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Subscribe to Clash Royale Arena

Dear my friends,

Currently we have gotten a new “subscribe” system which helps you keep track of news and new posts on CRA!

Kindly follow my simple steps below to subscribe to Clash Royale Arena!

When you visit CRA, a popup shows up and asks whether you want to receive notifications for the latest posts. Please Allow.

Subscribe to Clash Royale Arena

Then, a window will show up and ask you for the permission, simply click on the Allow button:

Subscribe to Clash Royale Arena

Yea, just like that, you now have subscribed to CRA!

You will receive the notification like the one locating at the bottom right on your screen once a new guide on this blog published!


Also, I just want to say: “Thank you very much guys, for everything! Thank you a lot for supporting my blog, for visiting it every day, for making those extremely long useful comments, for creating one of the best CRA community ever! I love you guys so much!”