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Push to Arena 7 at Level 6


Hello guys, Today I’m going to introduce a new stunning Arena 7 Deck which successfully helped GotSodium push from Arena 4 to Arena 7 at level 6 with just Arena 4 cards. Sounds great right? Okay, let’s start guys!

Push to Arena 7

Push to Arena 7 at Level 6

The combo Baby Dragon + Prince is pretty popular in Clash Royale but I haven’t faced many decks like this one. Maybe you don’t like collecting cards and gold If you are a free-to-play players but don’t worry then, this deck doesn’t require high level cards.

Getting to Arena 7 at level 6 is not easy at all, for sure. It took me about 5-7 days but maybe longer with some unskilled (new) players. Using this deck may be problematic for you but just don’t give up! Watch your replays and learn from your mistakes!

  • Prince: This is definitely one of the most popular cards in Clash Royale, which is used as the offensive unit throughout all Arenas. Prince is effectively used to take out enemy Towers and annoying buildings such as Inferno Tower. Most of the time, Prince can solo-kill (1 vs 1) an Inferno Tower regardless of other troops nearby. Most players can use him very well, for sure, but you should make sure that you have Arrows or Fireball on your hand in order to deal with any swarms and attack when your opponent doesn’t have enough Elixir to deal with your push. I don’t recommend using him at start as it is very risky and unnecessary.
  • Baby Dragon: He plays an important part in this deck. You want to place him behind your Prince on offense. As long as there isn’t any building on the group, Baby Dragon is extremely effective at killing troops, both big and small ones. Although Prince doesn’t have much HP, Baby Dragon will still be able to take out possible counter cards to Prince.
  • Goblins: Most players (in Arena 5 and below) don’t know how to use Goblins properly. You should use them to either defend against Hog/Giant or to lure big troops into the middle of your arena. Some people like using Knight or Skeletons instead of Goblins, you can replace the Goblins with them If you like.
  • Spear Goblins: Our Spear Goblins are extremely useful at talking out air units. When you don’t have Baby Dragon on your hand, Spear Goblins can help you easily take down Balloon and Minions. If you want to use Spear Goblins with Goblins, you should place them on the opposite side of the Goblins’ side.
  • Tombstone: Tombstone is one of my favorite cards in Clash Royale. I usually put it near the tower which is being attacked. If you want to start the battle with the Tombstone, just simply place it behind your Tower and the opponent won’t attack from that side for sure, which gives you an anticipated edge. Also, keep in mind that Tombstone can solo kill Prince and Hog, which have the same level as its. I recommend not putting it behind your tower in most cases.
  • Tesla: I, somehow, put it over the Inferno Tower. Because you usually place it in the middle, next to your Tombstone, If the opponent uses Fireball or Rocket to take out both of them, it will be a bad trade. The Tesla is extremely useful at dealing with spells like that. I have faced lots of players wasting Spells to take out my Tesla.
  • Arrows: One of the most used cards in game, which can be effectively used to deal with most swarms of low HP troops. Just don’t use it on offense when your Dragon is dealing with the opponent Minion Horde, Spear Goblins,…  It will be a big waste!
  • Fireball: It’s very good since you can take out Barbarians, Archers, Witch and Musketeer with Fireball and save your Arrows for Minion Horde. You can also use Rocket instead of Fireball If you are in a meta game which has lots of Hut Decks.
Pros Cons
versatile defensive cards Requires decent game skills
Low Average Elixir Cost No good tanker
Only 2 Epics
Arena 4 Cards and Below

I hope you guys found this helpful and I hope you can get to Arena 7 as soon as possible. If you have any question about this Deck, don’t hesitate to comment!


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