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Hybrid Mortar Miner Deck


Hello everybody! It’s your main man Supermarine here again with the 5th addition to Hybrid Horrors!

Before we get started, I have some sad news: The deck after this one will be my last guide for this series (mainly due to school and its big prom, as well as a new Ultimate Guide and another deck series in the works). But, hakuna matata guys! Those guides WILL be nothing but pure awesomeness!

In terms of the current deck, let’s get into it while we can.

miner mortar

Clash Royale MinerClash Royale MortarClash Royale BowlerClash Royale Ice Wizard
Clash Royale ZapClash Royale TornadoClash Royale GuardsClash Royale Mega Minion

copy deck

Hybrid Mortar Miner Deck

Clash Royale MinerMiner

He is the main win condition of this deck, whacking away at the Arena Tower with his shovel while showing absolutely no mercy!

He can also be used to get at those hard to reach troops behind the Arena Tower (Princess, Archers, etc).

His roles are mostly self explanatory.

Clash Royale MortarMortar

This thing is your secondary win condition and main defensive building.

It can deal tons of damage to the Arena Tower on offense, or kite dangerous threats on defense.

It is also quite bulky, almost as bulky as Goblin Hut!

For best results (if you’re using this offensively), use this to bait out any counters to the Miner so he can go in unhindered.

It deals splash damage, meaning that you can use it against the Three Musketeers or other glass cannons as well (on defense).

Clash Royale BowlerBowler

Also known as Pete Weber, this big blue dude digs the simple things in life: Dark Elixir drinks and giving tons of offensive and defensive value (and also throwing rocks).

He is great for keeping troops off of your Tower, and confines Hog to just one hit!

He also pairs well with Tornado, which increases his value even more!

On offense, he poses as a pseudo-tank for Miner.

Plus, Bowler is an extremely off-meta card, so opponents will (almost) never see him coming until it’s too late!

Clash Royale Ice WizardIce Wizard

The chill caster with a smashingly good-looking handlebar mustache.

His slows pair extremely well with Bowler and Tornado on defense, and this trait is also great on the counterpush. It allows him to slow down the attack speed of the Arena Tower, meaning Miner will get even more damage done!

Also, with his buff, he one shots spooky Skeletons and annoying Bats as well!

Clash Royale ZapZap

Self-explanatory card.

It kills swarms and resets Infernos (unlike Arrows).

Clash Royale TornadoTornado

Tornado is the ultimate source of value in this deck, as it possesses so much of that good offensive and defensive synergy!

It can be used with Ice Wizard and Bowler to frightening effect, and can also move troops to your King Tower (to activate it) or away from the win conditions.

Clash Royale GuardsGuards

Three ruthless bone brothers with shields.

Their shields are what set them apart from the more popular Goblins because it makes them immune to Arrows and The Log.

If hit with a Zap, their shields will still stand, meaning the opponent will have to use one or even two more spells to take them out!

As an added bonus, their DPS is just as good as their green, mean counterparts!

The only downside is that they are quite hard to level up, being that they are an Epic card.

Clash Royale Mega MinionMega Minion

I have stressed it many times before, and I will stress it again: This guy is a great tank killer!

Despite his many needs, he still is immune to Fireball and other spells that kill the other good tank killers.

He also flies, making him great against Knight and Valkyrie. His uses are actually quite broad, so you can use him in whatever you need him to do, as long as it’s NOT swarm clear!


Clash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale BatsClash Royale Minions

Clash Royale ZapClash Royale ArrowsClash Royale The Log

Clash Royale Ice WizardClash Royale Electro Wizard

Clash Royale GuardsClash Royale Skeleton ArmyClash Royale SkeletonClash Royale Goblin

Clash Royale BowlerClash Royale WizardClash Royale Executioner

Mega Minion: Bats, Minions

Zap: Arrows, The Log

Ice Wizard: Electro Wizard

Guards: Skeletons, Goblins, Goblin Gang

Bowler: Wizard, Executioner

General Gameplay


Probe the opponent’s counters using your Mortar and Bowler.

Make sure you don’t take too much Tower damage during this time, so that way you can deal more damage to their Towers in Double Elixir.

Tornado is a great tool for mitigating potentially dangerous damage and transferring it to the King, activating him and helping in defense.


Now is the time to strike.

Use offensively placed Mortars to make the opponent over commit so that way Miner has free reign throughout the Arena.

Also mix up your placements for Miner so that way you can confuse the enemy and get more damage done.

Bowler makes a great tank for him if you are counterpushing.

Against any pushes that your opponent may make, some good tools to use are Guards, Ice Wizard and Tornado.

This allows Ice Wizard to deal massive damage and massive slows, and Guards to distract for longer.


Clash Royale GiantGiant

This one man wrecking crew isn’t as hard to beat as we think.

We have Ice Wizard to get slows, Bowler to absolutely massacre the supports, and Mega Minion to kill the Giant himself.

If necessary, use a defensive Mortar to distract the Giant and also add a way of attacking the support.

Clash Royale GolemGolem

Again, attacking the supports with Bowler, Ice Wizard and Tornado is key.

Also use Guards to deal high DPS onto Golem.

Watch for Death Damage too, as it can really mess up you plans if you don’t think it through!

Clash Royale P.E.K.K.AP.E.K.K.A

Guards Guards Guards!

