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P.E.K.K.A Double Prince, from Frozen Peak to Hog Mountain in no time



Card Breakdown 

P.E.K.K.A: My favorite Clash Royale card. It is a beast at defence and can rip a hole through any sort of push. Be careful in how you use her as she is 7 elixir. During the single elixir period you want to use her mostly on defence and not to overcommit on attack. Try to use her as less as possible because of her elixir cost and to surprise your opponent during double elixir. Don’t use her for minor pushes as there are other high damage dealing cards in this deck to defend pushes when your P.E.K.K.A is out of cycle. Don’t hold back during double elixir and use her amazing counterpushing abilities. Just pay attention to your opponents cycle.

Prince:  I have to admit before using this deck I used to think the Prince is just an old school card for the low arenas and completely useless for the higher ones, but now I understand that I was completely wrong. This card is excellent on defence and offence. He is a good defence card and when paired with a few other card stops pushes amazingly. His charge makes him a good pressure unit for your opponent forcing them to make a hasty decision or even a mistake. If your opponent has overused their elixir pair him up with an ariel troop (preferably the splash ariel unit in this deck). Try not sending him alone due to his many counters that will counter him easily resulting in no elixir in defending, resulting in tower loss, resulting in loss of battle….. Nah, just kidding but seriously try not sending him alone.

Dark Prince: The ground splash unit of this deck. Before Dark Prince was considered bad and was really underused but because of his recent buff he is a great card and seen in the lot more than usual. He is another defensive unit and when paired up with his brother, they end up doing serious damage. I like him a bit more than the Prince because of his cost, his splash damage and his shield. His shield can reset inferno dragons and Sparky shots have no affect on his life when his shield is on. He also can clean Skeleton army and spear gobs fairly quickly. He can be relied on being sent alone unlike his Prince brother because of his splash damage and charge. I also want to clear the thought of why not Valkyrie instead of him. This is because the Dark Prince can keep up with the Prince as they both charge at the same speed and the Prince and Dark Prince is one of the lethal combos in this deck.

Spear Goblins: This is the troop that brings the average elixir down. Your open to use Archers instead of them but these cards are a great, cheap Ariel / ground defence troop. It melts through balloons. And is a good card to sneak into your defence while using the other defensive cards in this deck. You can chip a bit with it as well

Mega Minion: Your first arial defensive card, due to its cheap cost I use it a lot to stop hogs, the three wizards, baby dragons and even balloon when spear gobs are zapped or out of the cycle. Pair him up with Prince or even Dark Prince so that they can tank for the Mega Minions. Usually, your opponents will underestimate mega minions but you don’t make that fault. Mega minions can do great damage if left alone. Use the mega minion slot more on defence than the other cards. Because it melts through many cards with really less elixir cost.

Baby Dragon: The second ariel card in your Dec and is also your ariel splash unit mentioned earlier. It is a great defensive support unit and is for clearing minion hordes or skeleton armies when they are on your side. I mainly use it on defence throughout the game but I sometimes pair it up with Prince, Dark Prince and even P.E.K.K.A. You can be a bit carefree on how you use him as there are other defensive units

Zap: No explanations needed. Use him for skarmy when your baby dragon is distracted or when you are sending Prince alone.

Fireball: The heavy spell in the deck, for clearing minion hordes when the baby dragon is distracted. There have been a few dilemmas on should I choose Poison or Fireball. I feel poison is a more offensive spell or the spell that is there to finish remaining life of a crown tower but I felt this deck needed a more defensive and a more instant spell like fireball unlike the slow killing poison. Try getting value for your fireball when your opponent places a witch or any other sort of glass cannons next to the crown tower by fireballing both of them.


General Gameplan

During single elixir tries defending more than attacking and your cards are very able to defend. Best starting would be to drop spear gobs on the bridge and if you don’t have the gobs you probably just want to put the Dark Prince on the bridge. Usually, during single elixir I defend and counter attack. If it’s a mere elite barbs I just put the gobs and Dark Prince but if they have a heavy push coming your way you put down the P.E.K.K.A  and support the defence with the mega minion so that my P.E.K.K.A has a good amount of life for the counter push. After countering the push I either just don’t do anything and wait for my opponents Skeleton Army or a Goblin Gang so that I can fireball or zap. I mostly try annoying my opponent by defending but remember to not over defend one push or you may lose the to the other side. You have to use your elixir very carefully and whenever there are gaps between your opponents pushes try putting a Prince and Baby Dragon or a Dark Prince Baby dragon so you basically want to support your ground troop with a Baby Dragon. Pay close attention to your opponents cycle if they have a heavy hitting card such as Balloon or E barbs etc. If your opponents have these kind of cards try not using the appropriate counter for something else. Example if there is a Balloon try not using your Mega Minion for defending something else other than the Balloon. Because of your small Prince pushes with the Dark Prince, Baby Dragon or even P.E.K.K.A. You probably have a tower before 2x elixir. If this is the case you have to choices to make either commit yourself to defence and stop your opponent from getting a tower or you can keep pressuring your opponent with more attacking so that he won’t have time to attack and is forced to only defend. If you don’t have a tower yet you have to go full force with this push: P.E.K.K.A + Prince + Dark Prince + Baby Dragon and Amy spell to support your push this should usually get you the tower and even the win.

Countering Decks

How to counter Hut Decks

I will briefly explain how to counter the following decks

Golem Beatdown: Easy, P.E.K.K.A for the golem and because the supports will be focused in defending the P.E.K.K.A you can mega minion and baby dragon the supports

P.E.K.K.A beatdown: Use your Pekka for their Pekka and also use the Prince and Dark Prince For your opponents P.E.K.K.A  so you can counter push after your done defending your opponents push.

Hog Cycle: This is a bit tricky but try forcing them to defend so that they can’t go on the attack

Lavahound: Try making your own push so that they won’t be able to support their lavahound

Miner Control: This is easy because after you defend you can go on the counterpush.

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