Clash Royale December Balance Change Update (12/15)

Hey guys, as always, Supercell is releasing the new December Balance Change update for Clash Royale next two days and this time, they are mainly focusing on the two new cards, the Elite Barbarians and the Tornado!

Clash Royale December Balance Change Update

Please note that these changes are not live yet. They are coming on December 15th 2016

Elite Barbarians: HP increased by 19%, Damage increased by 14%, Attack Speed increased from 1.5s to 1.4s

This is really a HUGE buff. I haven’t seen anything like this before. This change will surely make the Elite Barbarians really ELITE! Stronger, harder and faster!

They now survive 1 hit from Barbarians, Valkyrie, Prince and many other troops. They are now also able to kill Archers in just one shot. It’s now a lot tougher to kill Elite Barbarians.

Also, after this change, they are not the direct replacement for the Hog Rider anymore. They could be the real win condition! Hopefully we will see them as the new meta soon!

Tornado’s radius increased by 10%, pulling power increased by 70%

This buff increase Tornado radius from 5 tiles to 5.5 tiles, which is the largest at the moment.

IMHO the Tornado has been always okay but it’s pretty hard to use Tornado to pull Hog Rider/Miner/Goblins to the King’s Tower. This change will definitely help us get a lot more King’s Tower activations! These changes are also the direct counter to the new Clone Spell!

Tornado is truly a really interesting card but couldn’t be used consistently at the moment. Hopefully the bigger radius and better pulling power will give it more opportunities in the future!

Inferno Dragon HP increased by 5%; Re-targets 0.4s quicker

Hands down Inferno Dragon’s userate is extremely low in the top Arenas. Having more HP helps him stay in the battle a bit longer and even deal a lot more damage!

His re-target speed is also increased by 25% (0.4s quicker), making him a bit more reliable to use.

Balloon Death Damage increased by 105%, Death Damage Radius increased by 50%


It’s pretty hard to help the Balloon reach the opponent’s Tower but If it can’t, it is a bit of a flop. Increasing the Death Damage and Death Damage Radius (to 3 tiles) helps it kills Archers and Goblins nearby, also helps it deal a decent amount of damage to the Arena Tower.

Wizard attack speed increased from 1.6s to 1.4s; initial attack comes 0.2s slower

In high Arenas, Wizard’s userate is super low, especially when he is a 5 Elixir card which can be killed by the 6 Elixir Lightning.

This buff technically gives him 14% more DPS, however, his initial attack comes 0.2s slower.

Giant Skeleton damage increased by 8%

Giant Skeleton is always on Supercell’s radar for sure. They gave Giant Skeleton 2 buffs before but that seems not enough.

This buff makes this oversized Skeleton with a bomb 1-shot the Goblin. Goblins can no longer shut down the Giant Skeleton completely.

Lumberjack HP increased by 6%

Lumberjack’s userate is not okay at all at the moment, helping him survive 1 more hit from the Arena Tower and deal more damage!

Bomber damage increased by 4%

Bomber now can one-shot Archers and can kill Elite Barbarians in 4 shots, giving him a more reliable slot in some decks.

Mortar boulder explosion radius increased by 11%

Are you a crazy fan of Mortar? Congratulations! We are going to definitely see more great Mortar decks in the future!

Mirror: Level 8 Mirror will create max level +1 cards again

What do you think about the Clash Royale Balance Change this December? Please share your opinions guys!