Petition to go back to original token trading – Clash Royale Arena

Petition to go back to original token trading

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I love Clash Royale. Very fun game where skill and card levels play a huge role in winning. But this new update is terrible. Your telling me I have to pay 500 gems to get my bonus and I only get shitty 1000 coins on my 9 win are you serious!!!! Most of all this trade token system. By needing 2 tokens to complete a trade is the definition of bullshitness in an exchangement. I always gave my bad cards to players that wanted them but now we both have to agree on the trade. What in the world!!! Please go back to before the update. My clan is filled with 16 trade tokens sitting in the chat. Simple solution why don’t you just add a feature where you choose the players name, so the trade doesn’t get sniped or have an elder verify the trade!! It’s either you fix this problem or I am out of this game.

Edit: I will try to set up a pole or a petition online. PS: We are the people that play this game it is because of us that Clash Royale is successful so when we want to overthrow or change the way they are doing something we have every RIGHT WE HAVE!!!!


My first petition created so help me out of anything is not right. I’m new to this stuff

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