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Mortar Deck Which Helps Me Push to Arena 7 at Level 6


Hi guys. This is the Mortar Deck I (Blazeey from Reddit Element) used for my agonizing grind to Arena 7 as a Level 6. I’ve just turned Level 7 and have not lost in Arena 7 yet, currently sitting at around 2100 trophies.

Clash Royale Mortar Deck

How I push to 2100+ trophies with this Mortar Deck

I only started 4 weeks ago with the Android release and haven’t spent a penny on Gems – so for those who are looking for a proven deck, with no epics, for L6/L7s to hit A7 with no need to spend £££ on gems, look no further!

Of course, the higher level the better, but I was relatively unlucky with the old chest roulette and had to settle with playing with the lower end of the following for the majority of my quest for A7:

  • Mortar – Level 6 -> 7
  • Cannon – Level 6
  • Arrows – Level 6
  • Rocket – Level 3 -> 4
  • Inferno Tower – Level 3 -> 4
  • Barbarians – Level 7
  • Minion Horde – Level 7
  • Wizard – Level 3 -> 4 -> Ice Wiz*

*Ice Wiz is NOT vital to this deck at all – normal Wiz or Musketeer work better in most situations, I just ended up using it because I got lucky for once out of a Crown Chest!

I was one win away so so many times, but always fell at the last hurdle, my opposition that would always out-level and overwhelm my cards – I hit ~1980 with the first set of card levels listed above in the early stages of L6, which eventually progressed to what I had when I broke into A7 in the late stages of L6. If I had some luck, and some patience, I would’ve hit A7 a long time ago!

So, it just shows you can hit A7 even if your cards aren’t of the highest level; you just need to be smart, patient, shrewd and have a little luck on your side when it comes to that gateway game!

My Mortar Deck and Strategy

With this Mortar Deck, you are reacting to your opponent’s card choices. You are not the aggressor.

Firstly, check your opponent’s level – it’s likely, once you reach 1800/1900+ cups, that you will be facing Level 8 players, with far superior cards to you – most aren’t good players, but be prepared to draw or lose. You’ll need to play perfectly and/or hope your opponent makes an error to win such games. You should rarely lose against Level 7s or below once you master this deck.

Secondly, start cautiously. Don’t give everything away and don’t try and rambo with your mortar. Setting up a mortar offensive whilst your opponent has full elixir and you have no IT on the field is a recipe for disaster. His troops will build up and will barrel through onto your tower, whilst you have nothing to respond with.

Wait a few seconds until your opponent plays his first card – respond centrally with either an IT to lure across if he’s played a tank card, or a deep placed Wiz on the same side as the card he has played. If you have nothing else, place a high cannon and then an IT beneath as soon as you can. Don’t lose your nerve if you sit elixir capped for a couple of seconds – it’s worth it to counter whatever he plays. You need a solid start.

From there, it’s all about trying to gain an elixir advantage over your opponent to exploit. When you feel the time is right, place your mortar in range of his tower, then either a cannon to the side (if he has mainly low elixir troops), or barbarians ahead (to deal with any tanky troops). You can use a wiz to react to any air cards (arrows for Minion Hordes).

Many of my games end with me rocketing for the win. Your aim is to get your opponent’s tower low enough to Rocket right at the end of normal time. Once your opponent’s tower is low enough to one-shot, go defensive for the remainder of the match and finish it off with a well-timed Rocket that lands right at the end or in overtime. Always ensure you’re fine on defence before finishing off his tower.

The best advice I can give is to aim for the win but always favour the draw. Where a match seems to be held in the balance – don’t overextend for the win unless it’s guaranteed. It can get frustrating at times, but draws can be grafted against everyone, including most level 8s – it’s vital to avoid dropping points you didn’t have to drop if you want to make it to A7.

Clash Royale Profile


  1. Again, favor the draw and go for the win when the timing is right.
  2. Minion Hordes must be reacted to with arrows FAST – they will cut through your mortar/IT and leave you exposed.
  3. IT will deal with every tank card with ease (Giant Skeletons, P.E.K.K.A, Giants, especially if you have a cannon ahead of it. Giant/Musketeer can be dealt with by one IT alone – giving you an elixir advantage and the chance to go offensive.
  4. Where your opponent is using Elixir Collectors, anticipate their placement and ALWAYS Rocket them where you can chip a tower as well. If they’re placed centrally, play a deep mortar to take them down.
  5. When a tank card is being followed by a DPS card (e.g. P.E.K.K.A followed by a Musketeer), allow the IT to pick up the P.E.K.K.A, but drop something to deal with the follow up card. Never use Barbs/Minions on the tank card, allow them into your side then hit the follow up card first.
  6. Barbs right on top of Wizards will kill them.

Counter Decks

There are only two real counters I’ve come across:

  1. Sim City decks (especially those using Barbarian Huts) – unless you feel Rocketing them is worth it, play defensive and play for the draw. It’s very easy for this deck to overwhelm you, especially at 2X Elixir, so be careful.
  2. Hog&Freeze/Zap – not really a counter, but tricky to deal with if you don’t anticipate it, overextend or you get unlucky on your opening cards. Play with a central cannon/IT combo to bring both towers into play. He’ll have to deal with the IT, so drop Barbs/Minions when if he freezes the IT or if it is distracted on a tank card – once you’ve cleaned up his attack, go offensive with your mortar.

Also, Bombers suck. If your opponent is using it, save your barbs for defensive work until you can counter strong.

Thanks for reading guys! I hope you like this deck and can push to Arena 7 soon! Please comment If you need any advice, also, please share this Arena 6 Mortar Deck with your friends If you like it!


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