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October Update Recap! Touchdown, Daily Quests, New Shop and Free Offers!


In this page, I will be listing all of the announced information of the upcoming Clash Royale October update.

I will keep this page updated until the update comes out.

touchdown mode clash royale

Clash Royale October Update!

New Gamemodes

Touchdown Mode: 

  • Do everything you can to get a troop cross the touchdown line at the end of the Arena.
  • Troops will run in straight lines until get lured.
  • 1 troop crossing the line = 1 Crown. Get 3 Crowns first to win the game. Otherwise, the one who gets more Crowns in 3 minute will win the game. There will be sudden death also.
  • x1 Elixir and x2 Elixir phrases remain. The first 2 minutes are x1 Elixir and the rest is x2 Elixir.

clash royale touchdown mode

As you can only play troops behind that white line, cards like Graveyard, Miner, Goblin Barrel etc are also affected.

Read more about the Touchdown Mode at here.

Mirror Challenge:

Play vs the same deck and same rotation. Every deck contains the Mirror card, which is the gamechanging factor.

There is no excuses here. Only the best player will win the game unless the lord of connection is not standing by your side.

Join and get the one-time rewards!

  • 3 Wins = Golden Chest
  • 6 Wins = Giant Chest.

clash royale quests

Daily Quests

This is, hands down, the most exciting thing that we have been waiting for months.

We will have daily quests, probably up to 3 Quests per day. Finishing these quests will give you Quest Points, which will be used to open a chest in the menu (which could be Gold Chest, Epic Chest, Giant Chest, Magical Chest, Super Magical Chest or Legendary Chest).

quests menu

Here are some Quests we have at the moment. There are still a lot more!

  • Win a 2v2 Battle x times.
  • Win a 1v1 Battle x times.
  • Play [Type] cards x times in 1v1 Arena Battles.
  • Open x chests.
  • Collect x cards.
  • Play cards with Common rarity x times in 1v1 Arena Battles.
  • Play [Rarity] Cards x times in 1v1 Arena Battles.
  • Play cards that cost at least x Elixir y times in 1v1 Arena Battles.
  • Request cards from your Clan x times.
  • Play card [Name] x times.
  • Play the combo [Name] x times.

Daily Gift

We will have a Daily Gift system inside the Quests menu.

All you need to do is just to open the game and collect the gift every day. Do not skip any day or the rewards will be back to the Day 1.

The rotation of the Daily Gift will be changed every reset but you will get the same rewards after all. 5 days in total and you will be back to Day 1.

daily gift clash royale

Collecting Daily Gift gives you 5 Quest Points each time.

More details about the new Quests system at here.

new shop clash royale

Revamped Shop and Free Offers

Free Gold, Cards and Gems

Every day, you will have a chance to get free 200 Gold, 10 Gems, Silver Chest, Gold Chest etc. And on every Sunday, you can get an Epic card from the shop for free (It’s Epic Sunday guys, of course!)

free gifts daily
Sometimes you have this free offer. Sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you get free Gold but sometimes you get free Gems. It varies but we will find out the order soon!

New Card Prices

The card prices are changed a bit but not really.

From now Common Card now costs 100 Gold each. However, it’s consistent. Which means, If you purchase even 100 cards, the last card’s price is still 400 Gold.

The price is not doubled as before.

  • 1 Common Card = 10 Gold.
  • 1 Rare = 100 Gold
  • 1 Epic = 1,000 Gold
  • 1 Legendary = 40,000 Gold
  • 600 Gold = 20 Gems
  • And a lot more offers.

If you want to purchase a shop slot, you need to buy all of the cards there.

For example, as you can see in the screenshot above, you can’t buy 1 Inferno Tower for 100 Gold. You need to buy all of those 10 for 1,000 Gold.

This is truly a lot better shop than before since you can max out cards a lot easier. Instead of buy 1-2 cards every day, you can just save up Gold and buy a bunch later.

For insane, before, you need 3,000 Gold to buy 2 Golems at once but now it takes only 2000 Gold. If you want to buy 2 Golems with the price at 1,000 each, you will need to wait until 2049 to see Golem in the shop again.

