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Graveyard Spell Bait for SERIOUS Trophy Pushing! (Yes, You!)


Hey what is going on! RSivak here again, sorry for the delay in getting guides out. 

I was testing a Sparky deck when a Graveyard deck caught my eye. I tried it out on ladder with a few tweaks and I shot up 700 trophies in one day! I blew right past my old trophy high of 4100 and ended up at 4502 trophies with this deck.

Enough rambling, let me show you guys the deck!

knight graveyard

Knight Graveyard

Clash Royale KnightClash Royale GraveyardClash Royale PoisonClash Royale Princess
Clash Royale Goblin GangClash Royale MinionsClash Royale The LogClash Royale Inferno Tower

Card Breakdown

Graveyard: It ain’t a Graveyard deck without Graveyard.

This is your main damage dealer and tower taker. Graveyard is great for it’s slow trickle of Skeleton swarms, making it the perfect card to win with. Graveyard is fairly expensive and does require skill to use.

You have to be able to gauge your opponent’s level of preparedness.

Knight: Your all around card, your Graveyard tank, your second best defense card, and perfect counter push card.

He is super versatile for his cost, has a ton of health and deals decent damage. Perfect card for so much. Once he finishes on defense, drop a Graveyard on the counter push and deal some great damage!

You want to use him on a counter push mainly, but you can be offensive to, dropping a Knight at the bridge and Graveyard on their tower.

Poison: What’s a Graveyard deck without Poison?

Poison is perfect for clearing swarms of troops and while I miss the slow down, the increased damage renders Skeleton Army obsolete on defense, and creates a large AOE of no troop placement.

Perfect for wiping out pesky spawners while getting damage done on enemy towers.

Poison is a must have in this deck, as it just provides perfect value.

Princess: Princess is great for the long range snipes and splash damage.

She can easily provide cover fire and support from far away and force your opponent to respond to her, usually with a spell like The Log, and that means they won’t be able to have ready for your Graveyard, making her the perfect bait card.

Best replacements are Archers, or Dart Goblin, but you lose a lot of splash damage.

Inferno Tower: Tank killer, Inferno Tower is just an awesome building as it provides so much support on defense.

It can shut down so many pushes especially Golems and Lava Hounds, preventing them from reaching your tower and dealing a ton of damage.

Minions: Minions are great for some high dps damage.

They counter Graveyard, and other mini tanks so well. Wiping out Valkyries, Mini Pekkas, Knights and other cards with their high dps. Perfect for wiping out Balloons before they reach the tower.

Pair them with a Knight and Graveyard on offense and you have a great push.

Goblin Gang: Secondary line of defense.

Better against point damage cards, and glass cannons. Deals amazingly well against Elite Barbarians., Hogs, Musketeers and Electro Wizard. Chips in on air defense if needed, and is a perfect tank killer in a pinch.

Can get in chip damage if you split them.

The Log: The Log was my tweak, Tornado was the original card. I found Tornado dealt poorly with Goblin Barrels, and Log Bait decks. So I switched it to the Log, and enjoyed better success. The Log is a perfect swarm control card, capable of wiping out swarms and pushing back any unit giving you a bit more time. Sub in a Zap if you don’t have the Log.


General Gameplan:

A great start to the game is a Princess in the back, or splitting Goblin Gang.

You might be forced to play Knight or Minions at the start, just make sure you don’t split Minions so your opponent will be forced to answer them.

You want to play it slow usually in the beginning.

UNLESS, they play Pump or Golem in the early game. Then you should try to make a Knight Graveyard push to catch them with hardly any elixir to defend. Make sure you immediately attack the side that they place the Pump on, the Skeletons will deal with the Pump and Tower giving you amazing value.

Keep defending and whenever you get the chance or have your defensive troops pushing their tower, then you can drop a Graveyard on their tower as your Knight tanks.

Keep using Princess to get chip damage in while your Inferno and Goblin Gang deal with enemy pushes.

Once you hit Double Elixir, you can start making the main Graveyard Poison pushes that will be deal massive damage.

Make sure you don’t just drop a Poison willy nilly. Make sure you get value, if they drop Wizards, Musketeers, Mega Minions, Witches, Barbarians and any other low hp swarm troop, then you can Poison to wipe out their defense and let your Skeletons build while the Poison chips away at their tower.

At this point, once you start using Poison Graveyard, you are usually guaranteed tower damage.

A trick you can use is to play your Graveyard closer to the King Tower if your opponent plays his defense on the far sides, risky, and I only recommend doing this in a last ditch attempt, as more Skeletons will spawn on the undefended than normal giving you more damage as the defense is on the other side.

If you take a tower, and need another, you can play Graveyard on their tower and Knight in the pocket, make sure you have both towers locked on the Knight and Poison ready to use on any defense.

It is a expensive push, but also very likely to deal a lot of damage. So remember, you want to make sure that you push when your opponent gives you a chance.

If they Log your Princess or place a Golem or Pump, these all are great times to attack as they either have little elixir or they can’t wipe out a posse of swarmed Skeletons with a spell.


3 Musketeer: Save Poison for the Musketeers, rush them if they pump up. They will hardly have any strong defense ready. Save The Log, for Battle Rams and Goblin Gangs.


Beatdown: Keep Inferno Ready, if they are a Golem user, then you can rush them. If it is Giant, then wait till the Giant reaches the bridge to drop Inferno and support as needed.


Hog Cycle: You might have to alternate defenses between Goblin Gang and Inferno Tower. Counter pushes will be your best friend.


LavaLoon: Prepare your Inferno Tower, and Princess the other side. Make sure your Inferno pulls everything! Minions to wipe out the Balloon.


Royal Giant: Inferno cuts right through Royal Giants.


Siege: Inferno Tower, if they counter well, then keep using Knight to tank the Siege damage while Minions or Goblin Gang clean up. Poison gives amazing value against Siege decks.


Elite Barbarians: Knight or Goblin Gang. It’s safer with the Knight.



  • You have to know when to alternate between aggressive and defensive.
  • Don’t give your opponent value. Spread out your defenses.
  • Use the Princess to bait out Logs, and get chip damage in.
  • Push when they play a high cost commitment card like Golem or Pump!
  • Use your Graveyard wisely! It is an expensive commitment! Also make sure you use Poison to get value and kill defending troops!

That’s it for this guide guys! Hope you enjoyed and I hope this deck gives you a ton of wins on ladder and in Tournament standard gameplay! RSivak out!


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