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New Meta P.E.K.K.A Bridge Spam Deck


Hey everyone! It’s me, Supermarine, back at it again with a new-school P.E.K.K.A Bridge Spam Deck.

As you may know, Bridge Spam’s userate decreased massively after the Mini P.E.K.K.A buff, the Ice Wizard Buff, and the Battle Ram nerf.

However, I have seen a new bridge spam, featuring a surprise inside: Dark Prince! This deck was made by Wicky Royale and played by Nickatnyte.

Enough talk! Let’s get to the guide!

new bridge spam

Clash Royale P.E.K.K.AClash Royale Dark PrinceClash Royale BanditClash Royale Electro Wizard
Clash Royale BatsClash Royale ZapClash Royale PoisonClash Royale elixir collector

copy deck

 Pros  Cons
  • Strong against Mega Knight
  • Strong against Golem
  • Strong against Three Musketeers
  • Strong against Miner Poison
  • Very little cheap cycle
  • Very weak to Balloon cycles

P.E.K.K.A Bridge Spam Deck

Clash Royale P.E.K.K.AP.E.K.K.A

She is one of the best counterpush units in the game right now.

You can kill an MK or Hog with her, then perform a counterpush with your own attack units!

She absolutely destroys just about every tank in the book (except Lava Hound, but we all know that Bridge Spam hard counters LH) with quite a bit of health left, meaning you can put a Dark Prince or Bandit down to assist her if you want to attack!

Overall, she is a very good tank troop, if not the best tank, to have in a Bridge Spam!

Clash Royale Dark PrinceDark Prince

Many people think of him as total trash, and they’re kinda right.

However, since the nerf to Battle Ram, many Bridge Spam users have turned to the Dark Prince for his decent 360 charge and area damage.

In fact, if it wasn’t for him, Bridge Spam would probably die down completely!

He can deal really good area damage if he charges up, and even if he doesn’t, he one shots Goblins and deals good damage to low cost structures such as Tombstone and the newly buffed Tesla, and even Siege structures like X-Bow.

Like P.E.K.K.A, he is a very good counterpush unit, as you can defend with him, and even if he loses his shield, you can still use him with Bandit on the counterpush!

Overall, he is very good to have in a Bridge Spam!

Clash Royale BanditBandit

This mask wearing, blackjack wielding gal is a mainstay card of Bridge Spam.

Her dash attack really puts a dent in those cards you want hurt, especially glass cannons. She also deals good damage without the charge as well.

If paired with P.E.K.K.A, mini tanks won’t be a much of an issue for her.

The best ability that she has is being able to snipe opposing troops from across the river, as long as they are in range.

However, her role in Bridge Spam is mostly self explanatory.

Clash Royale Electro WizardElectro Wizard

This shocking man is great for DPS and resetting an Inferno Tower or Dragon.

He also deals decent damage to mini tanks that could threaten other cards in the deck like Bandit or Dark Prince.

Overall, he’s mostly self explanatory.

Clash Royale BatsBats

I love these adorable little fellers! They’re so versatile for their cost!

You can kill ground swarms, surround stuff with them, distract Infernos, cycle, and even kill mini tanks, all while being cheaper and killing faster than the Minions!

Overall, they’re mostly self explanatory, and more than welcome in Bridge Spam!

Clash Royale ZapZap

Self-explanatory card.


Clash Royale PoisonPoison

Another one of Bridge Spam’s mainstay cards.

It provides lane control against every single swarm or Horde out there.

It even kills most glass cannons if they stick around long enough!

Clash Royale elixir collectorElixir Collector

I don’t really know if Bridge Spam decks originally had a Pump, but I’m assuming they don’t.

In this Bridge Spam, though, the Pump allows us to have an edge over cheaper decks like P.E.K.K.A Miner Poison and most MK Hog decks, allowing us to keep up with their cycle.

We can also use it to have a greater advantage against more expensive decks like 3M split pushing decks and Golem Beatdown.

Overall, it can be a real game changing card if used right!


Clash Royale Dark PrinceClash Royale PrinceClash Royale Battle Ram

Clash Royale Electro WizardClash Royale Musketeer

Clash Royale elixir collectorClash Royale GoblinClash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale Ice Spirit

General Gameplay


There are two things that are really key to your success at this time: Pumping and bridge spamming.

By doing these two things, you are inflicting Tower damage, cycling to another Pump as fast as possible, preventing damage to your Tower, and shaping your hand to better arm yourself defensively.