Fact: Sometimes, there are slots which require you to buy with Gems. Seems not okay, but actually this gives you more value than turning Gems to Gold then buying them.

Balance Changes

Clash Royale SparkySparky (buff):

Damage decreased by 15%, attack speed increased from 5s to 4s.

Clash Royale Electro WizardElectro Wizard:

Attack Speed decreased from 1.8s to 2s (first hit only). Damage reduced by 4%.

Clash Royale LightningLightning:

Radius -0.5 radius. Damage reduced by 3%

Clash Royale ValkyrieValkyrie:

Damage increased by 5%. Valkyrie can now oneshot Princess and Dart Goblin.

Clash Royale GraveyardGraveyard:

Duration +0.5s, which means there will be 1 more Skeleton in total. Radius decreased from 5 to 4 tiles.

Clash Royale Cannon CartCannon Cart:

+5% HP and Shield Points. More reliable!

Clash Royale Spear GoblinsSpear Goblins:

Attack speed increased from 1.3s to 1.1s. Remember that this is an indirect buff to the Goblin Hut!

Clash Royale TeslaTesla:

Attack speed decreased from 0.8s to 1.0s. Damage increased by 30%.

Tesla is a lot more viable card now. It is able to oneshot Golins now.


New 2v2 Features!

During a Challenge, you can choose to play with your friends or with a stranger.

After a 2v2 battle, you can request the partner for a rematch and chat with them with lots of new emotes:

new 2v2 chat emotes


There will be some daily casual challenges, where all players above level 4 can enter.

The new thing is, If you lose a match, it doesn’t count. So you can just keep playing until you hit the threshold.

new challenges

Towers will have a new golden skin as leaked before:

  • Tournament full refund will be removed. No more scams and spams in Tournament section. Source
  • New loading screen (fak yeah!). Source
  • And some more Quality-of-Life improvements soon! Source

Collected by JoseNL27


  1. well, some people are tired of being pushed around by overleveled cards, you know? I have a lvl 4 pekka, used it on ladder(3400) , my pekka got shredded by overleveled ebarbs

      • Seriously? Why don’t you use ebarbs then? If, according to you, overlevelled ebarbs will always win, then why don’t you use them?

      • because I know that people going against me will feel despair and turn to cancerous tactics, and that really does not help the game

      • Despair? Is this LoTR going on here? Or star wars maybe? “Thou shalt despair and tremble!!” And that kind of bullshit? And what “cancerous” techniques will they use? Everyone will start using RGs and ebarbs. As if. That’s not how the game works mate, that’s your mindset speaking.

        And to be honest, you’re not supposed to ACTUALLY care about the game,you’re supposed to care about winning it.

      • the main reason I don’t like using ebarbs is that I actually want to get into leagues. having overleveled ebarbs may seem good in arena 10 to early leagues, but as you advance further, a lot of people will have overleveled cards, thus making ebarbs look like a joke. and secondly, they suck in challenges. if you only use ebarbs, you are going to have some trouble getting wins in challenges. third, using ebarbs do not improve your skill

      • First, overlevelled card s do NOT make level 13 ebarbs look like a joke, even in leagues. Like how my clan leader’s level 11 fireball fails. Second, you have to be versatile in this game. If your skillsets are limited to a certain card then you, honestly, suck. Thirdly, they do require skill. You have to have skill to help them reach the tower. And please, this is not Fallout that you’re looking for “skill” points. You want skill? Play GoW for that, on God mode. Or Uncharted Lost Legacy. Even Fallout or Far Cry would do. Not online PvP kiddie games.

      • first, an equal leveled knight can counter them. secondly, I did not say I only use one card, in fact I experiment with a lot of win conditions to see which one suits me best. thirdly, I agree that high up in the leagues, ebarbs take skill, but not in 3k range/or below

      • Ebarbs+zap > Knight (equal level)
        If you can use lots of win conditions, then why worry about not being able to use ebarbs in challenges? Since both of my accounts are > 3.5k, I think and comment with the mindset of a player in that trophy range, not below three thousand.

