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Push to Arena 9 with Miner Furnace Control Deck


Hello everyone, My nickname is Verdant and today I will be showing you my Miner Furnace deck that’s keeping me at 3.8k with 10/7/3/1. Also, I strongly believe that you can use this deck and get into Arena 9 with ease.

Miner Furnace Deck for Arena 8

Miner Furnace Control Deck – Push to Legendary Arena

So I’ve been this game since March and have always preferred chip cycle decks over Beatdown decks. Before unlocking the Miner i used to run a Hog Cycle deck but ever since i unlocked him, I have been trying to find a perfectly balanced deck for him, and i think i did. Currently I’m on Phonecheetahs and working on my way to 4000 trophies.

Clash Royale MinerClash Royale FurnaceClash Royale Ice SpiritClash Royale Zap
Clash Royale fireballClash Royale Mini P.E.K.K.AClash Royale MinionsClash Royale Guards

The Deck

Miner (Lv 1): The win condition of this deck. All your pushes should include him. When facing heavy decks running Elixir Collector, always send your Miner to get the positive Elixir trade, force your opponent to react and not form a complete push.

Ice Spirit (Lv 10): Honestly one of my favorite cards in the game. Just for 1 Elixir this card can make a huge difference on offense. Ice Spirit+Zap can completely take down a Minion Horde or take the Guards’ shield. Ice Spirit + Mini P.E.K.K.A is my favorite defensive combo to deal with tons of pushes. I strongly recommend you take a look at this guide for more details!

Zap (Lv 10): By far the best spell in the game. Complements the Ice Spirit perfectly. Always try to add him to your pushes. Very versatile and can be used in almost any situation.

Fireball (Lv7): Used to be overshadowed by Poison but after the balance changes it has become very viable. Use it for Barbs, Mega Minions and huge clumps of Medium health troops, if you used correctly you will get amazing value. Take a look at this in-depth guide for more details about the Fireball!

Mini P.E.K.K.A (Lv7): The staple card of the deck. Your tank stopper and main damage dealer. Excellent at turning defense into offense. When facing Hog cycle decks always try to counter him with Mini P.E.K.K.A and start mounting a counter push with Miner and ice spirit. The best tank killer at the moment! Take a look at here to read more about the Pancake hero!

Minions (Lv10): Completely punishes decks with little air defense. Can destroy ground troops running to your side of the map and turn them into counter pushes. Miner+Ice Spirit+Minions can destroy towers if the opponent isn’t ready for it. If your opponent runs Balloon consider saving minions for defense.

Furnace (Lv7): I’m not going to lie, Furnace is a tough card to play if it doesn’t reach your opponents tower. If your opponent can completely stop your pushes, that is where the Furnace comes in. Forces your opponents to react to a card on your side of the map and letting you form a bigger push. Mainly used for defense or chip damage.

Guards (Lv 3): By far my favorite card simply because this bad boys counter so many cards. Exclusive for defense the Guards are one of the best cards in the current META. Save them for single target troops. If surround a Sparky with Guards it will take her 4 shots to completely kill them all. Can not be saved which makes them great Hog counters.

General Gameplan

Control the set of the game

This deck is great because it forces your opponent to generally attack you and help you form a counter push. The Furnace will help you get your opponent to either waste elixir or tank 200~ per spirit.

1x Elixir Period

This is your time to shine. You will want to have your Furnace or Miner on your starting hand. If you get your Furnace, play it slow and counter your opponent moves. If you get a Miner you will want to start a push at the bridge just to test the waters and see how your opponent counters. If you do not get either of this cards play Minions or Ice Spirit near your Crown Tower and you should already have a Miner of Furnace on your hand.

During this period you will want to learn all the cards that your opponent has and mess up his cycle. For example, if he has arrows always try to bait his arrows with guards or force his guards so your Mini P.E.K.K.A doesn’t run into trouble. You generally do not want to start pushes from the back nor push with a bare Mini P.E.K.K.A + Miner push.

Ways to play the deck

This is deck is so good because it has many versatile cards and can be played 3 different ways depending on your opponent cards and cycle.

  • Miner+Mini P.E.K.K.A + Ice Spirit: Main push, deals great damage if your opponent doesn’t have a good counter. Can run into trouble when facing Guards, so what you will want to do is either time the fire spirits that come out of your furnace to help your push, or Ice Spirit+Zap to break the Guards’ shield. If your opponent keeps countering this push try using the next one.
  • Miner+Ice Spirit+ Minions:  Very similar to the first type of push but this one focuses on punishing decks weak to air. If your opponent has Arrows completely stop using this type of push and try using the one above. The Miner will tank and even if the minions are zapped they will survive with 1hp and the ice spirit will freeze the tower. Can completely take a tower if it isn’t countered correctly. In case that your opponent runs both Arrows and Guards refer to the last type of push.
  • Furnace Cycle: The last method to reach your opponent tower ( and the most defensive one). What you will want to do is stack up 2 furnaces on the same lane and constantly pressure your opponent. Even though this method is mentioned last it can be as effective as the first two mentioned. When playing at tournaments this method isn’t recommended since it takes a lot of time to take a tower and time is gold when playing against the clock.


  • Lavahound Control decks: When facing a Lavahound immediately  start cycling furnaces. Lavahound decks generally run Arrows, Guards/Tombstone; making the first two pushes obsolete (unless you force your opponent to waste any of this cards). The constant pressure shouldn’t allow for a big Lavahound push and fireball should kill all the pups when they spawn.
  • Trifecta: This deck destroys trifecta if used correctly. First of all you should know that Trifecta is based on counter pushing, so you will want to push the opposite lane, forcing your opponent to split damage your towers. If your opponent plays a bad Valkyrie , take advantage of it and push with Mini Pekka+ Ice spirit+ Miner. If he/she plays an Ice spirit/Musketeer on the back, immediately send a Minions push down the opposite lane. Lacking of air coverage your opponent will not only be forced to use a Valkyrie to kill the miner but will also need to Zap the minions ( Zap and Valkyrie are huge assets for Trifecta to work correctly.
  • Zap Bait decks: This deck is incredibly at dealing with big amount of troops. First you will need to establish what cards you’re gonna use on defense. Here a few good counters for spam decks:
    • Skeleton Army: Minions and Zap are perfect answers
    • Goblin Barrel: Zap and Guards clean up nicely
    • Minion Horde: Furnace, Fireball and Zap+ Ice spirit destroy this fragile card
    • Witch behind a tank: Guards surrounding the witch or Mini Pekka+Zap can easily take her down
    • Three Musketeers: Fireball+Zap completely destroys them

Personal Tips

  • Get to know your opponent ‘s deck and his counters. This deck is based on having a perfect read on your opponent’s deck and how he defends. Usually you will want to focus on one type of pushing method during the entire game.
  • Make the best of your Ice Spirit. I cant stress enough how good this card is on offense. Adding it to a push can determine the difference between 3 Mini Pekka hits on a tower and none. Always have Zap to go with this troop.
  • If you get a tower down to 300~, stop pushing that side. I’m surprised not many people do this but not destroying a tower when it has very little HP can actually win you the game.
  • Once the first Crown is taken, your opponent’s King is activated and while it doesn’t matter when running a Beatdown deck, Miner decks are different and your attacks are much weaker when two cannons are shooting at your only tank. If you can hold on to taking a tower, do it.

Alright guys this has been it, hope you enjoyed this deck and hopefully give it a try. If you have any questions don’t hesitate on posting a comment!


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