Just a word of warning: NEVER place P.E.K.K.A in the back, as the opponent can punish you with a building targeting troop or Siege weapon as they please.



Bandit+Dark Prince functions a lot similarly to the old Phantom Combo, Bandit+Ram.

Also, if P.E.K.K.A was used on defense at all, ALWAYS use it on the counterpush unless it’s at low health.

Use Zap, Bats, and eWiz to reset/distract any Infernos.


Clash Royale GiantGiant

P.E.K.K.A. Easy as that.

Use Bats to attack support if necessary. If P.E.K.K.A isn’t in cycle, then use the eWiz+Bats.

Clash Royale GolemGolem

ALWAYS place your P.E.K.K.A in the same lane as soon as possible.

If it isn’t in cycle, get it in cycle as soon as possible.

Use the Dark Prince and Bats to attack any support.

Clash Royale P.E.K.K.AP.E.K.K.A

Ok, I’ll be honest.

You will most likely need P.E.K.K.A to counter a P.E.K.K.A, as it’s the most efficient way to do so.

However, Dark Prince and eWiz are great at keeping this gal held still with shield health and constant stuns.

Paired with a high DPS troop (especially Bats), they can shred right through her!

Check the substitutions for even more options when it comes to DPS!

Clash Royale Royal GiantRoyal Giant

Use P.E.K.K.A, eWiz, and/or Bats to deal with him.

For any Elite Retards, use Dark Prince.

Clash Royale Hog RiderHog

eWiz and Bandit are your best bets against the Hog in Single Elixir.

In Double Elixir, however, you can use your P.E.K.K.A to completely deny him any swings, and then counterpush with your threat cards afterward!

Clash Royale MinerMiner Poison

You have several Miner blockers in the Bandit, eWiz, and Dark Prince.

Bandit and eWiz both work well against lone Miners, but when Poison is added, they will die before the Miner is killed, meaning he will still get a few shots on the Tower.

That’s where Dark Prince comes in! He is durable enough to survive a Mjner Poison onslaught.

Also, watch for juke Miners.

Can’t tell if they’re going to target your Pump? Hover a troop near your Pump and your tower, and if a red exclamation point appears in the area, that’s where Miner will pop up!

If you mess up on your troop placement, use Zap to make Miner retarget.

Clash Royale GraveyardGraveyard

Unlike Miner Poison, Graveyard Poison is not powerful enough to take out your Bandit or eWiz, so you should be fine.

Graveyard Freeze, however, is a much harder matchup because they get lots of Tower damage on their first push, and you run the risk of them outcycling you.

First, bait out the Freeze with Bandit. Then, once Freeze is used, deploy Bats on the Graveyard and watch the Skeletons drop like flies!

Clash Royale BalloonBalloon Cycles

Super hard.

They will outcycle you on every push, and will always have good defenses.

Against the Balloon, your best shot is to use the Bats or eWiz.

If you want to have another high damage troop in the deck to deal with Balloon easier, check the Substitutions for more.

Clash Royale Three MusketeersThree Musketeers

Shouldn’t be too hard.

Chances are, they’re going to split these gals behind the King Tower, so when they do, place P.E.K.K.A on the side with the two Muskets (or just Poison).

Then, if they use a Ram or Knight with the solo Musket, use the Bats to surround and the eWiz to kill, leaving the mini tank exposed.

Poison Pumps in Single Elixir and the two Muskets if possible during Double Elixir.

Clash Royale Goblin GangSpell Bait

Don’t let them force you to use your Zap on something you don’t want to use.

The main target will definitely be the Barrels. Against Princess, use Bandit or eWiz, and against Gang, use Bats.

Any other Bait troops can be dispatched by the eWiz.

Clash Royale Mega KnightMega Knight

P.E.K.K.A will definitely be your best counter to this guy.

Otherwise, you can use Dark Prince and the Bats.

Also note that if Dark Prince is charging and the MK is preparing to jump, once he hits the Dark Prince, he will still get the charge off because of shield HP!

Be sure to use the Pump as an opener wherever possible to help keep up with their cycle.

Check out the video to see Nickatnyte trophy push with this deck!


So that’s all for just another of my many deck guide by yours truly, Supermarine! See y’all next time!


