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4 Essential Tips That New Players Should Keep In Mind


What’s up guys? It’s me Megasweep and Today I’m going to tell beginner players the best and essential tips for reaching Builder’s Workshop – and if they continue to use this skills, they can reach Legendary Arena. Sit back and enjoy!

clash royale tips

Best Tips For New Players

Table of Contents

  1. Using Elixir Correctly
  2. Synergies
  3. Understanding the Meta
  4. Making a good deck

Tip 1: Using Elixir Correctly

In Clash Royale, it’s SUPER important to spend your Elixir wisely. If you don’t, your opponent will have a huge advantage over you. So it’s important to spend your Elixir wisely.

The first thing you need to know about spending Elixir is not to invest too much Elixir in a push or on defense.

A push is an attack formed by multiple troops deployed, so if you invest too much Elixir starting a push or defending one, your opponent will have a huge Elixir advantage (having more Elixir in their bar to spend) over you.

They can easily use this Elixir advantage to start their own push on the other lane, dealing massive damage to your Crown Tower while you just sit and watch, waiting for your Elixir bar to fill up.

Of course, in the lower arenas players won’t really know this but someone else may read this guide too…so yeah. You get the point. Don’t waste Elixir.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to do a heavy push, but in Arena 4 and 5 it can be extremely risky if your opponent has an Elixir advantage over you…

So you may be asking, WHEN is it okay to invest Elixir in a heavy push? The answer is, when your opponent has low Elixir.

You know you can’t really keep track of your opponent’s Elixir bar. But suppose your opponent deploys a P.E.K.K.A in the back. They just invested 7 Elixir. On the other lane, it would be smart to place a Hog Rider+Ice Golem (depending on what arena you are in, you may be using other cards, because Ice Golem unlocks at Arena 8) so that you can deal damage to a Crown Tower, chipping it or possibly even destroying it. Once that slow P.E.K.K.A reaches the bridge, you will likely have enough Elixir to defend the P.E.K.K.A. Note that this is an example, it may not always happen.

It’s actually a better idea to spend more Elixir on defense, because if you choose the right cards (only if you choose the right cards) to defend, it can translate into a really nice counterpush (which is basically a counter attack, using the surviving units from your defense and supporting them with some offensive/support troops so they can deal damage to your opponent’s tower).

positive elixir trade

Is this positive Elixir trade?

Another tip for Elixir are what are called positive Elixir trades.

If you are in Frozen Peak or higher, you have most likely heard this term before. Well it’s extremely important. Of course, in the lower arenas you have limited options since you don’t have as many cards, but basically what a positive Elixir trade is- using a spell with the same or lower Elixir cost to destroy a unit or many units.

So, would you Fireball a skeleton Army? No!

Fireball costs 4 Elixir, and Skeleton Army costs only 3. Meaning, you gave your opponent an Elixir advantage. Try to avoid this unless you are sure you have a big Elixir advantage over your opponent. However, in the lower arenas you don’t have that many options, unless you are using Arrows in your deck.

It’s better to Arrows or Zap a Skeleton Army (Zap for players in Arena 5 or above. If you are in Arena 5 or above, USE ZAP. Trust me, it’s amazing with it’s stun ability). If you Zap a Skeleton Army, or if you are even lucky enough to use The Log on it (one of the extremely rare cards in the game), you will gain a minor Elixir advantage over your opponent.

If you can use Fireball to kill Three Musketeers (unlocks at Arena 7), then you have gained a MASSIVE Elixir advantage.

It’s important to know the Elixir cost for each card so you use a spell with the same or lower Elixir cost to destroy that card.

hat’s what positive Elixir trades are all about. Hope you understand, it applies to pretty much all cards.

So for beginner players, you have learned most of what’s so important about Elixir. But there is a lot more to playing Clash Royale!

Tip 2: Synergies

Wow, this is going to be a looooooooong guide. Synergies are one of the most important thing to understand in Clash Royale.

What is a synergy?

Well, generally a synergy means two things that work well or closely with each other.

For example, two soccer players, probably strikers or forwards, may have really good synergy with each other. They would know each other’s playing style and use that to score goals (I should know. I love soccer).

Similarly in Clash Royale, two or three or maybe even more cards may work really well with each other.

