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October Update: Balance Changes – Sparky Buff, Tesla Buff and Spell Nerfs


Yes of course, every update always has a balance changes part. And finally, Supercell seems like have listened to us!

october balance change

October Balance Changes

Clash Royale SparkySparky (buff):

Damage decreased by 15%, attack speed increased from 5s to 4s.

Clash Royale Electro WizardElectro Wizard:

Attack Speed decreased from 1.8s to 2s (first hit only). Damage reduced by 4%.

Clash Royale LightningLightning:

Radius -0.5 radius. Damage reduced by 3%

Clash Royale ValkyrieValkyrie:

Damage increased by 5%. Valkyrie can now oneshot Princess and Dart Goblin.

Clash Royale GraveyardGraveyard:

Duration +0.5s, which means there will be 1 more Skeleton in total. Radius decreased from 5 to 4 tiles.

Clash Royale Cannon CartCannon Cart:

+5% HP and Shield Points. More reliable!

Clash Royale Spear GoblinsSpear Goblins:

Attack speed increased from 1.3s to 1.1s. Remember that this is an indirect buff to the Goblin Hut!

Clash Royale TeslaTesla:

Attack speed decreased from 0.8s to 1.0s. Damage increased by 30%.

Tesla is a lot more viable card now. It is able to oneshot Golins now.


  • Bandit, Mega Knight – FIXED: Bandit and Mega Knight dashing/jumping a shorter distance than they should.
  • Cannon Cart – FIXED: Troops occasionally stopped targeting the Cannon Cart and very occasionally get stuck behind a broken Cannon Cart.
  • Inferno Dragon, Inferno Tower – FIXED: Damage not resetting after breaking through a shield (e.g. Guards, Dark Prince, Cannon Cart).
  • Troop Pathfinding – FIXED: Troops steering towards an unexpected lane. Behaviour should be more as expected now.


  1. Would decreasing graveyards radius be a buff since it is harder to activiate the king tower and the skeletons dont have to walk as far to the tower.

  2. sparky buffed, lightning and electro wiz nerfed = more sparkys which also means there is gonna be more cannons carts because of the buff and since it can take 2 hits from sparky along with probably seeing more guards.

    • Remember that Airfecta Deck that I modified? It has Guards, which should be comin’ back! Check it out for sure!

    • Lightning nerfed = more rockets – alot of ewizzes = more sparky’s but not A LOT more, this is what i am thinking

    • More sparkys = MORE Ewiz even though he is nerfed as well as more zap and lightning since they can shut it down pretty good, More sparkies = More Guards, DP, air units and more cannon carts. (More swarm units as well)

  3. Holy Cow, Tesla is gonna be super strong now. And sparky, with the ewiz nerf along with her buff, she is gonna be strong as well. But, I will still use ewiz, And maybe goblin hut will start to replace furnace and tombstone due to its buff, who knows?

  4. I’m not sure if I’m running on old news, but I thought Tesla had some weird pull-not pull stuff with the Hog Rider? Also, I’m glad that the Valkyrie is receiving a buff. She becomes a lot more viable as a splash card.

  5. I didn’t see an inferno nerf… Seems like they just fixed something that needed to be, which will be a good thing for infernos. Oh nevermind I misunderstood. That is a slight nerf, but one that was needed. My inferno dragon will just have to work a bit harder to stop princes.

  6. The WORST balance changes TILL DATE.
    Ewiz was pretty much balanced. Lightning was VERY much balanced imo. Sparky……well, who cares? I’ll easily defeat her. And now her damage is reduced too! The others are not that big changes.

