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New Meta P.E.K.K.A. Splash Yard Deck for Arenas 8+


Hello clashers, it is Koko here with my first guide on CRA!

I will be presenting a new off-meta PEKKA Splash-yard deck, which I am very proud of! I have been stuck at 3300 trophies for a while, and more than half of the decks I face against are either elite barbarians or hog cycle decks. I was getting really frustrated about keeping losing, so I made this anti-hog/E-barb deck! So without further ado, let’s get straight into the guide!

New P.E.K.K.A. Splash Yard Deck

PEKKA is your main defensive card to use against big beatdown pushes such as Golem + Wizard + NW for example. Mega Knight? – PEKKA! Elite barbarians? – PEKKA! Wizard? PEKKA! (lol)

PEKKA synergizes brilliantly with the log, since the log clears out swarm units, allowing PEKKA to hit either glass cannons or other valuable troops.

Also, you can put a mega minion behind the PEKKA, start a graveyard on the tower, and ready a log. This push can be even made in 1x elixir, and normally brings the tower down to half health or can even take it.

PEKKA doesn’t really need to be a damage dealer, but can also just act as a tank for the Graveyard or you can let you small troops such as the Electro wizard deal damage.


Since I was facing with many Hogg and elite barbarians so I was searching for a hard counter. My result was: BOWLER! If you face a hog cycle or Elite barbarians deck, save him up for them.

The bowler also WRECKS spawners, glass cannons and is also a very useful card to kill the support units of a golem push, so that the PEKKA can focus on killing the golem.

He fits perfectly in this deck, due to his piercing attacks, the enormous high health and his wide splash damage! The bowler is probably your main defensive card in this deck and you should save him up for their threat card.


Can you make a Splash Yard deck without graveyard? Pretty hard in my opinion.

The graveyard is your win condition in this deck and it should deal the main damage on the towers. You can keep this card secret, and keep track of their counters to it. Then, when they just used their counter to the graveyard, place down your tank and punished them!

Never send in a graveyard by itself, since your opponent can gain an elixir advantage on you and counterpush with their troops which they used.

ElectroWizardCardElectro wizard:

Use him to help your bowler in the offense! He can completely shut down inferno towers and -dragons, Sparky and other low HP troops!

He delivers incredible elixir for just 4 elixir, and make sure to make use of the spawn zap! You can send in E-wiz + Graveyard, which is a devastating push if your opponent doesn’t have any proper counters to it. First, the E-wiz tanks, zaps the tower, making the tower to lock onto the skeletons and allowing your E-wiz to deal massive damage on the tower. For this push, you have to have a spell in your hand, because a lone skeleton army could shut down the whole push.

Mega-MinionMega minion:

In most of the decks which I create, a Mega minion is just a must have! The reason: There is no card in the whole game, that can counter this card and get a positive elixir trade!

This card can also kill many ground units such as a knight or mini P.E.K.K.A. If a full-health mega minion is ignored, then it gets 500 damage done on the tower at tournament standard!

Overall, mostly use him in defense, place a tank in front of it and start a counterpush.

LogCardThe Log:

Very self-explanatory card right? Use it to kill swarms, which normally shut down PEKKA, or use your The Log on the outer edge to snipe the troops that defend against your graveyard.

Make sure also to use The Log on defense, since it can provide insane value for 2 elixirs even on defense!


Fireball is your heavy spell in this deck. Use it to snipe glass cannons behind arena towers, to damage them to long-range and deal good crown-tower-damage.

I chose fireball over poison, because it deals instant damage, while poison requires the troop to stay in the area for the whole time. Another reason is minion-horde. Since I don’t have zap in this deck, minion horde would shut down my whole deck.

If you use fireball on offense, don’t be afraid to fireball goblins, which are killing your graveyard since the skeletons then can deal thousands of damage on the tower.

IceSpiritCardIce Spirit:

The Ice spirit’s role is to be a cycle card and freeze your opponent’s troops. You can also put your ice spirit behind your troop that tanks for the graveyard to make it a devastating push by only adding one elixir!

If you replace The Log with the zap, Zap + Ice spirit can be a really valuable combo, because together they can shut down minions or goblins!