      • my ebarbs are lvl 9 and i rarely use them, i probably will not use them for a while

  2. I watched the livestream yesterday and I made a deck around it:
    Goblin Hut
    Barbarian Hut
    Ice Spirit
    The strategy is spawners are the threat, and X-bow, Goblins and Ice spirit defend. When troops are placed to stop the spawners(like 2 or 3 of them), lightning. Place the Furnace and Tombstone on the sides, and Barbarian Hut right down the middle, all of them in the endzone. X-bow in the middle, but up to the white line. Goblins and Ice Spirit are for defense and for sneak attacks. I’ll be modifying the deck as I play more.

  3. and supercell should make a request section that enables you to request a card that you want to buy from shop once a month, and supercell has to make that card appear

  4. In touchdown mode the key is very fast troops like dart goblin and troops with death effects(Golem with the golemites, Lava hound with the lavapups, Night witch with the bats. Bombs don’t count). Melee units should be the ones reaching the endzone. DO NOT USE RG IT’S BASICALLY A 6 ELIXIR TANK THAT CAN’T DO ANYTHING BUT WALK SLOW AND DIE.

  5. Has anyone noticed how between arena 10 and 11 you need to gain 800 trophies but from arena 11 to challenger 1 you only need 200? Maybe at 3400 arena 11 is called something like elite arena while legendary arena is moved down to 3700 trophies as arena 12?

    • No, I think the gap between Hog Mountain and Legendary Arena is a huge skill improvement zone. In my opinion it’s good for the game.

    • It’s easy to climb from a10 to a11 as I only need a month.
      The gap between a11 and challenge 1 is real hell…
      I have tried 3 months with my 11/7/5/2 cards

      • Fun fact: i got to arena 10 with my second account first with a level 5 hog
        While i got to arena 10 with my main 3 weeks later i think with tournament standard lumberloon, it was in april, then i stopped playing clash for 1 and a half month

        The full lumberloon deck was:
        ice spirit

    • That’s what I was wondering about..
      I don’t think that they have to be concerned about ladder and tournament metas when constructing this gamemode since the touchdown mode meta will be so different already
      Also I don’t think that the touchdown mode meta will affect ladder and tournament meta, however. For instance, nobody will play a siege deck in touchdown mode (well actually, so few people play siege in the first place, not the best example)

  6. Overleveled people are usually overleveled because they use use only commons in their deck, which I think is fine. Or they don’t donate and just buy chests from the shop/grind challenges, which I think is pretty dirty (tin2 is a prefect example of this).

  7. I hope they also double the amount of donations and rewarded battles. Every day I reach donation cooldown with at least 18hrs. To go. Battles are not rewarded after 20 wins WTF

  8. But are the mirror mode decks COMPLETELY random or does it have some kind of logic in the decks?
    And which tower skin do you think would look the best? I think it’s gonna be the PEKKA tower or the ice tower

  9. unrelated, but today is independence day for china, even though i live in the u.s, im chinese

  10. Guys not related but does anyone remember my MEGA spell bait + MEGA trophy rushing deck that had an AEC of 4.1? Well, it’s not on the website anymore! Did it get deleted???

  11. mirror mode is the absolute best thing clash royale has ever done. no excuses. only skill. cant wait! 🙂

  12. Mirror mode: Both players get a beatdown deck. And I have no idea how to play beatdown while my opponent is a master of it… 🙁

    • lmao just go for draw. they drop golem you drop golem they drop fireball so do you etc. i know how to play all decks except slow heavy beatdown decks except lavaloon but otherwise i hate beatdown and this is what im planning to do.

      • me too, i feel ur struggles. and once i do play pump, my opponent destroys me with his push.

  13. Why are flying machine and cannon cart banned from Touchdown? I can understand the others: hog just rushes to the other side; mega knight will just destroy everything, jumping everywhere; but flying machine and cannon cart aren’t that powerful at all?

  14. Why are people saying the update is on 3 october? who said that? cuz i never really heard someone say it’s on 3 october

  15. Hold on, if hog, cannon cart, and flying machine are banned from TD mode…


  16. I once asked my spiritual guru, “Guruji, the answer! Where is it?”
    “What answer my child?” Came the reply.
    “The answer that will save CR from over repitation!” Hurriedly, the second question was put.
    “Look for the next fundamental 0.666666 rendevous.”