    • Battle Ram didn’t need a nerf. It was balanced. NW was the key for the rise of bridge spam. SC did nerf it too much

  1. I don’t think using pekka to defend hog is a bad idea because
    1 if you place him fast enough, the hog won’t touch you tower
    2 the opponent who has probably spent around 6-8 elixir on his hog push now has to deal with a full hp pekka coming at him.
    Just my opinion though, great quite btw

    • You can read it again
      P.E.K.K.A isn’t a good defense option in single elixir because it’s overspending, if they decided to push with lone Hogs, then it would be a hard time

      • It doesn’t matter if it is lone because you can create a deadly counterpush that will force them to spend more
        Or they will just have to counter a full hp pekka. They could do this with an inferno tower, which will earn you a positive elixer trade of 2, or counter it with something else. If they spend three elixer countering a lone pekka, then that trade is neutral, giving neither player an elixer advantage. However, if they are playing cycle hog, you may need to use an ewiz. Usually, you can count on your opponent playing more than 3 elixer to counter a pekka, especially if you have a zap or log in hand for any potential skarmy.

      • And you didn’t think about their counter-counter push after defend your Pekka? Like using inferno dragon, which is very popular in this meta

  2. Hey smough I know you really want to meet me but what would my parents say if some random guy who’s probably 2 years older than me just comes in and asks to see their son because he knows him from a website talking about a game they don’t even know about?

  3. A lone hog is what people usually send as a first move
    Pekka push isn’t that hard to counter since she appeared close to the bridge, which means your support isn’t enough to protect her from inferno stuffs, swarms, or even another pekka

  4. And i think this deck can’t be ‘bridge spam’ if you use the pump instead of a fast winning condition like Ram or Hog, and ice golem+bats/goblins synergies better with this deck than ice spirit+minions

  5. the deck is basically same as the popular ranker’s deck, except gobs replaced with ice spirit. but I love how you can just change it all you want!

  6. what is megaloon? I’ve never seen this deck (megaloon) only chief pat used it! MEGAPEKKA will destroy this deck!

  7. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S NOT META!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Golem FTW aka Radius is me
        2. I’m Polish, not German. I just can speak German.
        3. Yes, I’m using Grammarly
        4. Thanks! Your guides are really good so it’s a big compliment!

      • Hey! U wrote “10 Tips on Making Better Guides, and plus you’ve been here longer than me. I’ve only been here for like a couple of months and I already have 11 guides… but you probably have more, and they’ve probably gotten better over time like mine do.

      • ive been here for over a year an i only have 7 guides posted, and 3 of them got replaced

  8. Please, could every writer on this site just stop using the word(s) self-explanatory? The Electro Wizard doesn’t explain himself. The Bats don’t explain themselves. They deal a good deal of damage among other stuff, but what they don’t do is stop to explain. Besides, you already explained why they are good, as is your job writing this, so well done, don’t spoil it! As a request, explanations about why a card is better for your deck than another are always very welcome. Zap doesn’t tell me why it’s better than Arrows here – you’ll have to do the explaining. Even if it might seem trivial to you, it won’t be for every reader.

    • I be to differ. Unless the writer isr talking about a card’s specific usage, there’s no point writing something about every card just for the sake of writing. Rather than give a concise description of the card, it reduces the brevity of the whole guide.

      If you want to know something about the cards, say the electro wizard, then go to his page. But at this point in the game, considering that you’ve been playing for atleast 3 months, if you STILL don’t know the functions of that card, then you’re not paying attention to the game. If you’re new to the game, then you would need more than just one line on a card, and would more probably go to the specific page. Hope you got my point!

  9. I agree Wutuplolz, it would be boring to read the same stuff over and over again. But every card is a choice, and there’s always at least some thinking behind it, or there should be. Getting an insight on those thoughts would be valuable. There’s always something to write about. “Zap is here because otherwise this deck couldn’t deal with infernos and they’ll give you hell”, or whatever.

    And no Radioactive(?), I don’t think me writing the next one would magically make every other writer stop it. I’d like to write though, it’s just that I don’t consider myself good enough at this game yet, which is why I very much appreciate explanations about strategic choices.

    Anyway, sorry about the sarcastic tone, just got irritated a bit from reading the same thing for the 40th time, that’s all. 🙂

    • It’s best to not do that. Even if your Dark Prince is underleveled, just use the normal Prince instead. Although, you may need to switch the Pump for a Ice Spirit if u do that.

  10. No offense taken. And I didn’t mean it to be personal either, but as a criticism for all writers on this site – apologies to Supermarine that it happened to be your guide I lashed out at, I hope you weren’t demoralized, I did like the guide otherwise!

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