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A Massive Guide for New Players (Updating)



Hi guys this is Mohammad Irfan with another guide for new players.

It will cover almost everything from the beginning till around Arena 7. Will continue the series in a few days.

new player


The Beginning

Chossing a Deck

Well starting the game should be fine as all people are on same level (no legendaries for P2P).

The deck I highly recommend using is this one. I used to defeat lvl 6 king tower when I was level 1 myself. All cards were level 1 was just trying to see how high I can go as level 1!

This deck works great in lower arenas. I used this on my second account till around 1400+ trophies (and then replaced a few cards).

Clash Royale PrinceClash Royale Mini P.E.K.K.AClash Royale ArrowsClash Royale Tombstone
Clash Royale MusketeerClash Royale Goblin BarrelClash Royale Baby DragonClash Royale Knight

Some advice for using this deck:

The Mini P.E.K.K.A is tank killer with its high DPS. If you see a Giant Witch combo coming, kill Witch first then kill Giant, use support like Musketeer or Tombstone if required.

The Musketeer and Baby Dragon are anti-air units in order to deal with Balloons, Minions, Hordes etc.

Knight as always is the mini tank. He helps you earn positive trades with most glass cannon cards in low Arenas.

Tombstone to distract Prince, it counters him completely. Prince is used a lot here. In first Arenas, people don’t know how to counter him or usually don’t have the right counters.

goblin barrel Goblin Barrel and Prince are for offense. Barrel to chip away Tower.

If the opponents have Arrows, a trick that usually works vs new players is to throw Barrel at the corner.

Prince can be used to kill unsupported Giant then go for counter push.Also deals with glass Cannon and counter pushes.Use Zap to support him as people have Skeleton Army to counter it.

Arrows is well self-explanatory, Prince’s support, Skeleton Army killer etc.

Gameplay Tips

positive elixir tradeLearn how to get positive Elixir trades

Players in low Arenas are not very skilled so focus on getting positive Elixir trades.

Don’t overcommit on any push (unless you use beatdown).

Watch your replays

To see where you lost and sometimes where you won too. It helps you know what could you have done better.

The best part is that you can also see your opponent’s and your Elixir bar and cards which is very helpful. Sadly, not many players do that (watching replays).

Each cards comes again in your hand after playing 4 cards same goes for you opponents.

Keep that in mind for your hard counter or any cards that you have to counter their win-condition.

Keep tracking opponent’s card

Might be tough at the beginning but you will get used to it. This is another reason to watch replay give you a better idea.

Read more about the best tips for tracking opponent’s cards at here.

Keep tracking opponent’s Elixir.

This is even tougher than remembering cards but helps a lot.

Even if you can get a precise idea just a rough idea, it might be enough.

For example if they Zap your Skeleton Army after they reached your Tower (with a huge push), it means they have just barely enough for Zap at that moment.

You can rush the opposite lane or counter their push positively then go for counter push (attacking same lame by supporting left-over troops) or split lane-push (attacking both lane).

Learn the best ways to manage your Elixir at here.

Join a Clan

Joining a Clan as early as possible is very good as you can get cards and level them up quickly enough (especially those commons).

Also at the beginning, Clan Chest is like a blessing. make sure you join a clan that devotes towards clan chest.

You can have a good idea about a clan by looking at its donations/week, clan chest and compare it with other clans.

search Clash Royale clan

A decent search in case you are looking for Clan.

Gems and Gold 

The two most important things a CR player needs.

Gold can be obtained easily, used for upgrading cards or buying cards in shop. Gems on the other hand is harder to obtain and used for a lot of purposes.


Just because it is easily to be obtain does not means you can waste it!

Do not upgrade cards you don’t use.

I know we can get a lot of EXP but on my main account this was the mistake I did. I kept on upgrading all my cards to level up faster and it costs me now when I don’t have gold to get my commons to lvl 10 etc.

On my second account I did not repeat this mistake and it’s doing pretty decent right now.(3000+trophy at lvl 7 king and lvl 6 commons n lvl 4 rares).I don’t play on that much though.

How to earn gold

  • From chests. Almost every chest has Gold. Read more at here.
  • Donate cards. 1 common gives 5 gold, 1 Rare gives 50 gold and 1 Epic gives 500 gold. This is another good reason for not leveling up all cards as you can donate the cards you don’t use, especially those Epics.
  • Daily Battles: You get some Gold from daily battles. Although it’s pretty low but still everything counts.
  • Gold Rush:You can get a decent amount of Gold from this event.
  • Free Gold Booster:Like the one we just got on CR 2nd anniversary. It gives 21k gold in bonus which is huge.

Where to spend gold?

  • Buy Cards you use: In shop, if you see a card that you use in your deck, buy it immediately with gold.
  • Upgrade cards: Spend gold on the cards that you want to upgrade obviously. And make sure you will stick with those cards for a long time.  If you have enough Gold to either upgrade card A to level 9 or card B to level 6, upgrade the card A to level 9.
  • To buy Legendaries in shop. As a F2P player, this is the only way to get the specific Legendary you want.


The ultimate currency in almost any game right now.

Can be obtained via various ways.

