Draft Challenge – Information and Advanced Tips

Draft Challenge is back to Clash Royale again guys!

This the special Event is available right now!. Let’s take a closer look guys. I strongly believe that you guys will definitely love it!

Clash Royale Draft Challenge

Clash Royale Draft Challenge

Like other special events, this event is temporary (3 days). There will be Classic Draft Challenge and Grand Draft Challenge.

This special challenge will be available to play in Friendly Battles from March 2-6 and Challenges from March 3-6!

Classic Draft Challenge offers the same rewards as Classic Challenge. Grand Draft Challenge offers the same rewards as Grand Challenge. You can take a look at here for more details about the prizes.

The first entry is free as usually as you can see in the screenshot above.

When you get into the battle, you will have 30s to pick cards. You have 2 cards to choose from each time. The ones you choose will go to your deck and the other ones will go to your opponent’s deck. You pick 4 cards and your opponent picks 4 cards.

Most of the parings are very similar, like Zap or The Log for example.

Also, please note that you can play this challenge right now via the Friendly Battle with your Clan members.

Information shared by Yarn from Orange Juice. Please watch the video below for more details!

Best Tips for Draft Challenge

Hey guys, whats up, it’s Unstoppable, and today I am here with tips on how to get 12 wins in the Grand Draft Challenge. I have gotten 12 wins in a ton of Challenges before, and have experience with a wide variety of decks, and will try to share my tips of choosing the best cards and how to play them. So let’s hop right into the guide.

So this guide will be basic and advanced strategy on card choice, as well as some other tips for gameplay, etc.

Tip 1: Keep your deck cheaper

Often, as I said before, choices will be similar. For instance, Skeletons vs Skeleton Army. In these cases, it’s best to keep your deck cheaper.

You never know what your opponent will give you. For instance, there was one match where I had Barbarian Hut, Lava Hound, and Giant given to me by my opponent. This made it really hard to cycle throughout the match, and cheap cards such as Skeletons or Ice Spirit would have made it much easier to cycle through these heavy troops. Of course, if you gave your opponent a Prince, then perhaps it is better to choose Skeleton Army, but in general its best to have a cheap deck.

Tip 2: Make sure most of your cards are well rounded.

What does this mean? It means that the card is able to counter a variety of cards.


For instance, Knight, Log, Zap, Fireball, Skeleton Army, and Ice Spirit are very well rounded cards. They can deal with many troops and are relatively cheap, thus making them great choices.

These are really important. For instance, if I have specialized troops like Inferno Dragon, Lightning, Graveyard, and Mortar, I will have a very hard time countering my opponent’s pushes.

That is why well rounded troops are very important in the game.

Tip 3: Make sure you have a win condition.

Subtip: Prince is not a win condition, neither is Giant Skeleton.

It has to be a card that is relatively easy to get to the tower.

A good win condition and often underrated is Rocket. Don’t choose this card if you already have a good condition, but definitely choose this card over, say, Fireball if your deck is filled with support troops or defenses.

Good win conditions include solid troops like Graveyard, Spawners, Siege, Royal Giant, and Hog Rider. They are hard to counter if your opponent doesn’t choose a balanced deck.

If you get the choice of Royal Giant, choose it. It is perhaps the hardest card to counter in Draft Challenge. Often heavier troops like Golem and Giant are hard to get to the tower.

Tip 4: Look out for a pocket card!

It is often good to have at most 1 pocket card in your deck. This is a card that your opponent least expects for you to play at the opportune moment.

Three Musketeers, Freeze, Graveyard, and Balloon are the best example of pocket cards.

You know half your opponent’s deck, so if you watch and observe what cards the opponent use, and know that there counter is out of hand, then play your pocket card and they will have trouble countering it.

For instance, if I have Graveyard as my pocket card, and my opponent has Archers/Minions, and they play them on the opposite lane, I will immediately go in with a tank and Graveyard combination so they cannot do anything about it. They will most likely end up spending more Elixir than you did to counter it.

Another example is Balloon. For instance, I have a Knight walking up the lane. He plays a Musketeer to counter it. I instantly go Balloon + Ice Spirit on the other lane, or a similar combination.

Pocket cards are very useful in the crown duel Challenge since most decks are not very well rounded and cannot counter certain cards or have a lack of counters to certain decks.

Tip 5: Make sure you have at least 1 spell

Normally your opponent will give you one spell, and you will also have the choice of a spell.

If you don’t have a spell, you will have a very hard time against troops like sparky, Musketeer, Skeleton Army, and Zap bait troops.

What do you think about the Draft Challenge event in Clash Royale? Do you like it?