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Miner Three Musketeers Control Deck


Hello Clashers! KairosTime here, with a 3 Musketeer Control/Chip Hybrid deck that has proven to win the 12th round of a challenge! This deck is unique because it can be played as a 3 Musketeer control deck using the Miner and Knight as pseudo tanks, or as a Miner Chip cycle deck. With some practice, and this guide, you can take this deck to with the 12th round of any challenge, as my buddy Stratty has done!

Miner Three Musketeers Deck

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Miner Three Musketeer Control & Chip Hybrid Deck

Three Musketeers – These three little ladies pack a powerful punch. If you can catch your opponent without a spell to clear them, they will be in deep trouble! Split them behind your king’s tower for best results.

Mirror – With it’s recent buff, the Mirror is making its way into many decks. Use it to mirror Spear Goblins, Knights, or even go for a double Miner push to really confuse your opponent!

Alternatives – Ice Spirit, Goblins, Inferno Tower, Minions

Miner – The Miner allows for this deck to be a hybrid deck, so he is needed for the deck to work the same. Use him as a pseudo tank so your Musketeers or Spear Goblins can take care of the tower. Currently, he can be dropped on any square surrounding a tower without aggroing the second tower except for the tile that is closest to the middle, and center to the tower. Place him in different spots each time to make him harder to counter.

The Log – The Log is used to prevent your opponent from dropping troops that will clear your Musketeers at the bridge. Also useful for pushing back heavy slow troops like Giants, PEKKAs, and even Princes!

Alternatives – Zap

Knight – The Knight is such an underrated card. My favorite part about the Knight is that a lot of people aren’t super familiar with how to counter him. When you do a 3 Musketeer split, put the Knight in front of the single Musketeer to make things difficult for your opponent.

Spear Goblins – Spear Goblins are a great card to use paired up with the Miner. They don’t do a ton of damage themselves, but paired up with a Miner tanking damage from the tower, they will force your opponent to answer them.

Minion Horde – Your strongest defense against the Giant Mega Minion combo. Make sure to place them so they’ll clear the Mega Minion first. Drop the Miner or Knight as a distraction against splash units so the Minion Horde can clear them quickly.

Elixir Collector – A strong card in so many decks! Putting down a lot of Elixir Collectors is a great way to keep your opponent from catching up to you if you have the lead. Do yourself a favor and don’t Mirror this card.

Alternative – Ice Spirit

So Many Pushes!

This deck is great because it has a lot of pushes that will force your opponent to be on their toes every second of the match!

Simple Split Push – If you’re able to play the 3 Musketeers as a defense when you know your opponent can’t clear them with a spell, the best way to utilize that is to drop the Knight in front of the single Musketeer and be prepared with the Log when the two Musketeers approach the bridge. If you can drop the Miner at the tower where your two Musketeers are headed as well, this split push is so hard to stop. Your opponent will get a headache trying to figure it out with nearly any deck they have.

Miner + Spear Goblin – This combo is a great way to cycle back to your Elixir Collector, or to try and get some damage on a tower when you know your opponent does have Zap in their hand. This is also a great push to make if your opponent drops a Giant behind their King’s tower. Just make sure you attack the opposite lane!

Minion Horde Split Combo – This involves the Knight, Miner, and the Minion Horde and is best done after using the Knight on defense. This works especially well if you know your opponent doesn’t have a lot of ways to clear air troops. This is done by placing the Minion Horde in the center of the map so that they split into 2 groups (2 Minions and 4 Minions). Place the Miner at the tower where the 4 Minions are headed, and the Knight where the 2 Minions are, or vice versa. Because this push requires the Minion Horde, I don’t recommend using it when facing air heavy decks.

Repeated Spear Goblin Chip – This is done by dropping the Miner at the tower and the Spear Goblins at the bridge. Then, place the Mirrored Spear Goblins further back followed by the Knight in front of them. They will push the Knight forward and he will tank for them so they can deal damage. You can do this push down 2 separate lanes if you’re trying to make it especially hard to counter, or you can use this after your opponent has dropped a Giant in the opposite lane, preventing your opponent from getting a strong push behind the Giant.

Three Musketeer + The Log – Because of the cost, this only works if you have Elixir Collectors going, or if you’re in 2x Elixir. Use this to punish your opponent after they have used their Poison or Fireball. This is done by dropping the Musketeers at the bridge, and The Log shortly after. The Log will clear troops like the Ice Spirit or Fire Spirits, and will knock back troops like the Mini Pekka or Valkyrie. This can also be used after you have taken a tower and you place your Musketeers right within range of the second tower.

Other Strategy Notes

This deck does well only with practice! It took me a lot longer to learn how to use this deck than other decks and felt a little awkward to use at first. That being said, the deck is awkward to defend against, which makes this a powerful deck to an experienced player.

When playing against heavy decks, like Giant Poison, it is important that you do not let your opponent get supporting troops behind their Giant. If they drop a Giant in the back, you should rush the other tower so they have to use their support troops to clear mini pushes. Then, once their Giant crosses the bridge, drop the Minion Horde far enough away from your tower so they aren’t easily Poisoned. You can also defend with the 3 Musketeers.

Thanks for taking the time to read this guide! I hope that you have found it helpful. This is KairosTime ticking by! See you in the Arena!


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