For example, Hog Rider works really well with Ice Golem. Giant works great with Sparky as Giant guards the Sparky from dying. Bowler can tank for a Graveyard and that could be enough to take a tower (I apologize if you don’t recognize some of these cards if you are in the lower arenas). But, you understand how synergies work.

However, it’s not enough to make a deck with just one card synergy. Mostly, the entire deck has to work well together. Unfortunately, in the lower arenas your card collection is small, so synergies won’t be as great.

Having a great deck synergy will really be great, and in Legendary Arena it’s especially important and much easier because you have most of the cards.

hog valkyrie

Hog Valkyrie is always a great combo in low Arenas.

Another important thing when making a good deck is having a balance between defense and offense.

Having too much offense means you just crush your opponent by placing troops, but your opponent can defend and counter attack that push. Having too much defense just annoys your opponent, not allowing your opponent to do anything, but you can’t attack because you have only defensive units, and it’s really hard to win.

For more advanced tips on synergies, please read this in-depth guide.

Tip 3: Understanding the Meta

Probably the most important in Clash Royale is the meta.

The meta is a little bit complicated concept. It’s basically the current state of the game. No, I’m not talking about updates and stuff. I mean what are the most popular cards? What are the most popular combos and decks? This current state of the game is called the meta.

So why is the meta so important?

Well, for example, let’s suppose at the moment, Lightning is very popular in the meta. Well, then it wouldn’t be a great idea to use Sparky or Three Musketeers because they can be countered easily by Lightning. If Goblin Barrel is very popular in the meta, it would be a good idea to carry Arrows or The Log in your deck (because they can counter Goblin Barrel for a good Elixir trade).

These popular cards in the meta are usually called meta cards.

Cards not popular in the meta, such as Sparky or Giant Skeleton are called off-meta cards (at least that’s what I call them, but I’m pretty sure everyone else calls them that too, LOL).

Off-meta cards are off-meta because, for example, Giant Skeleton, too many players carry Skeleton Army or Goblin Gang (a common card that unlocks at Arena 9) in their deck. Graveyard, on the other hand, is a great meta card because with the right combinations, it can take a tower.

So if you use a deck full of off-meta cards such as Giant Skeleton or Bomb Tower, it wouldn’t be a good idea because the meta cards can easily counter them. However, if you’re bored and tired of playing the same old meta cards over and over, you can make an off-meta deck and use it! It’s not a crime! It’s just that it’s a lot easier to play with meta cards.

Hog Freeze Deck

The Hog Freeze Meta was awesome!

How can the meta be influenced?

Meta is usually influenced by balance changes.

For example, Elite Barbarians were a super popular meta card just a month ago, but ever since the recent nerf (making a card weaker so it isn’t overpowered) they actually are a lot easier to deal with, not making them terrible, but they aren’t as commonly seen in the meta.

I would like to see a buff in the Rage spell, in my opinion it isn’t that great right now and it’s completely off-meta, working well with very few cards. I hope the rage boost is increased to 60%. That would make it a really popular spell, because I have 12/4 Rage spells right now and I’m just waiting for the right time to upgrade it.

Famous YouTubers such as Molt, nickatnyte, Chief Pat, Clash With Ash (and others!) can also influence the meta.

For example, they may find a new deck with off meta card such as Goblin Hut. The video could be titled “Amazing new 12-win Goblin Hut deck for Challenges!” This would make the Goblin Hut more popular and it would find its way into the meta.

Tip 4: Making the right deck

Earlier, I told you about needing good offense, defense and synergies for a good deck. Well, here are the basics to making a good deck:

  • A few offensive and defensive troops
  • One win condition (a card that wins the game for you, good in taking enemy towers)
  • Some troops/spells to support the win condition of your deck
  • Two spells at LEAST
  • One building (optional)

Those are the basics to building a simple Clash Royale deck for lower-arena players. For more details on building decks, you can take a look at here!

Okie-dokie! There are so many other tips to being a good Clash Royale player, but those are just the basics for beginners!

I really hope you enjoyed this article and for all Bone Pit players can use these strategies to their advantage to reach Spell Valley.

Thank you, and stay tuned for more guides and decks from me in the future!


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