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Miner – Mortar (non bait) cycle deck!


Today I want to show you a version of a Miner – Mortar bait deck (I took from surgical goblin) but it’s tough to play in the current wizard,┬ávalkyrie meta. I also achieved my personal best (~4400) without playing that much because of exams.

Here are the cards and what they do

Miner – a decent win condition: good for dealing chip damage and tanking for small troops
Mortar – good building regarding hitpoints and dealing chip damage
Log – good for pushing back units (stop charges) and against “log bait” decks
Zap – stunning/retargeting ability + dealing a bit of dmg
Ice spirit – good synergy with zap –> distracting & freezing troops, good for cycling
Archers – very solid defensive unit (ground & air), can’t get logged & arrowed
Barbarians – Very good tank/smaller & multiple troop killing abilities (#IloveMyBarbs!)
Mega minion – Good against splash & air troops (very active defensive card)

3M Deck


Miner – there is no real sub for him. You can try goblin barrel, but then you have to watch out for log value!
Mortar – I wouldn’t sub, because with 2 light spells you need his chip dmg (as a second win condition). Pretty handy against tornado decks as well!
Log – arrows, a giant snowball
Zap – arrows, giant snowball, fireball/poison
Ice spirit – has good synergy with zap/snowball/archers against smaller troops but for distraction value sub in skeletons
Archers – I wouldn’t because dart goblin/speer goblins die to zap/log and you have no other bait. They work as a “fireball bait” with barbs!
Barbarians – prince, P.E.K.K.A they have good tank killing abilities and they can tank something (good against splash, but try using barbs)
Mega minion – minions (but be careful because of splash)


  1. Don’t make the opening play (naked miner/mortar is not a good idea). Archer split push in the back is always alright if you don’t want to wait (because the opponent might have a beatdown deck).
  2. Don’t overcommit.
  3. Use your miner/mega minion as “splash tanks” if needed so your barbs have more time to work!
  4. Always surround troops with barbs. In case of giant + splash behind: surround the splash first –> instant kill, log/freeze the giant or distract with mortar placement (so it can shoot his tower & distract).

It’s good reacting to the opponents play and try to counterpush. For example, if the bridge rushes you, Barbarians can take care of dank prince & bandit (if you are too low leveled combine with a log/zap/ice spirit)
Counterpushing is key with this deck: you have 2 options if you have defended and troops left.

  1. Wait until they reach the bridge and place the miner (at the back of the tower for best troop destruction) –> archers can lock on the tower while the miner is tanking.
  2. Place your mortar (as fast as possible): you have troops coming behind for defense. Always watch out for fireball/rocket value!

That’s basically all! You can even combine 1 & 2 so the opponent has to take care of the miner –> your mortar locks on and vice versa (do that if you have made a good elixier trade or in double elixier)
These cards are very basic and so is the gameplay! You will get used to the deck very quickly, promised!


Beatdown: apply some pressure on the other side, but don’t go all in –> bait your opponent into playing his night witch or minions in the other lane. Defensive 2 by 3 mortar play for best distraction, wait for the golem/giant to cross & surround the support with barbs or (in case of air) mega minion, ice spirit.

Cycle (e.g. xbox): Always hold your mortar as a distraction so you already do some damage in advanced. Other than that use your ice spirit/archers/mega minion or barbarians as an xbow distraction!

Cycle (e.g., log bait): defensive mortar is key! It kills the princess/goblin gang/dart goblin etc. Be careful and don’t overcommit at any point, keep the opponent’s rotation in your mind so you don’t run out of log/zaps/snowballs.

I know guys, it’s probably not the best guide you have ever seen but I think it will get the job done! Cheers guys have a good one!





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