Guards are an absolute must versus P.E.K.K.A.

Also use Mega Minion to kill her. Against any supports or second win conditions, use the Bowler.

Do NOT Tornado her to the King, as the King Tower will attain massive damage that may be impossible to come back from!

Clash Royale Lava HoundLava Hound

One of the hardest matchups for this deck.

There is relatively poor air defense apart from Mega and IWiz.

Against her, use Ice Wizard to slow her, and use Mega Minion+Tornado on second win conditions or supports.

Only use Mortar (to kite) as a last resort.

Clash Royale Royal GiantRoyal Giant

Definitely use the Mega Minion to kill him. Also use Ice Wizard to mitigate as much damage as possible.

If possible, counterpush with Mortar or Miner.

Clash Royale Hog RiderHog

Bowler confines Hog to just one hit, and using the Tornado allows you to activate your King, making it even harder for him to get even one swing on the Tower!

If Bowler is not in cycle when a Hog push is made, use Ice Wizard as a substitute, and Guards to kill everything.

Clash Royale Three Musketeers3M

Always put Bowler on the lane with the Muskets (if split, put him on the lane with the 2 Muskets). Then use Ice Wizard to help Bowler defeat them.

If split and the opponent places a mini tank on the side with one, surround the lone Musket with Guards, and leave the tank to the Tower. Or, Tornado the tank to the King.

Clash Royale GraveyardGraveyard

Ice Wizard and Guards are both great options versus Graveyard because both are quite resistant to medium spells.

Just don’t let them outcycle you!

Against any tank-Graveyard based decks, use Mega Minion on the tank, and Guards or Ice Wizard on the Graveyard.

Clash Royale Goblin GangSpell Bait

This deck is on a sharp decline in use, but it’s better to be prepared anyway!

Against Goblin Barrel, use the secret Bowler trick.

Once Goblin Barrel’s shadow crosses the river, place your Bowler right behind the targeted Arena Tower (counterpush with Mortar or Miner if possible afterward). If done properly, he should kill all three of the Goblins.

Against anything else, use Ice Wizard, Zap, or Mega Minion.

Clash Royale MinerMiner Poison

Definitely use Guards.

They will kill or really hurt the Miner before they themselves are killed by the Poison.

Against Miner Poison with tank(s), use Bowler to soak damage and attack possible support, and Mega Minion to kill the tank.

Clash Royale X-BowSiege

MORTAR. This is a very durable defensive building that works well against other Mortars or X-Bows. Use Ice Wizard as well to help slow the building down. Use Mega Minion to deal more damage if necessary.

Clash Royale Mega KnightMega Knight

The #2 Legendary right now, this guy is not to be taken lightly.

Against him, surround with Guards (preferably BEFORE he gets the opportunity to jump), then use Mega Minion to kill him.

Use Ice Wizard if things go south, such as your Guards getting spelled at once they lose their shields.

Clash Royale Royal GhostRoyal Ghost

Also another powerful Legendary to not be taken lightly, you can defeat him in a similar fashion as Mega Knight: by surrounding him with Guards!

If you have to, you can use Ice Wizard as well if Ghost doesn’t come alone,

So that’s all for this deck guide! And in regards to the series, don’t be sad!

I’ll figure out a way to keep it alive! I promise! Bye guys!

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  1. I think that placing defensive mortar and using tornado to pull all 3 musketeers to the same lane is a much more effective way to deal with them (I say it as a 3M player)

  2. this guide is much better than the last. im not much of a mortar person but will this deck help me at 4000 trophies?

  3. Interesting choice of cards… but can this deck really classify as a hybrid? seems to me unless cycled continuously miner and mortar are more sub win conditions than say a hog, which can reliably get more damage onto a tower that simply a miner or mortar alone. Thats not to say they’re bad cards one of my main decks is a miner mortar bait deck. About the actual deck though its definitely interesting but I personally prefer cheaper decks and the synergy just doesn’t seem to fit for me, I think a little more support for the miner (bats, gob gang, poison and such) would go a long way.

  4. Hey guys! I figured out a way to keep the deck series alive even though I can’t do Hybrid Horrors anymore! How? I’ll explain in my LAST Hybrid Horrors guide!

  5. Just came in to say, I’m a free to play player, and this deck is the deck that just broke me past the 4k barrier for the first time. Thank you!

  6. better than last one good job! i dont like/have a mortar high enough level so imma just stick to the decks i have

  7. I know it’s off topic but with lavaloon and golem on the rise would inferno tower shift back into the meta?

    • Inferno dragon has replaced inferno tower. Inferno tower not only costs 1 more elixir, but is stagnant so it can be ignored after it’s been used. It kills the tank and sits there. Inferno drag costs 1 less elixir, and on the counterpush it can’t be ignored even at half HP, so you’re forced to spend elixir to address it.

      Pulling tanks to the inferno tower is the main benefit over inferno dragon but it’s still weak in the meta overall with tesla being so strong at 4 elixir.

  8. guys, I feel like log bait was never dead at all, a lot of people use it, which annoys me a lot. guess I gotta keep using it too.

    • My tesla log bait failed to work for me rn due to the sheer amount of triple spell users at the 3.8-4k range, I am using graveyard goblin hut

  9. guys lets start calling the royal giant rgg (like royal gg) and royal ghost an rg. Just so nobody asks you about what did you mean (grammar mistakess?)

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