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Miner Siege Hybrid Deck


Hey, Dingy here and here I have a guide for a great deck that has allowed me to get easy 12 wins and beat some people at 4000 trophies.

You can use this deck in two ways, chip only with the Miner and use the Mortar as a defensive building, or use Mortar as a siege. It depends on your opponents deck.

This will be my first completed guide so I’ll probably miss stuff.

Clash Royale MinerClash Royale Electro WizardClash Royale The LongClash Royale Skeleton
Clash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale MortarClash Royale ArchersClash Royale Minion Horde

Miner Siege Hybrid Deck

Pros Cons
Counters the meta pretty well 3 Legendaries
Very cheap Pretty hard to use
Weak to splashers

Cards Breakdown

Miner: A great card, good for taking out Elixir Collectors, chipping and using as a mini tank with extra units from defending from their push. Remember to switch up placements so it’s not a super easy counter. You can replace this with Knight but the playstyle of this deck will change quite a bit.

Electro Wizard: Ever since it’s buff it’s usage rate has skyrocketed. Good single target dps, zap spawn damage. All around good card for defense and offense. You can sub with I. Wiz or Musketeer.

The Log: Even after it’s nerf it’s still a great card giving you loads of positive elixir trades (Yarn). At the moment probably the best Legendary in the game, killing any unit weaker than a Princess, pushing back heavier units all while chipping there tower. You can sub for zap, arrows or fireball

Skeletons: They synergize with the Ice Spirit. Skeletons + Ice Spirit is can counter a lone Hog, sadly can be countered easily, great distraction for kiting anything really, can shutdown lone Wiz, E. Wiz, I. Wiz, Witch and Musketeer. You can replace with a defensive building if you really want one.

Ice Spirit: Great for stalling and cycling your deck. Ice Spirit + E. Wiz spawn damage will take out a Minion Horde and a single Ice Spirit can take out a lone Skeleton Army. A lone Ice Spirit can take out Musketeer, Witch and Ice Wizard.

Mortar: The win condition, a great card to chip there tower. 2-3 hits is a successful push. I prefer Mortar over X-Bow since it’s just cheaper and easier to level up making it for F2P friendly. You can sub for X-Bow.

Archers: Good damage per second, won’t die to zap, log or arrows and only 3 elixir. What’s not to love? Even able to split, you can check OJ’s video for split defense.

Minion Horde: One of the highest DPS cards in the game, with the Miner you can tank and spank (OJ’s vid again) take out tanks quickly. Also do the common Minion Horde + Miner combo Nothing much to say. Any other high dps card works.

General Gameplan

You should start off with a Mortar + Ice Spirit or a Miner + Ice Spirit and see what they have to counter it. If they have a easy counter to your Mortar then you should go chip with Miner and use Mortar as a defensive building.

Playstyle A – Miner

Play like you would a control deck, defending there push then using the units that survived to counterpush with Miner. With Mortar as a defensive building.

Remember to switch up your Miner placement so your not that damn predictable. It’s a common mistake I see.

Playstyle B – Mortar

Remember when to give up on a Mortar, don’t over spend on a Mortar that is doomed to die. If they have a counter, try to cycle faster or switch to Playstyle A.

Don’t let them make a big push since this deck lacks a strong building.

When they place a tank try pushing the other side so they spend elixir making them unable to support there tank, then use Ice Spirit + Skeletons (+Archers/E.Wiz if they have a zap) to kill the tank, most of the time I’m left with an elixir advantage, a way to counterpush and more damage on their tower.

When you take out a tower you should defend like your Twinkies and Poptarts depend on it with Mortar as a defensive building.

Offensive Combos

  • Miner + Ice Spirit
  • Mortar + Ice Spirit + E. Wiz/Log ready
  • Archers + Miner
  • Mortar + Miner
  • Miner + Minion Horde

Defensive Combos

  • Miner + Minion Horde (Tanks and spank)
  • Ice Spirit + Skeletons (+Log depends.)
  • Ice Spirit + Archers
  • E. Wiz + Archers
  • Archers + Ice Spirit/Skeletons

Well that’s it for my guide. I hope you have some success with it.


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