  7. really bad changes, lightning is completely balanced, only ones i agree on are sparky, ewiz, and graveyard
    also knight and mega knight need nerfs

    • don’t nerf the knight and the mega knight please
      the ice golem still lets the Ebarbs get 2 shots if they aren’t overleveled at all, at a say they were timed perfectly, and on the ladder they are overleveled, so nerfing the knight and the mega knight means a buff to Ebarbs in the ladder and nobody wants that

    • Mega Knight is fine as it is due to the mass amounts of counterplay avalible. Knight needs to be nerfed to increase ice golem viability

  8. Lightning was pretty strong
    Ewiz was fine, but i don’t really mind nerfing him
    Really happy with the GY and Valkyrie changes
    Idk about the sparky change, i really like the 1 sec charge reduction, but the damage decrease was a bit too harsh wasn’t it, i would nerf it to 1200 instead too 1100, so i can still one-shot itself, which it should imo

    The other changes also are really good, only annoyed about the indirect gob hut buff

      I’M SO HAPPY
      By the way I agree with every thing except for the GY and the Gob hut opinions (why nerf GY so much it’s so cool it isn’t just another tank like the giant which is the same as the golem but doesn’t have death damage, and the GY wasn’t that good after the nerf anyways)

    • It’s not the sparky against sparky. The damage needed to be nerfed that much because now it’s already a counterpush monster. Increase its damage and it’ll be 1 shotting everything.

      • It’s supposed to be a counterpush monster. That’s what makes Sparky viable. With less damage, it won’t be able to one shot Hog Riders, overleveled ebarbs, or knight. Besides, the extremely high damage is what makes Sparky unique. I don’t think Supercell needed to nerf her damage because even with her hit speed buff, she is still countered by all swarms, ewiz, zap, lightning, shielded troops, knight, pekka and rocket to name a few. Sparky was still going to be fragile, just a little bit more reliable. The damage nerf was unnecessary. Even when it’s damage was not nerfed, it still didn’t one shot knight. It only one shotted glass cannons, which were supposed to be fragile anyways

      • it was the same deal with ice wiz in the august changes, sure he also got a long needed buff, but the hit speed nerf made him weaker against swarms

      • Think about the pro players. If Sparky got a buff then it would be found in every deck amongst the top players.

  9. Sparky: I guess a buff was unavoidable but hopefully this doesn’t make her too good (a sparky meta would be terrible)

    Electro wizard: I expect him to still be popular so this shouldn’t change much

    Lightning: This shouldn’t change much either.

    Valkyrie: That was unexpected imo. I don’t think she needed this buff.

    Graveyard: I’m not sure if a radius decrease is a nerf or a buff. It will allow it to not activate king tower and bring skellies closer to tower for more damage but will be easier to counter.

    Cannon cart: I’m pretty happy about this since I thought it should have more hp.

    Spear goblins: these guys needed a buff but I’m not sure it will do much. It will indirectly buff goblin gang tho.

    Tesla: Finally! Hopefully well see more of this electrick building!

  10. my reactions:

    Sparky: yay she finally got that hit speed buff, damage shouldnt get reduced tho…

    Ewiz: well at least it will PROBABLY make ice wiz a better option, pretty big interaction changes tho

    Lightning: 1 word: pointless

    Valkyrie: good buff, might get me to pull out my old trifecta deck (my first ever guide on CRA), however will still probably be overshadowed by knight

    Graveyard: might be a great option again

    Cannon Cart: mines lvl 1, not gonna use it yet

    Spear Gobs: great change, although it does buff the goblin gang too

    Tesla: probably will rise in usage, may or may not jump into the meta

  11. Uh, the Infernos weren’t supposed to stack up after shield was broken anyways… it was a glitch

  12. My Opinions:

    Sparky: Good job with hit speed buff, damage nerf unnecessary

    Electro Wizard: When will Supercell learn that these minor nerfs to ewiz don’t do crap? If they truly want it to be used less often, buff its damage and hit speed back up but nerf its HP so that it dies to fireball

    Lightning: Don’t understand why this happened. Won’t change much, just more difficult to get great value out of it

    Valkyrie: I guess this was meant to decrease knight usage, as both cards have similar roles. Will make valk more viable

    Graveyard: I don’t even know anymore, it was balanced two balance changes ago

    Cannon Cart: This will make it seen a lot more to make CC less of a glass cannon(no pun intended)

    Spear Goblins: Needed, as nobody uses these guys anymore. I think a fourth spear goblin would have been a better idea, but whatever

    Tesla: YAY!!! Finally it won’t be the mediocre in-between of cannon and inferno tower

