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6 Best Tips for Using Minion Horde


The Minion Horde can counter any troop card in the game. I’m sure you know the obvious ones.

There are some things that you can do with the Minion Horde.

minion horde tips

punishOvertime Punish

This is a type of punish used at the end of the game when your opponent uses Arrows to get damage off of the Tower.

The arrow user depends on their Arrows to counter Minion Horde.

This often works if your opponent has no hard counters to your Minion Horde counter push.

Useful for rushing the Tower in overtime quickly.

vs executionerCountering the Executioner with Minion Horde

You can counter the Executioner using the Minion Horde.

Using the Minion Horde’s hexagonal formation with a 1 tile hole in the middle, you can sacrifice one half, while the other half kills the Executioner.

Since the Executioner has a slow attack, this works.

This is a risky move because if you mess up the placement you just wasted 5 Elixir.

You can also do this with the Witch with less risk because if you mess up the placement all of the Minions won’t all die, and all six will survive.

This is possible with the Wizard, but only with an extremely overlevelled Minion Horde.

Master of Counterpushes

The Minion Horde is a very good defensive card with its high DPS.

This high DPS can also be useful on offense.

Place an offensive card (that doesn’t cost too much, maybe a Lumberjack for 4) to counterpush.

You can also use Minion Horde in your push. It does a lot of damage when at the Tower and can damage/kill the troops/building your opponent places.

vs hutSpawners

The Goblin Hut has been triumphant in this meta and has seen some good deck, one of which was the P.E.K.K.A zappies Hut bait deck.

I noticed when I faced this deck the Goblin Hut was often placed near the center of the opponent’s side.

Minion Horde can solve this problem with any spawner besides Furnace (Fire Spirits kill Horde).

Note that a spawner behind the Tower or near the king is hard to counter with the Horde and you should use a spell/Miner to counter instead.

The Bane of Bait Decks

Ever raged over the extremely powerful defense created by a bait user by placing swarms and mini-tanks and letting the Inferno Tower kill the tanks? Fear this no more.

Since the Minion Horde flies, it can make it easy to cross the river and distract the Inferno Tower.

The swarm of the Minion Horde will overwhelm the Inferno and pressure the opponent.

This can also be done with the Tesla.

Risks To Keep In Mind

Spells are great counters to the Minion Horde.

Fireball and Arrows shut the Horde down for a positive trade. Zap will not kill it, but a Horde weakened with Zap cannot make a good counterpush and will die to the Tower.

Wizard is the best troop counter to Minion Horde, with Executioner in a close second and Fire Spirits in third.

Zap can also be combined with Ice Golem/Spirit to shut the Horde down.

Despite these risks, Minion Horde can create massive positive Elixir trades too and can be very useful.

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  1. A little short and obvious. Good explanations, but was hoping for some more in depth stuff

  2. u know what depression is? a minion horde guide getting posted and my skarmy guide that took a week to make (about 2-3 hours elapsed time) not getting posted ;(

    also second

      • two things

        1. HOW DARE U
        2. SKARMY IS THE SECOND MOST USED CARD BEHIND ZAP (yes i know zap is the best counter to skarmy… or log thats debatable but still so youre saying 40% of clash players are cancer…)

      • Hog = cancer. Elite Retards = cancer. Royal Giant = cancer. Rocket = borderline cancer. Inferno Tower = borderline cancer

      • Dude, hog has never been cancer it has just stayed mediocre in every meta, also I do use any of the other cards you listed, so just … Why?…

      • Hog is cancer because it seems to always get a hit and is immensely overleveled on the ladder. the fact that either Mega Knight or Sparky cannot fully counter hog is absurd. The Elite Retards take a negative amount of skill to use, are the most noob card in the game, and I still have PTSD from when the meta was overrun with them at the height of their OPness. Royal Giant is the second most noob card in the game, also requires a negative amount of skill to use, and like eretards, was seen almost 60% of the time at 3800-4600 for 6 months. I find it absolutely absurd that Rocket can kill a Sparky, and Rocket cycling is the most frustrating way to lose, because a defensive stalemate shouldn’t be decided by repeatedly hurtling spells at the towers. Inferno Tower has way too much health, as it survives a balloon hit and death damage. It’s meant to shred to tanks, but not stay on the map for 40 seconds, at which point another one is already in the hand of the player. Inferno Dragon on the other hand, is the perfect balance IMO because it has a chance to be killed while still shredding tanks, unlike its tower counterpart. IT is the OP defense, and is, along with Rocket, the reason bait has been meta for such a long time now.

      • Hog has so many counters, just because mega knight etc… cannot counter it completely does not mean it is complete cancer. Hog is not used to overwhelm an opponent, it is constant chipping that wins the game for hog players most hog counters let the hog to get 1+ hits and if you keep that up the hog will not be able to demolish your tower. There are examples of hog decks for example the well known hog mortar, in this matchup the hog and mortar are both win conditions. When the mortar has too many counters and cannot get damage, they use the hog instead and use the mortar to defend. There is no cancer in that. Elite barbarians are cancer for they do fireball damage each, have good health, are fast, and are commons(Overleveling). RG is cancer due to its high health, while also being able to almost always do damage. In addition it outranges inferno towers (its main weakness) and it is also a common. Hog is not like these cards, it is not that hard to keep it from the tower, and you can always sacrifice some hits. Therefore making it not cancer.

      • Hog definitely has many counters, but the main problem with Hog isn’t necessarily the card itself, it’s that it becomes completely overleveled on the ladder. I have level 8 and 9 rares playing against level 11 rares every time. My level 9 Mini Pekka still allows a shot half of the time. Overleveled Hog Fireball cycle is completely unfair and cancerous. Your explanation of how Hog decks work is completely valid and true, and just to clarify, I don’t think of Hog as being as cancerous as RG or Ebarbs

      • Minion horde = cancer
        Wizard = cancer
        Prince = borderline cancer
        Bandit = borderline cancer
        Witch = ultra cancer

    • Well, you need to wait for a skarmy buff to get your guide posted XD (im sorry) i also have level 6 skarmy and i dont use it since goblin gang released… -_-

      • i also have lvl 6 skarmy but it seem sto overshadow gob gang since everybody in league 1 has lvl 11-13 zap and also, more units and same elixir cost. also the gob gang air defense sucks…

        yea i have an a in humanities but in clash royale arena, grammar is dead…

    • Your Skeleton Army guide is not decent to be honest.

      Kindly check your email for details.

      Sorry to say this buddy.

  3. ill claim 3rd. I wish this guide stated some things not obvious at first glance. You could’ve stated a lot of things about minion horde counterpushing

  4. Attention CRA! After further contemplation, I’ve come up with a decision on who will work with me for the “Off-Meta Madness” deck series! The lucky winners are… Spwendid Spwaloh and Cow FTW!

  5. i remember the good ol’ days in arena 5-7 where i would use fire spirit in every deck… Killing minion hordes with them is so satisfying…

  6. I’ve seen so many people overlevel horde. I hate this card so much just because it is a cancer card. Of course, I have a 97% win rate against cancer cards with a very strange 11/7/5/2 pekka deck. (I don’t use rares anyway)

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