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Super Aggressive Miner Mega Minion Deck


Hello guys today I want to share with you a very interesting deck which evolving around Miner and the new Mega Minion. Hopefully you guys will find this deck interesting, especially lucky people in Arena 8 who have Miner since this deck got me to Legendary Arena!

Miner Mega Minion

Clash Royale MinerClash Royale Hog RiderClash Royale Mega MinionClash Royale Fire Spirits
Clash Royale ZapClash Royale Spear GoblinsClash Royale SkeletonClash Royale Barbarians

Miner Mega Minion Deck

Discussion on Cards

All of the cards in this deck are very cheap, except Barbarians and Hog Rider. You should always have Barbarians ready. It’s the best defensive card in this deck. The other ones can’t defend well on their own. The other cards allow you to transform from defense to the counterpush quickly.

Originally I was using Minions instead of the new Mega Minion but since the big update was released, I have been getting lots of successes with the Mega Minion. It helps this deck be more flexible. Without the Mega Minion, this deck is very weak against Wizard, Bomber and Witch.

The most important card you should upgrade If you want to stick with this deck is Hog Rider. Upgrading Hog Rider gives you such a huge advantage. You can deal a lot more damage with the higher leveled Hog Rider. Of course you still need to work on Zap and Barbarians, they are also very important. Upgrade your Zap to at least level 10 otherwise you can’t one shot level 10 Goblins. High leveled Barbarians provide a huge amount of damage.

Basic Strategy

Start the battle by defending your opponent’s pushes with the cheap troops. Since this is a very cheap deck, you can easily cycle through your deck very fast. I always try to damage both Towers equally.

If your opponent starts making a huge push, you simply can’t defend it with this deck. You should try to chip down both towers so that when your opponent starts a huge push, you can easily attack on the other lane and get the 2 Tower win later.

How to attack

Hog Rider and Miner act as the mini tanks of this deck, followed up by Fire Spirits, Skeletons and Spear Goblins. Normally, a push costs no more than 6 Elixir so you will still have enough to drop the Barbarians down to defense. Besides Mega Minion, Barbarians are the best defensive card in this deck you want to have in your hand most of the time.

For example, If you make a sneak push and your opponent doesn’t respond, don’t try to strengthen the push since your troops are very cheap and can be killed by the Towers on their own eventually. Just don’t over-commit. If your opponent drops either Giant or Hog Rider down, you will need Barbarians to deal with them. You can lose against almost any snowball deck so just don’t overcommit unless your opponent is on very low Elixir.


Most defensive units in this deck are very cheap. They are excellent at counterpushing with Hog Rider/Miner in front.

Assuming that you are defending against a lone Musketeer, wait until it is in attack range of your Tower then drop Skeletons on it to distract and kill it. Then, send your Miner immediately to your  opponent’s Tower. You have spent the same amount of Elixir as your opponent did (4 Elixir) but you can deal a lot more damage. Most of your defenses while using this deck are basically like this. Sometimes you can even use your Barbarians in the counterpush by using Miner to soak damage and using Hog Rider to push Barbarians faster.


Shared by Sanityzzz


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