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Night Witch Mirror Clone Deck (Free Crowns)


Hey everyone, its me Fizzle AKA Siege FTW with the new meta “Night Witch Mirror Clone” deck.

After the recent release of the Night Witch (for those of us lucky enough to win it) my trusted leader and classmate, Anivium, started messing around with this powerful card and ended up creating this monster.

Now I know what your thinking: “Fizzle, do you honestly think that if all I do is Mirror and Clone a card it will win me battles?” The answer? Of course not! You also want to Rage the Night Witch 😀

night witch mirror clone deck

Night Witch Mirror Clone Deck

Clash Royale Night WitchClash Royale mirrorClash Royale Clone SpellClash Royale Rage
Clash Royale The LogClash Royale MinerClash Royale SkeletonClash Royale Arrows

Now I know this looks like a rather odd deck that would never work but trust me, this deck is a beast!

I personally have made it to a new personal best of over 4400 trophies with card levels at a mere 10/no rares/3/2 (as well as a level 5 Mirror.) Far below average compared to the majority of level 12 commons and so on.

But enough bragging about the deck, lets talk strategy!

Cards Breakdown

Night Witch- Win condition, support troop, tank, and just about everything else in this one card. Basically, the goal is to set up a cycle to where you can spawn a Night Witch, and immediately Mirror and Clone it.

Now I know this seems as though one Fireball would destroy your entire push but your forgetting one major detail: Bats.

So lets say you just got your 4 Night Witches on the map when all of a sudden your opponent, seeing a golden opportunity, Fireballs all four, killing 2 and leaving 2 with a sliver of health. This means that assuming he didn’t quite get all of the 10 or so Bats already spawned (they hardly ever do) as well as the 8 bats with spawned after your Night Witches death damage, AND your 2 remaining Night Witches let out one final pair of Bats each, this leaves you with roughly 15 Bats and 2 Night Witches even after a Fireball.

Even if they Zap afterwards, 8 more Bats will come out of nowhere at which point you send your Miner to the Tower, Rage everything, and laugh as you watch your opponent struggle to defend against the Horde of Bats shredding through their towers.

Mirror: The Mirror is used hardly any in the current meta, meaning it is easier to request and level up, meaning more powerful Night Witches, meaning ULTIMATE POWER!

Strategy wise, however, you almost never, unless in an emergency (when I say emergency I don’t mean in order to protect a Tower, I mean only Mirror something other than Night Witch if its the only way to keep from getting 3 crowned) want to Clone something other than Night Witch, as you will then have to restart in building a cycle back to it.

There is not a whole lot more to say about this card as long as you remember ALWAYS MIRROR NIGHT WITCH.

Clone: The Clone spell, so much hate when it came out and everyone thought it would be absolutely overpowered but turned out to be nothing more than a free positive Elixir trade by the opposing player. Until now.

With 4 Night Witches, the massive waves of Bats will eat up any troop standing in the way, and keep coming even after Fireballs and Zap spells try in vain to cut down the numbers, its no surprise 3 crowns often come in the first push.

Same as the Mirror, try not to Clone anything but Night Witches and build it into a cycle to use after Mirror.

The Log: A powerful spell for only 2 Elixir, The Log is a staple in most decks and this is one is no exception.

Unfortunately, due to very odd hands you can get, occasionally you will need to Log almost nothing in order to construct a decent cycle.

If possible, use The Log as wisely as possible and make as many positive Elixir trades as possible (obviously) Can be replaced with Zap or Fireball (not recommended)

Rage: The Rage spell is another rarely seen card in the meta but still has the power when combined with your mass amounts of Bats to overpower the enemy in seconds.

I usually won’t Rage the Night Witches in the first push unless I think I can 3c rown them or have an excess in Elixir, and will instead use it as a surprise speed boost for the Bats often putting the enemy into panic mode.

I have won a number of battles where I had swarms of Bats and after raging them my opponent dropped a Valkyrie and, forgetting Bats can fly, was swiftly defeated.

If the opponent has a large amount of spells to deal with your bats as well as splash troops, I will occasionally simply try to Miner Mirror Rage my way to victory (this is extremely hard to do successfully and is more of a last attempt if you don’t stand a chance with your Night Witches)

Skeletons: Great cycle card, decent DPS, and an extremely low cost, not much more you could ask for in a card.

I will normally split Skeletons in the back as often as possible, using them as the counter counter for Hog. Taking some Hog damage is fine with this deck and if I think I can build a big enough push, I will occasionally ignore the Hog completely.

If your still building a cycle, you can pair them with Miner for some chip damage.

I don’t recommend replacing these guys with Ice Spirit as he is more offensively focused and Skeletons help more with kiting and overall defense.

Miner: The Miner is a great Mini tank for your Night Witches and Skeletons but can also help on defense If nothing else is available.

A lot of the time I will send Miner in to attack a splash damage dealing troop such as Wizard or Executioner to distract them long enough for my Bat Horde to devour them.

Unfortunately, this card is irreplaceable but if your desperate you could try Knight or Ice Golem.

Arrows: The second spell in this deck, Arrows provide great defense against pesky Minion Hordes and princesses out of range of The Log.

I don’t recommend using Zap or Fireball due to the fact that Zap can’t take out Minions, Fireball is much too expensive to waste (which must be done early game to build a cycle) and both have a smaller range radius.

As long as you get at least 3 elixirs worth out of it, you should be good.

EXCEPTION: Early game when your Elixir bar is full and you have a bad hand you may need to Arrows the opponents Tower+anything else to cycle.

General Gameplan

Early game

This is the time to build a cycle of the following cards in this order: Night Witch, Mirror, Clone, Rage/Miner (either one).

This takes practice but after a few matches of trial and error you will get the hang of it.

Remember when building a cycle, try not to play the first few cards in the cycle and wait until the next cards you need get lined up.

If you already have a good hand in the beginning of a match, you can get straight into a push!

Mid Game

Start building up a push starting with your 4 Witches and adding Rage/Miner if necessary.

Try not to worry to much about your towers health and focus fully on getting the biggest swarm of Bats humanly possible.

A lot of times my opponent has waited until a good amount of Bats have spawned and built a little push on the other lane. They will then Fireball my push, expecting to take it out, and work on theirs, this is when I will Rage my push and completely obliterate their Tower before they have a chance to see what hit them.

Late Game

If you haven’t already 3 crowned them, or at least taken a Tower, then you might be in trouble.

Focus on getting as much chip damage with Miner and Skeletons as possible with Mirror Witch for defense, which can than turn into an offensive counter push.

Honestly I don’t often make it to overtime, and normally either 3 crown or get 3 crowned, unless its a really close match and I need to defend with everything I have and focus of Miner Mirror Rage for chip damage.


All in all I highly recommend you give this deck a try and DONT GIVE UP!

I myself was completely crushed by my opponents the first few matches. Although Anivium was just trolling me to get higher in trophies than me but to my surprise, I have skyrocketed over 100 trophies above my personal best and still climbing.

Again, I give full credit to Anivium (Leader of Apex Power) for coming up with this deck!

If you have any questions comments or concerns be sure to comment and Ill try to answer as many as I can 😀


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