Clash Royale January Balance Change Update (1/23)

Hey guys, as always, Supercell is releasing a new Clash Royale balance change on January 23rd. This time, we will get some huge changes on the most popular cards at the moment: Elite Barbarians, Mega Minion, Zap etc.

Clash Royale January Balance Change Update

Clash Royale January Balance Change Update (1/23)

Elite Barbarians: Damage decreased by 4%, HP decreased by 4%, attack speed decreased from 1.4s to 1.5s

Although these changes seem pretty small, they will definitely make it a lot easier to play against Elite Barbarians in the battle.

The combined effect should be enough to make them more manageable. Everything should be okay now.

They will not OP anymore but also not weak at all.

Zap damage decreased by 6%

Since released, Zap has been one of the most used cards in the entire game.

This is a huge change!

Zap now no longer 1-shots Goblins having equal level. Which means Zap is no longer a counter to Goblin Barrel now (Goblin Meta?).

This will definitely increase the userates of Arrows, Fireball and other spells.

Electro Wizard: HP increased by 9%; Spawn Damage decreased by 6%

Similar to Zap’s change, Electro Wizard’s spawn damage now no longer 1-shots Goblins. Also, Fireball will not be able to take out an equivalently leveled Electro Wizard.

Want to buy an Electro Wizard now guys?

Mega Minion: Hit Speed decreased from 1.4s to 1.5s; Damage  decreased by 4%

And here we have, the Meta Minion.


Mega Minion has been an extremely popular card since released. He is a very valuable defensive option for almost any deck.

Decreasing his damage instead of his HP is a great change, it also fits with his armored theme better (LOL). He is a tanky Minion, that’s why!

Archers HP decreased by 4%

Archers are one of the best support cards in the current meta game. As always, Supercell want to pull a little bit of power from our girls but also aiming to keep Archers’ interactions with Mega Minion and Elite Barbarians the same before the update.

The Log damage decreased by 4%, knock-back effect reduced

Of course our The Log is unique. Reducing its effect and damage will not change its awesomeness at all.

The Log will still be the only card which can knock-back all troops.

Supercell just want to lower its affection to the Arenas a bit.

Ice Golem HP decreased by 5%, death damage’s radius and duration reduced

Ice Golem is another top tier defensive card.

He offers just too much for only Elixir.

Ice Spirit damage decreased by 10%

Ice Spirit now now longer can help your Crown Tower deal with the entire Minion Horde.

Wizard attack ranged +0.5 tiles

After the recent buff, his userate is still very low. Do you want to use him now?

Indirect buffs (shared by Blaxeturner)

  • Indirect Buff to Sparky now that Zap isn’t used as much
  • Indirect Buff for Goblin Barrel
  • Slight Indirect Buff/Nerf to Lava Hound as Mega minion can’t kill as fast, but opponent’s Mega Minion will deal less % DPS.
  • Indirect Buff to Arrows
  • Indirect Buff to Goblins
  • Indirect Buff to Mirror
  • Indirect Buff to Miner decks (including Zap Bait)
  • Indirect Buff to Valkyrie (to control Zap Bait)
  • Indirect Extra Buff to Electro Wizard (to control Zap Bait)
  • Indirect Buff to Inferno Tower (Less Zap)
  • Indirect Nerf to Princess (More Log Usage)

What do you think about these changes guys? Please share your opinions!