Card Replacements:

Bowler Mega knight
E-wiz Mega knightMusketeer, Flying machine, wizard.
Log Zap, Arrows
Ice Spirit Goblins, Skeletons, Bats
Fireball Poison



3:00 – 1:00:
I normally start the match, by rolling an Ice Spirit behind my king tower to cycle. Sometimes I also start an E-wiz or Mega minion at the back and place a graveyard if my opponent doesn’t do anything.

If your opponent puts a lavahound or golem at the back, punish them with bowler + h!

Do NOT start a PEKKA at the back, since your opponent could punish you.

1:00 – End

You should be controlling the match by now. Keep applying pressure to your opponent and fireball their troops which are countering your Graveyard to get constant chip damage done.

Do Graveyard pushes using your PEKKA or bowler acting as a tank. Make sure to have enough elixir to defend, if your opponent somehow manages to get the elixir for a hog in the opposite lane.

Go for the 1-0 win. If necessary, go for 2-1, what usually doesn’t happen since this deck has an intense defense.


Log bait: Log-bait is used a lot on the ladder, so that’s why I put in The Log instead of Zap in my deck. In case of your opponent put down Princess. Goblin Gang and Night use your logs once because it provides many values. You can also use Bowler against the GB if you place it down at the right time.

Don’t hesitate to pre-fireball their graveyard counters, since their only real counter is Goblin gang. For this match-up, poison + graveyard is better than fireball.

The Log Clash Royale

Other Graveyard: This match-up shouldn’t be too hard to deal with since you have the bowler and the E-wiz to counter it. Try not to let any tanks cross the bridge since they could place a Graveyard on the tower. Don’t clump up your troops at one spot, in case your opponent is running Graveyard-freeze. Just make sure to watch out for that.

knight graveyard

Golem Beatdown: For this match-up, you have to kill the support troops with your PEKKA, while stunning the Golem with your E-wiz so that the Golem doesn’t deal too much damage. In case your opponent has an Inferno Dragon, place your E-wiz in that tile, in which I stun the ID and the Golem at the same time.

Clash Royale Golem

Giant Beatdown: Really, it’s just the same as Golem Beatdown, only just the Giant has a lot less health and you won’t take as much damage on the tower.

Lavaloon: This match-up will require a lot of concentration and skill. Your opponent will probably get one strong push at the beginning, so don’t let their balloon connect! You can use Ice Spirit + E-wiz to shut the balloon down with a bit of luck. After their first push, always keep the pressure up, so that they don’t get the chance to place down another lavahound. If necessary, go for the draw and focus on defending.

LavaLoon Deck

Siege: Against X-Bow, it’s pretty much a guaranteed win! I mean, you have bowler and the PEKKA! In case your opponent has and Inferno tower or -dragon, make sure to ready your E-wiz for that.

Against Mortar, you can use your bowler or your E-wiz if it locked on to the tower. Build up heavy Beatdown pushes since mortar players normally don’t have many counters to PEKKA-Graveyard.

Cycle/Control: If you play against Hog cycle, always ready the bowler, PEKKA or Ice spirit for the Hog. What I like to do is, to start a PEKKA in front of my arena tower, and then keep placing troops not right behind the PEKKA, but in front of the arena tower so that my troops could always defend against an incoming hog. You should be able to make multiple Graveyard pushes which would finish their tower off.

Against Miner, you can play more aggressively, and make more Graveyard pushes, which eventually take their tower. In general, play just as if you are playing against Hog cycle decks.

Hog Cycle

Mega Knight: Easy matchup. Just deploy your PEKKA BEHIND the Mega knight and she should clean everything up. Make sure to ready your bowler for their hog. It will mainly be defense between the two of you, so try to chip them down, getting 300-500 damage per Graveyard push. Also, try to use spell cycle them if necessary.

mega knight

Salty ladder: Now, this deck which I made, is made to counter E-Barbs :D!!! You have a bowler and a PEKKA for them, so it really shouldn’t be hard to win against them. Keep up the pressure and do a lot of Graveyard pushes. You will chip them down eventually! Don’t let them make elixir advantages since your counters still cost 5 elixirs!

Against Royale GG, use PEKKA and Ice Spirit to minimize the damage dealt on your tower. Keep the pressure up, so that they have no chance to place down the RG at all.



This deck should help the people who are stuck in arena 10 and face E-barbs and Hog cycle only. I hope you reach a new PB with this deck :D.
That’s all. I hope you enjoyed this guide and good luck using it!

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