  13. Sparky – FINALLY supercell (mine’s lvl 3)
    E Wiz – Makes sense its overused
    Lightning – Kind of op, but so is bandit and mk (why didn’t they nerf those?)
    Valkyrie – GREAT. EVEN MORE e barb decks.
    Graveyard – My favorite wc before the nerf, i hope it makes graveyard great again
    CC – still a pointless card
    Spear Gobs – A buff to the most op deck in the game (logbait)
    Tesla – 30% maybe a bit much? i already face too many max teslas already

  14. Sparky- YAY, i love sparky, i once used GS sparky deck to push lol, damage nerf for sparky is too much IMO

    Ewiz- doesn’t change much i would say

    Lightning- makes it more “skillful” to use

    Spear gobs- YAY, now they kill skeletons! Before this buff, spear gobs basically don’t do any damage lol

    Valkyrie- Umm, yay i guess?

    Cannon cart- lol, what kind of buff is it, wont change much as long as it’s 5 elixir

    Graveyard- well, i dont know what to say about this one, seems like a good buff, but maybe a little op

    Tesla- this one is gold, my friends, no longer a hiding cannon everyone!

  15. So I was thinking about getting the E-Wiz from the shop, should I know longer get him? He stills seem viable.

    • tesla wil be op also because lightning is gonna b worse and log bait will b slightly better, exe and wiz will get a bit better

  16. Can anyone suggest a good Sparky deck? I really want to use her, but she just doesn’t work against Ebarbs! Now, due to her hit speed buff, she’ll be more reliable

    • Try giant sparky. This is a very good deck. giant, sparky, prince or mini pekka, witch or any splash attacker, pump, zap,miner or goblin barrel and ice spirit

    • Try my Giant Sparky double minions:
      Minion horde(11)
      I’m at 3860 (was at 3920) and ready to push 4000+

    • I used this deck to push 600 trophies up to 4k:
      Ice Wizard

  17. I thought there was going to be a Rocket nerf so it cant kill Sparky in tourney standards
    Sparky buff i feel like this change is gonna make sparky op bc even with the dmg decrease it is still gonna be able to one shot most troops(i have 3/2 sparky cards so i am reasonably happy)
    Ewiz nerf might be a big deal bc in those extra 0.2 sec the tank might be down much more hp by inferno
    lightning nerf obviously meant to buff sparky
    valkyrie meant to replace knight in the legendary arena
    graveyard i think the radius decrease actually makes it more reliable bc it will be more concentrated on the target but poison will still wreck it
    cannon cart not much difference
    spear goblins meant to replace goblin gang
    tesla finally getting a buff possibly replace cannon in the old hog cycle(when is the bomb tower buff coming??)

  18. My opinions:
    Sparky: its about f****** time, now all we need is a rocket nerf or sparky hp buff to prevent sparky from getting one shotted by the rocket (rocket nerf would be preferable) and for sparky’s nuclear explosion to indirectly hit air (cuz you know, a ground based golem explosion can somehow reach air…). In my opinion the damage nerf was not needed but it sparky will still be able to one shot most cards so its meh…#MAKESPARKYGREATAGAIN

    Ewiz: this is another elixir pump situation, give it all these meaningless nerfs and after 50 balances it will be ridiculously underpowered. If Supercell know what they are doing they will stop nerfing him here

    Lightning: indirect buff to Sparky and also a nerf to beatdown, im not sure this was needed

    Valk: meant to decrease knight usage, i like this change

    GY: I dont even know anymore…

    CC: Still not gonna be used, although this is conformation that mega knyte isn’t getting nerfed

    SG: Sure why not? Although this is an indirect buff to the goblin gang, something im sure not to many people are in favour of.

    Tesla: It doesn’t stun, but i like it, im not to sure how the hit speed decrease is going to come into play though

    • i think ewiz should die to equal-lvled fireball but then to make up for that his dps should be buffed back to where it was before (maybe even higher), that would make ewiz more balanced as he would do more damage, but dying to fireball is his weakness, that’ll make cards like ice wiz and musket stand out more into the meta and overall make the game more balanced. so basically what i was saying is that ewiz was actually more balanced when he was first released

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