How to earn Gems?

  • By unlocking Chests. Read more at here.
  • By completing quests.
  • By gettinig it for free sometimes in shop.
  • Playing in Gem Rush event.

How to spend gems?

You should take a look at this guide for more details.

In short, spend them all in Challenges.

Cards You Should Focus On First

Clash Royale KnightClash Royale ArchersClash Royale GoblinClash Royale ZapClash Royale Fire SpiritsClash Royale MinionsClash Royale MusketeerClash Royale Mini P.E.K.K.AClash Royale Hog RiderClash Royale GiantClash Royale WizardClash Royale Three Musketeers

As a new player, you will want to focus on cards which can be used on both Challenge and Ladder. Also, the cards shouldn’t lose their powers throughout updates/metas.

Your deck should not contain a lot of Legendaries and Epics.

The best decks I would recommend to use are Three Musketeers Deck. They have lots of variations so you can easily use various combinations to see what you enjoy to use.

Also, Three Musketeers can be easily leveled up. It remains the power throughout so many metas.

The topic was cards not deck why?

Well cards are building block of decks so you want to start requesting cards from your clan mates keeping the long term goal in mind.

So start from beginning to request cards that you will use in your ultimate deck. Prefer the win condition over normal cards.

Between 3 Musketeers and Battle Ram, get 3 Musketeers to lvl 7 first as Fireball will completely kill musky below it.

Same goes for Epics.

Another deck I would highly recommend is Log bait.

It uses Princess and The Log but still you can buy Princess from a shop or if you are lucky you can get her from a chest.

The Log can be replaced by Fire Spirits. IMO Fire Spirit are better they can take care of Barrel too, even if it’s a tricky Barrel.

These two decks have not changed throughout metas. These two can be used in Challenges as well as ladders.

Strongly recommended guides



  1. Will I noticed in this deck guide there was a link on how to spend gems. I just wanted you to know that that guide on how to spend gems is outdated. Also nice guide Mohammed.

  2. How long does it take most people to get from league 1 to 2? I have been in league 1 for like 3 months and I feel like I should be progressing.

  3. can anyone help me i have a lvl 8 in hog mountain and im trying to push to electro valley
    i only have 2 legendaries e-wiz and magic archer. any advice?

  4. new poll : what card do you think should be used more? I think fire spirits. Of course.
    But also the Giant Skeleton. He’s actually good! (Believe me)]

  5. As the world runs dry,
    As our loved ones die.
    Go on and rest your head.
    You’ve seen enough bloodshed.
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    So please never forget.

  6. IMO if your opponent has inferno tower to defend and knight to soak hits in defense, you will get hard countered bro. Also, your deck in modern royale helped me a lot. Thanks!

    • Well you still have goblin barrel for dealing damage.I also very rarely see Infernos in lower arenas(in fact i started to see people using infernos after 2500+ trophy).Out cycling their inferno would be an option.

      And i am glad that my deck helped you in modern Royale.Feel good to be of some help 🙂

    • Yea, that seems like one of Thebes best defenses. That with a cheap spell I have no idea what would get past.

  7. Anyone here have a good active clan i can join? i am lvl 10 with 3700 trophies? my clan right now is half dead half active so yea lol

  8. Thanks for linking my articles XD
    Overall great article, we needed a one after the balances and updates since my articles.
    P.S. Please correct the spelling of choosing

  9. Lucky me, I have most of the cards. (Hoping Magic Archer pops up in my shop) One tough thing though, I get so mad after losing that I am just to raged to even care or watch the replay because of my anger issues.
    I could probably blame a fictional character though…
    BTW, looking to practice in the Pro Friendly Challenge

  10. I’m on my last train
    I hope it gets rid of my pain
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  11. Nice guide محمد عرفان
    but tracking opponent’s elixir is a pro tip than many players even in 4000 and above don’t do that!
    Here are some of new players common mistakes:
    1st:A really important one is trying not to overspend elixir. I mean you should track the elixir you use for defending and the elixir that your opponent has spent for their push.
    for example, you shouldn’t use a 5 elixir witch to defend a 3 elixir knight esp if you don’t have something like giant in your hand so you can’t use it for counter push!
    instead you can use 1 elixir skellies to defend him, for a tasty 2 elixir trade!
    place your tanks (Giants, PEKKAs, Golems and…) in the back so you’ll have time to build a massive push that can easily wreck your opponent .It’s not a good idea to play bridge spam in low arenas 🙂

    • I mentioned that tracking elixir is very tough ( i am also not expert on that).

      The other two points overcommiting and posoiive trades were also mentioned.

      Thanks for the help though 🙂

  12. I waiting for the next part of this guide to come.This one helped me especially cards section. I am around 2000 so i feel next part will be more useful for me.

    Also do you really get giftcards after writing 5 guides or just bluff bybCRA i mean how do they send u gift card do they keep track of the guides you wrote or u hv to mail them to remind them.?

    • The next guide indeed will cover around 1800-2800 trophy range.
      It will take some time as my exam gets preponded and was busy had to write pro decks challenge tips too.

      Any senior writer will be able to help you with giftcard part.I am new writer here.

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