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F2P Mortar Control Deck – 1000-Man-Tournament Winner


Hey guys, Corrosive Logic here back with another deck guide! The last day, I met a player by the name of airsurfer, and I saw him use his unique Mortar deck! He has been playing this deck since he was in Arena 6, and he has ranked top 3 in multiple 1000 man tournaments including winning a few, coming 3rd in Clash with Ash’s Champs Cup qualifier.

Mortar Control (F2P) – 1k Tournament Winner

This Mortar deck is going to be the most interesting deck I have ever covered. I noticed when I wrote an Xbow deck guide a lot of people commented saying they preferred the mortar, so here is the deck for all you people!

Before I get started I want to be straight up and tell you that I have never played this deck. I had a long chat/interview with airsurfer about the deck, so instead of just placing the interview below, I’m going to use the information he gave me on the deck and do a full write up on it!

Clash Royale MortarClash Royale CannonClash Royale RocketClash Royale Arrows
Clash Royale GoblinClash Royale Goblin GangClash Royale Goblin BarrelClash Royale Minion Horde

Deck Overview:

The great thing about this deck is that there are no Legendaries needed, also all cards are available from Arena 6!!!

The Mortar is clearly the main win condition. This deck also has the Goblin Barrel, Spear Goblins, stab Goblins and the Rocket, cards that ALL do chip damage.

We also have the Cannon, a cheap defensive card that backs up the Mortar. This deck heavily relies on numbers and swarm troops, which is why the Minion Horde is also there. This card is crucial, it’s high DPS enables it to take down so many different cards, specially tanks. Now you are probably wondering, why Arrows? Well the only air targeting cards in this deck is Minion Horde and Spear Goblins. These two cards are extremely vulnerable to spells, so playing lavahound decks can be difficult. This is why you have Arrows to take out Minions/pups.


Airsurfer has two main ways to play this deck.

  • Beatdown: Against any heavy Beatdown decks, airsurfer will try and get one good Mortar in before double elixir, i.e. 3+ Mortar shots. Once it’s double elixir, you can’t risk being so aggressive so instead you have to play more defensively but continue doing chip damage with Goblin Barrel/Spear Goblins etc.
  • Fast Deck: Fast decks include Hog, Miner control, and bait. Airsurfer plays lots of defensive throughout the entire game, playing the Mortar offensively less. He will try and Rocket at every opportunity he can get.

When to play the Mortar Defensively?

Usually, the Mortar is only played defensively in 3 situations. The first is in double elixir against a 3 musketeer cycle deck. The Mortar can provide lots of defensive value splashing the musketeers and their support units.

The second situation is against a giant or Royal Giant coming in with splash damage behind it. The Mortar splash damage is so useful for taking out support units.

The third situation is against a Balloon/Golem. Usually your Cannon won’t survive against these two troops, so once it dies you can play your Mortar beside the river. Not only does this pull their Golem/Balloon, your Mortar will also be able to lock onto a crown tower.

Playing the Cannon Beside the Mortar

The Cannon can be a great defensive card to protect the Mortar when it’s placed beside it. Against Miner control you can pretty much do this every time. Against Hog decks I would only do it if they are using their Hog to counter your Mortar. Otherwise, I would save the Cannon for the Hog. I wouldn’t do it against Beatdown decks unless it was to finish the game.

Rocket on Counter Units

In the video you will see that airsurfer will often Rocket the counters to his Mortar. Only do this if you will get at least 6 elixir of value, for example inferno + Archers / Knight + electro wizard. I’m just saying this as a heads up that it can be done.

Does this deck even counter GY Poison?

At first, I thought this deck would be extremely weak against GY Poison, but after watching his replays (they can be watched on my video) I realized that this deck is extremely strong against GY. There are 4 GY counters in this deck, Spear Goblins, Minion Horde, Cannon, and Goblins. The Cannon is amazing at countering GY skeletons as Poison has little or no effect on it. You can always play your Mortar by the river to lock onto a tower and pull their tank. Basically you can play your Goblins, and after their Poison them you can play your Spear Goblins out of range of the Poison.

The deck’s only weakness

The deck’s only weakness is the furnace, and the Royal Giant. Royal Giant is obviously a direct counter to any siege decks. The furnace is difficult to deal with in this deck. This deck has no cards that can deal with multiple waves of the furnace e.g. ice Golem, Archers, musketeer etc. Because of this, you usually have to play the Mortar defensively in order to take out the furnace.


The Mortar and Goblin Barrel are airsurfer’s favourite cards. He likes the Mortar because of all the different plays you can make with it such as soaking shots, defensive pulls, splash damage against Beatdown support troops. He likes the Barrel because it always forces an answer and makes defending easier when their opponent has used their zap/log.

Overall this deck is extremely unique and interesting! As always I would appreciate it if you could subscribe to my youtube channel for some of the best decks in the game and top challenge gameplay!

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