze. I swapped out the inferno tower for a freeze since an inferno tower only counters P.E.K.K.A/Golem decks and most of the time the enemy runs a freeze spell which negates the Inferno Tower’s usefulness. Most of the time you can kill the tank unit without an inferno but it does need a little more work. Freeze, however can be used in both offense and defense which makes it a very versatile and deadly card and fits in nicely with the deck.
  2. Goblins. I got this idea from insaneacorn in my last post, thanks man. I swapped Skeletons for Goblins since Skeletons only counter single target units and can only be effective in defense. Goblins, on the other hand, can counter single target units and is much more deadly in terms of DPS. This is another target that the opponent will need to use AoE spells for but he won’t have a chance to. Moreover, we can easily bypass buildings when using Hog Rider with this outstanding trick!

For more details, please take a look at here. This new deck is the re-mastered version of a deck I posted a few days ago!


General Game Plan

Offensive Gameplan:

  1. Goblin Barrel their tower to bait out AOE spell. Defend their push with minion horde and support the minion horde with freeze spell. You can push with additional goblins if you have the elixir.
  2. Goblin barrel their tower to bait out AOE spell. If they have Princess or Wizard in their push, defend with Giant Skeleton on one side to tank their hits and drop Minion Horde on top of them to kill the invaders. Additional Goblins can be placed to support your push if you have the Elixir. Freeze spell can be dropped in x2 Elixir.
  3. Use this only after their counter attacking unit died recently (Hog/Prince) since this is very vulnerable to counter attacks. Giant Skeleton on the back of the King tower. When the Giant Skeleton is nearing their Tower range, Goblin Barrel their tower and support the Giant Skeleton with Minion Horde. Freeze + additional Goblins can be dropped in x2 Elixir.
  4. If you do not have goblin barrel in your starting hand, place some goblins in the back of your king tower to see how he responds. If he drops elixir collector, place Giant Skeleton in front of the goblins and throw a goblin barrel. If he attacks, counter his attack and reset.
  5. High Risk, High Reward. Recommended once per game and in x2 elixir amidst the chaos. Goblin barrel their tower to bait the AOE spell, quickly followed by minion horde. In x2 elixir, you can freeze the units the opponent will drop to counter your minion horde. In x2 elixir, the game will get very chaotic and your opponent will most likely panic when you use this tactic, securing an easy tower.
  6. Recommended in x2 Elixir. Defend with minion horde to bait out his AOE spell. Goblin barrel his tower and freeze his tower right before the Goblin barrel lands on the tower. They will generally try to place a troop to defend at the top or sides before the Goblin barrel hits the tower. Support the Goblin barrel + freeze by sending in a Giant Skeleton to destroy all his defensive troops. If you’re lucky the Giant Skeleton may reach his tower.

Defensive Gameplan:

Hog Rider – Cannon

Hog + Goblins – Cannon + Zap

Hog + Goblins + Freeze – Cannon + Zap, Minion horde after he freezes.

Double Prince

  1. Cannon + Freeze + Goblins
  2. Minion Horde + any Goblin to stop charge.


  1. Goblin barrel other tower to bait AOE spell. You don’t want him to drop troops on the same side of the tank. Kite their push with Cannon, Freeze their units and drop minion horde on top of the squishy units. Follow up with goblins if needed.
  2. Giant Skeleton on the bridge to kill all their supporting troops. Cannon + any to kill the remaining tank.


  1. Defend with Cannon + Spear goblins. When they drop Barbarian Hut, Giant skeleton on the bridge and throw goblin barrel.
  2. Defend with Cannon + Spear goblins. When they drop Barbarian Hut, throw Goblin Barrel followed up by minion horde.


  1. Throw Goblin barrel to bait AOE spell, kill their Mortar with Minion Horde.
  2. Cannon + Any (switch this between Goblins and Minion Horde), support with Zap.
  3. Cannon in the middle to tank the hits. Giant Skeleton to attack the Mortar + kill any troops defending.


  1. Minion Horde (Probably works once since he will prefire Arrows next time.)
  2. Cannon + Spear Goblins.
  3. Freeze + Spear Goblins.


  1. Minion Horde after she locks onto tower.
  2. Any Goblins after she locks onto tower.
  3. Cannon

Princess With Small Tank – Cannon to distract and kill princess with Goblins or Minion Horde.

Other Stuff:

Goblins + Spear Goblins – Don’t underestimate these guys when at the back supporting the Giant Skeleton, they sometimes can take down a whole tower while the enemy is busy dealing with Goblin Barrel, Giant Skeleton and Minion Horde.

Why no Elixir Collector? – When you are facing people that is 1 or 2 levels higher than you, you can’t afford to be greedy. They will punish you really hard while you have 5 elixir lower than them and way higher leveled cards.

Zap vs Arrows – With the addition of the Freeze spell, I may be leaning towards the arrows more since both of the spells freeze. But, when you’re playing against higher leveled people, you need to milk every last drop of elixir efficiency in order to win. Not to mention, Zap has an instant cast time and can freeze for a second if you don’t have elixir for arrows.

Hog Decks – When playing against Hog Decks, try to save your cannon for the hog rider. If they push without using the hog rider, defend with other cards. Your tower will go down to level 8 and 9 hogs really fast.

How to use freeze – Don’t use freeze early into the game, get to know his cards first since if you freeze without knowing his deck, he may surprise you with a fireball or something after he used his arrows.

Thanks for reading guys! Don’t hesitate to ask If you have any question! Good luck with this Arena 5 deck! I hope you guys can push to Arena 8 soon with this deck!


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