    At that time, I was more confused than the La La Land team at the Oscars. But now, it is clearer than a midsummer day.

    For those who are still in the dark, by fundamental me guru meant a fundamental particle. 0.666666 is equivalent to +2/3, which is the charge of an “UP” quark, the lightest fundamental particle. And rendevous can be interpreted as”DATE”. My teacher was trying to reveal, albeit in a somewhat convoluted manner, the watch out for the next UPDATE. My suspicions of him being a member of the Supercell developer team have increased.

  17. This update is massive and I totally love it. Touchdown is cool, daily quests add life to the game, mirror challenges, gold rush and stuff is interesting, and it seems like Supercell knows what they are doing, making the game better as a whole. I would love some balance changes and new cards (and btw, the Challenges Tab looks awesome!)

  18. Are the gold towers free? and do you HAVE to play with them? and are there other skins?

    So much questions

  19. My goodness! I cannot wait! The quests update will be great. It gives you something else to do. Right now, it’s grind on the ladder, 2v2 or friendly battle, or lose in challenges (for me at least).

  20. new poll : what do you think will be the best in touchdown mode? I think it’s baby dragon. (Can’t think of anything). Oops, sory guys, I forgot to put “epic card” in there. Well, that’s gonna be another poll I guess.

  21. i am very happy about this, supercells new update seems insane and i cant wait!. the touch down mode and the quests will be interesting ( as will me gtting my first leggy xD) GG on the new update comming soon supercell the suspense is killing me! (sorry for typos)

  22. new poll : what do you think will be the best epic card un touchdown mode? I think it’s gonna be baby dragon.

  23. Woww, a sparky buff!!!
    A pleasant surprise
    And graveyard buff is awesome
    Cannon cart buff is almost useless IMO

  24. tbh, i think the ewiz is better off when he dies to an equal-leveled fireball as he was way too op when he survives, i figured he was more balanced before his HP got buffed, and ice wiz rivaled it more during that time as after the HP buff, ewiz basically overshadowed ice wiz (which like i said, triggers me) like 90% of the time, also on a side note, supercell finally gave sparky that long needed buff

    • Here’s an argument for you:
      No matter what, Ice wizard will never be meta anymore. Ever since payfecta stopped being meta, there have been so many new cards where ice wiz doesn’t really do well against which just makes ice wiz even more of an unreasonable choice than it already is. E-wiz did need more nerfs but no matter what, Ice wiz will always be secondary to E-wiz in most decks uess they truly do nerf E-wiz to the ground. Even if that happens, I would probably switch out E-wiz with a different card like Musketeer or Archers since a deck with Ice Wiz really needs to be built so the Ice Wiz is actually effective.

    • I feel like the reason why e-wiz is so good is because of his spawn zap, it makes him so damn versatile. They should probably add something similar to ice wiz to make him a bit more legendary.

  25. Guys i have mk in the shop on my main, i have plenty of gold and if i buy him i’ll have all the cards, should i do it?

  26. So losses won’t count in challenges anymore? If yes, then GREAT! If no, then can someone explain it to me?

  27. Well, people all over the forums are mad because of hog nerf
    Oh well, i myself dont mind, except that cursed auto pig push

  28. new poll : what do you think will be the worst coomon card in touchdown mode? I think it’s gonna be rg cuz it’s slow and its range is rendered useless.

  29. I GOT THE NEW UPDATE!!! but it’s still on maintenance break… BUT I CAN SEE THE NEW LOADING SCREEN!!!

  30. Still unable to play. Has the update just not been released in my area or something? I go to loading screen, at 50% it prompts me to DL the update. I click ok and then taken to app store where it just says “open”, no update showing. Anybody else having this problem?

  31. guys guess what i spent 20k gold on upgrading my hog rider 7, my bowler 4, and i bought an epic chest for 10k and got x bows which i wanted and pekkas!

  32. DUDE I ENDED UP DROPPING FROM 3614 ALL THE WAY TO 3207 CUZ OF OVERLEVELED CARDS, AND YOU SAY THAT AN ARENA CAP IS NOT NECESSARY?!?!?!?! (Sry bout the all caps, I was pissed off about that massive loss streak)

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