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Prediction: Magic archer is going to drop to near zero usage rate


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There's essentially nothing redeeming to this card anymore. It costs 4 elixir, but has extremely low health, slow fire rate, can activate king tower, has low damage, and can't beat swarms. Had you asked me a week ago what my favorite card was (and in fact I've posted about how–though weak–I loved how unique the card was), I'd say magic archer.

It saddens me as much as when I had to abandon mortar. The card just does not work any more. It's not a bit "less good," but the card literally does not function anymore. Did they even playtest the change before making it go live?

Aside from royal recruits, I can't think of any change that has ever killed a card harder than this one. If usage is above 5% in a week, I'll be shocked.

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